Cuteness sells. Depression is marketable. Everybody whines.

Running rasta time. Changed shirts before I went out, I put the house key in my aerobic shirt bosom. Made a lot of construction worker’s/builder’s etc day.

Going back to get more glitter eyeshadow, in baby pink.

How do I have a knack of matching everything? Sorry for being conceited.

Load film damnit!

Rocket Science trying to load the film between us, or maybe we were too impatient. New-found respect for photojournalists back in the Beatlemania-era. Holy crapola.

Heidi said this guy is pretty expensive. WICKED.

New-found respect for cheese that I never lost. Yesterday feasted on four different kinds alone in the house and felt something like a ghoul.

What’s up!

These people’s decks have it going on.

Won’tchoo be my neighbour :).

Who isn’t loving this indian summer? So happy.

This was yesterday. Have not made adequate use of Romeo and Juliet railing this summer. Never too late! I was spying on some ska punk guys with tattoos who live here, very intrigued by them. i busted them checking me out once too then smoothly turned into the cop from T2 and blasted by ahahaha. Such a wiener.

Ok now what do I wear to the diet coke TIFF party?