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we went to oakville this afternoon, fil had a dentist appointment i killed time at second cup had a coffee and a humous wrap i miss oakville i love it especially when it is covered in snow it reminds me of living in maine except ten times more beautiful, i would like to buy a home there maybe one day or one in wychwood. we drove past my dad’s/grandma’s house and there is a zoning sign on the lawn it is only a matter of time until it is bulldozed and turned into a modern monster home. everytime we go to oakville i make fil drive by and then i get really sad.

then we stopped over at martin’s for some beers and catch up he bought a historical house and he is flipping it, it’s really sweet. his girlfriend’s dog and cat are adorable. martin gave fil a bunch of old beers that he’s had for a couple years for some reason fil is into drinking ancient beer he said you get an extra drunk-high from them i didn’t really understand that anyway i am sipping one now and it is gross.

on the highway we got stopped behind this huge rig that wiped out and was facing backwards i don’t think anyone was hurt it’s a minfuck to be on the highway and see a backwards truck in front of you.

ok leaf game bye

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