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I would rather be full of myself than full of shit. #iwokeuplikethis

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Mes amis!

Heyyo! Blog time.

Rearranged our room it’s pretty chill now. Staying in the beaches til spring. Pumped. I guess we’ll bring a boxspring in finally despite both owning whole “‘nother” beds, respectively.

Yeah I’ll mail it! Added to the list. I have another one avail for sale if keen lemme know.

Had celebratory dinner in our hood last night. I have been eyeing the jerk chicken in this joint for months. It finally happened. The guy was like okay good luck it’s pretty spicy. I was like pfft I will be the judge of that. I need to be exploited for my spicy tolerance in some capacity. Two napkins later and I was done son. Julian had the lobster grilled cheese.

I got a bite. Dope.

I had a mamosa. Like a mimosa…but in a boot. Um ok. Better with brunch I imagine in between slugs of coffee.

Reminded us of beer fest movie and the boot scene. I got the boot a couple times in drinking this. It gurgles and sploshes on you. Funny.

Julian has to grow his facial hair again for a thing. GREAT.

It’s almost cool enough to rock a hat now without sweating your brains out.

I think I will make this my new FB header. We gave our walk-in office a good tidy today finally.

New hit alert. Julian sent me this song he had made “inspired by me” and kinda about me when I was in Detroit… anyway who knew months later I’d be singing on it with him and it’s getting mixed and mastered af it sounds incredible. Party anthem en route stay tuned dude.

Just wait til ya hear this one.

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Hank loved it too. Julian Bachlow has an amazing vocal range.

What a pose. Enjoyed playing ball with Hank. Such a sweet dog and I normally “hate” white poodly type dogs I dunno why. Maybe I have seen some manky ones in my time and they all take on the persona of their owner and it’s like yeesh enough.

I hate that I am a Starbucks person but I also don’t care. Call me basic but their Americano misto non-fats have been my jam for years and get me into gear. Give me an sbucks card anytime.

I was feeling my look but also well aware of how much of a fuckin idiot I looked like but guess what during TIFF and in YDS area (puke) you are like a Lady Gaga solid gold dancer to the rest of the flock. I saw chicks eyeing me up and taking notes. Soon daisy duke weather is over though have been known to wear them during winter if attending the right live music act.

It looked grotesque to me I liked it. Kind of a V for vendetta quality? Gothic madness.

We need to preserve what we have though so I am a proponent of the constant upgrading of one’s self (city).

This is the side of that chick’s head from the Snowden movie. She plays his gf. If we had the patience to stick around for Joseph Gordon Levitt I would have jumped on him. Despite promoting the tiff parties at this place you kinda get over it quick. I appreesh tho and I ain’t hating. I saw a lot of friends colleagues peers the last few days on prime king st west and shall again before the film fest is done.

Oliver Stone in the blue blazer with his back to us. I was like, fine I will take pics. It’s amazing what overcomes the crowd when a celebrity appears “I saw things”. Lmao.

#OliverStone #Snowden after party #lavelle #tiff

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He looked right at me. Powerful shit to make eye contact with Oliver Stone while you are waiting for your Hello Kitty bag to be brought down to you. Superfans had Doors posters (the Val Kilmer movie) for him to sign I was like Hell YES Oliver Stoner lets do this! They could not find my bag so I got to go up and get it and then I got to see more like rubbed shoulders while mobbed by people snapchatting it. I was just like I hope no one falls in the pool bye.

I went back to my old stomping foodie grounds to Allen’s on the Danforth and ordered the same three apps I have been imbibing on for a decade and they all taste exactly as they ought to. Was thrilled. Capon wings (rooster!) with real blue cheese and calamari with mongolian fire sauce.

The main showstopper is this blackened potato salad. I almost cried it was so delicious. Was going to get an order to go but that would have been excessive. Go there try it and try and tell me you don’t feel amazing eating this.

I am getting crazy for patios now that summer is over. This tree is 150 years old. Go sit by it. Go outdoors. Go sit in the sun take all the pictures!

The Used played the other night at the Danforth Music Hall. I saw Arcade Fire here and Broods. I tell the same stories each time we pass by it.

