Because hobos can be fabulous too. You can see my closed up lip piercing hole divot. I think it is charming. See how I am keeping my eyebrows dark, fierce and striking? Good idea Whitey. FOR ONCE.

These are diff, my lips are parted. Still a hot gorgeous mess.

And they were all yellow.

I’ll be your cute jewy stoner.

Raymi Stefani

These girls getting ready to pose saw me coming and just straight moved out of my way and were like wow, and you look LIKE her. #WIN

brb with more damage. I like how we went from zero to heroes at this fashion day of fashion week. drank tix, badges, and didn’t even catch a show but not on purpose :(. I think they call that being “too” “cool”. Supposed to be at Baby Steinberg right now but I am #toohung. Wahh can’t do it all Napoleon. going back to delicious food show for dinner tonight and tomorrow it’s the Everything to do with Sex show with Bunny Angora in our flight suits. MEEEOWSICLES!

Cuteness sells. Depression is marketable. Everybody whines.

Running rasta time. Changed shirts before I went out, I put the house key in my aerobic shirt bosom. Made a lot of construction worker’s/builder’s etc day.

Going back to get more glitter eyeshadow, in baby pink.

How do I have a knack of matching everything? Sorry for being conceited.

Load film damnit!

Rocket Science trying to load the film between us, or maybe we were too impatient. New-found respect for photojournalists back in the Beatlemania-era. Holy crapola.

Heidi said this guy is pretty expensive. WICKED.

New-found respect for cheese that I never lost. Yesterday feasted on four different kinds alone in the house and felt something like a ghoul.

What’s up!

These people’s decks have it going on.

Won’tchoo be my neighbour :).

Who isn’t loving this indian summer? So happy.

This was yesterday. Have not made adequate use of Romeo and Juliet railing this summer. Never too late! I was spying on some ska punk guys with tattoos who live here, very intrigued by them. i busted them checking me out once too then smoothly turned into the cop from T2 and blasted by ahahaha. Such a wiener.

Ok now what do I wear to the diet coke TIFF party?