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so we didn’t go to fil’s work party because “i was sick”

more like i couldn’t find my shimmer bronze powder that cid smacked away somewhere and i felt like fil wasn’t helping enough to find it so we got in a fight and i went to eat sashimi by myself and read my howard hughes book then came home watched the game and snl and went to bed the end. that sashimi was incredible and there were four other girls all sitting by themselves at the restaurant too, funny.

cid owes me six dollars i need that bronze powder to not look like a fucking ghost cos when a flash hits me i am just lips and nostrils not cool.

we are going to go get a camera today.

fil did however find the headband i bought over the summer so now i am lips and a headband.

how much does hair weigh specifically my hair? 1 pound, 2 maybe? i need to know.

who gives a shit about the oscars tonite? i don’t but i will watch them anyway.

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