I signed with a talent agency. Movies and tv shows here I come! My other job lately is in promotions. It’s zany, pays well and is way non-stressful. If I bartend it needs to be on my own terms and be like, shitty bartending as in holding two highballs in one hand at once while I slosh JD everywhere and pour. Inspired and laid back. Roadhouse. Bukowski. The rest of my talents just get wasted otherwise. I am a peg that can insert into many holes but I find sales is my strongest field with writing falling beneath the umbrella which connects to social media and business.

View access opportunist.

I see.

Java house curry pad thai is so good and never changes. It’s bad good type of good. *drools*.

I took this pic of L’il Wayne posters as an example of how cool I still am.

Damn girl the high life is well lit.

Do not give in to FOMO.

I like that there is a lot going on here.

Ten Years of Brass Vixens what!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks gang. Kudos to all.

Oh Kyle.

Great party pics Ryan!

I am a lady.

I am mystified!

Thank you Carole’s Cheesecake!

New happy things bring good vibes along with and help stimulate creativity.

Well if anything I am consistent.

My swag shirt from the ballet thing I did over winter. Swoon. The paint store was quite dramatic. I took a business call while there too #hustle.

Oh my.

It has been an interesting month!

I look like I am accepting an award. Or waiting for one.

Congrats Shannon!

Day two with Heather Ha ha. Don’t ask.

So cute. This party was so fun. Took us a few days to recover lmao.

Oh hai.

We went for a ridic expensive dinner on the beach (that I paid for!) it was fun. In the middle of depressing winter I will be happy about it. I am a food snob but I will take view over standards any day no matter how many times we were forgotten about in the corner hidden by a tree. Beaches plus twinkle lights had me like.


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Nice walk by.


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we ate that. I don’t know who makes the decisions in our minds sometimes.

One of my conceited hand days.

Now I feel like a dick cos this looks pretty amazing. I am a cheese snob how about that. Potent. Give me potency lawda mercy.

In the end, Fella did not crash the convertible into a tree and a towering inferno of emotional flames. This little pupster was here today too. So cute. Grown since this pic. It happens very quickly they become boring adults like the rest of us.


I got to be a sexy beer rep one day. Being a hired hottie is interesting because it makes you act like a hot person but then your real stupid personality spills out and everyone is confused but no, I am a capable beer expert, you just focus on your brand and voila. Plus now we have a new hat to fight over.

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That’s pretty much all that I uploaded for today so thanks for checking in with your girl.

So we’re drinkin drinkin drinkin drinkin Coca Coca Cola!

Colleague and I took 800 shots last night. Widdled down to 150, he said 50 tells the story. HA ha yeah right you wish start your own blog then OH wait, I just looked through 4 more pages worth o_0. Lets trip down through the vortex shall we then? Ps. Do you know that song lyric (post title) by modest mouse’s Tiny Cities Made of ashes song?

I’m going to play it right meow! You should too.

I dressed like a spanish ballroom dancing fly girl. It’s going to catch on, watch for it.

Now here is why this going to be a 4 part post if I’m not too selective.

I spy Ally on the red carpet, the beginning of 30000 familiar faces. What an amazing party list! I throw my head over one shoulder, BAM fifty faces I recognize. I kept pinching myself about it only being Monday night.

Flipbook. Adorable.

I’ll post a video of my book or you can just super scroll.

It’s like this son!

I look the same but the image on the screen isn’t.

Bahah I am ridiculous.

What is this Etalk Daily?

I look like Madonna. Slight gap too.

Or Monroe.

In we go to the Hoxton. Kenny owns it. Bumped into him, he tells me this and my eyes go like this 0_o. Out of sight. I was trying to say how this was like Night at the Roxbury and we are living it but I lost the ability to speak at that point.

Glamorous little figurines everywhere I hope they didn’t feel ostracized by how hot they are or were last night.

I spy linds! :)

When opportunity knocks…

Capture the pearl necklace moment. Would you believe that was staged, he missed it initially. SPOKESPERSON. Plus point person capital me. Ok I will stop pointing that now.

