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and now for some important information

we are going to see sparklehorse tonite a band fil has a huge boner for, long ago before i knew about fil the fossil i use to buy Q magazine and one time i got a free cd and on it was a sparklehorse song it was when i was in grade seven and yes i was an advanced cool youth anyway tonite will be interesting to see a band that i was into independently of fil it feels like i formed them despite fil obviously being way more into them than i am he has all their cds and when they are on i say WHO IS THIS?! everytime. i know one song and i can’t even tell you the name of it and i have known it since however old i was in grade seven.

me: ok please consider my suggestions
u can get a small thing of vodka and get cran juice

Phil: ok bye

me: ok bye
oh get a lime too

Phil: ill try

me: ha
cos a lime is so hard

shitty and mesmerizing

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