Had absolutely no idea the theme of the party. I stepped into my tickletrunk, found my AA tube skirt, my one piece-piece from nearly naked (miss you dudes!) snob girl (it’s fake gucci) purse and voila. ALMOST wore the hot pink gauze around my neck, but that ages you so no. Not yet.

Tweet wall made my drink order take forever. I invented in my head that the bartendress was purposely avoiding me. Later when I moved along to the middle part of the bar, deeper, way faster to get drinks. How many did I have, Colleague?

OH right the oyster bar. I had twenty. I love yuppies and oysters, standing with yuppies while eating oysters, messing with yuppies and hogging all the condiments then braggarting my hot sauce skills. I did all of that.

Open bar too. S- Show. Classic.

The Fairlie sisters!

Coke bottle chandeliers fabulous and I never noticed. I guess colleague gets bored when I am infecting people with Raymitis. Ohh that sounds scary!

Another stunner.

Seriously serve me!

I rolled a cigarette out of my tip money. She still didn’t care.

Zzzz. I got three Jack and diets, slid one over to colleague like a smooth criminal would and made like 5 guys burn up with jealousy over him getting a drink like that. THAT is how the singer of Queens of the Stoneage passed ME a shot of (I’d love to but I can’t) vodka at sound academy. Ask Darius. Evidence here (scroll to the end and I kept the shot glass). Speaking of Sound Academy, taking a fleet to sound academy for empire of the sun tonight going to be gangbusters. It’s not sold out yet fyi.

Me and Christine and Ameet who was going to cast me in an H&M ad but couldn’t in the end cos of my tattoos (BOO!) checking us out. HI! send me more work thanks please :).

Here I am telling him off about it. I was on FIRE last night!

Here I am turning into Sharon Stone.

We had the same outfit. Brock was like who is she? He is like a mini guy raymi ahahhaa groupie. Me and casie like to push him around. He’s coming with to SA tonight.

Lisa said she liked my style regarding bringing my colleague as date/in-tow. My secret weapon.

Place was packed all night long. Estelle was the performer. Amazing divarifique :).

Sean and I are going to do another video segment together like old times. THE ISSUES! My hair is really greasy and flat and I look like Duncan. I’m gonna have to put a tattoo on that burn mark. Gnarly.

Sean & Raymi discuss the issues from Sean Ward on Vimeo.

(music by my friend Unagi, that’s his rap name real name is Brolin, still wicked).

LOVE pumped up servers! speaking of pumped up kicks i’m seeing foster the people, maybe I’ll take my dad! hey dad I have plus one for that wanna be my date? I’m also going to Portishead.

I love her hair!

Some kind of tartare what is this? Give me this I know this!

Shawn is also coming to Empire of the sun tonight.

What’s up Cory did you go to the Bunny ranch while in Vegas?

Dan Levy, do you have ANY sort of relation to Eugene or your brother, also named Dan Levy? bahahah ok I just got it. I like that you were dressed like Tom Hanks in Big and didn’t get that significance. EVEN!


Casie’s little hat.

OMG sorry to interrupt but the thing I am singing in just made pitchfork media!!! HUGE!!!

Me and zach. He was shooting for diet coke. He always puts me in NOW when we bump into each other at concerts.

More Oysters.

Holy crap full on oyster vortex.

I terrorized that cute yuppie beside me. He liked it.

Bathed in the ATM glow with Casie.

Colleague and I provoked lots of people, you must in order to get them to come out of their shells, easily, I coax them out. Hello Mr. Nus back there. Looking good.

Yo said you were fat again. Liar.

We should do phoney ad campaigns together posing as husband and wife. “Your daddy’s rich, and our mother’s good looking…”

ROXANNE! YOU don’t have to wear that dress tonight! Hahah can you imagine a dude screaming his guts out at his woman of the night woman? Sigh.

Why do I look like putty?

Jenny we missed you!!! Project Jenny McBeth soon.

HAHAH the background the everything. This is me discovering my flipbook.

WOah relax there, get out much? nahahaaahahhahhaa.

Doesn’t take much. Oh I have welsh eyes. Know what that means hehh… ask my friend Mr. Jack Daniels about it.

So cool. Luckily I did a pin-up pose combo, I thought it was just going to be 6 stills like photobooth I dunno. This idea is way better.

Then an extra.

Hee hee we are all busting on this photo on twitter right meow.

Then I danced on the top of the stairs so everybody in the room could see me.


HahHAha my hair.

I thought that was the social network guy. SWOON. You have my card dude we can pretend! Steph I’m doing Steph face!

You’re my gal Val. I’m waiting on your blog post about Raymi’s Runway Tips. Brinner Soon! (Brunch at dinner time, during a hangover) (gahahahaha!)

Casie and I slightly match as usual.

I like my purse strap over the shoulder mom thing. Hard to dance with a long purse. Worth it cos I look like Heathers. Well, this is mean blog girls after all. lolz. Hisss!

My head is getting skinnier.

It was such a fabulous time thanks again!

I spy a girl that caught colleague’s eye. I got her card too! Wing girl!


We need to get another look. She might come to devil’s night burlesque. Hot Raymi army is growing. RAYMI ARMY Should be our burlesque name cos then I get to jumble it around like Army Raymi yarmi amy? Uh confusing.

My arm is ripped and I fanned the crowd with Christine’s purse fan. I am nice to the world. I felt bad for those wearing leather jackets inside a club as their outfit. I didn’t even bring a scarf cos I knew it would be sweltering.

Had many roast beef rolls throughout the night.

Kept saying OK JUST ONE MORE lol.


Trippy I like.


Getting ready for Estelle.

She just went from my hair to her hair and I said that’s interesting as I lived many years with YOUR hair. We are going to be great friends.

SUCH a great performance. I spied Kardinal in the crowd, we go way back:

She was perfect. I boogie’d.

Lauren O’nizzle looked like a politician’s wife. Without missing a beat she waved like Jackie O. I almost wore my bow headband. I wore bow earrings instead. Too much bow.

Side stage view was grand.

Why are you behind a pillar?

I look like Eileen here (my nana). OH COME ON EILEEN! I spy Dekel.

Cutie cutie cutie!

And I spy Shawn again. I overheard two girls discussing Estelle’s skinnyness ooh good point something else to be envious of.

Then there is the “other” world of Raymbo Bright you’ll be experiencing some of pretty soon, the music “industry” part. That’s Dekel.

We go way back, but who cares I certainly don’t!

And from the cheap seats.

Dance party!


Hi Kenny!

There’s the mark zuckerberg actor guy behind me ahha and we both look uhhh…

More good looking people.

Ok time to go.

They were girl versions of tin toy sexy soldiers.

I made them do this. SPOKESPERSON!

See? I am such a Madam and they just listen. Teacher said I would make a great teacher.

HAhaha aw see how they’re still standing like that?

The one on the left looks like Megan Fox.


Fabulous Night thanks for the treats Diet Coke :).

Want captain Raymbo to cover your party with my colleague? E: I’d love to! (While finishing this my blog traffic/numbers were cranked. Not one cuss word to be found in this post either could ya tell?)

Cuteness sells. Depression is marketable. Everybody whines.

Running rasta time. Changed shirts before I went out, I put the house key in my aerobic shirt bosom. Made a lot of construction worker’s/builder’s etc day.

Going back to get more glitter eyeshadow, in baby pink.

How do I have a knack of matching everything? Sorry for being conceited.

Load film damnit!

Rocket Science trying to load the film between us, or maybe we were too impatient. New-found respect for photojournalists back in the Beatlemania-era. Holy crapola.

Heidi said this guy is pretty expensive. WICKED.

New-found respect for cheese that I never lost. Yesterday feasted on four different kinds alone in the house and felt something like a ghoul.

What’s up!

These people’s decks have it going on.

Won’tchoo be my neighbour :).

Who isn’t loving this indian summer? So happy.

This was yesterday. Have not made adequate use of Romeo and Juliet railing this summer. Never too late! I was spying on some ska punk guys with tattoos who live here, very intrigued by them. i busted them checking me out once too then smoothly turned into the cop from T2 and blasted by ahahaha. Such a wiener.

Ok now what do I wear to the diet coke TIFF party?