Fame or flame.

Hi sports fans! Happy Wednesday, like it matters! I mean, make it count! Can’t stop yelling!

Tanned, ran twice yesterday and it made for flawless legs. I’m sorry. There’s something about denim, a tan. Black shoes. Sneakers. Good for sneaking!

Took some practise shots yesterday. I wanted to see how my New Orleans bunny crawl suit fits now that I am all exercisey and shit. With a face like that and the ray bans it came out a bit more Gummo than Playboy lol. Wait until you see where the location will be haha oh god.

Okay. So when I go on my run I have a few regular bars I run into and use their bathrooms. Get them to fill up my water bottle. Tell them IOU. One place I am like, well, you ARE a sports bar right as I drip sweat all over their fucking floor and take a million selfies in the bathroom mirror. I have a speech prepared for never about how it’s good for the community for runners to be able to take from local establishments (things like water and toilets) because it continues the circle of community. Hahaha. When you run you have a lot of thinking time. Like, why am I running so much for?

I rewarded myself with a steak salad and pint. I haven’t eaten out alone in a long time. Summer is almost over. I will for sure enter a depression. Suit up with an autumn running outfit. Sigh. Layers. Fuck off. I will slap a pumpkin spice latte out of your hand.

I talked to a guy in perriwinkle pants. He golfed that day. He looked as red as I was feeling in the sun. Which is out again so after my buddy leaves from lunch I’m a do my thing-a-ling. I am going to be on Toronto Mike’s podcast tomorrow at 1pm btw. Don’t miss it. @TorontoMike I dunno what the link is yet.

Ah gad. Good luck figuring out what the podcast link is guys!!!!! http://www.torontomike.com/podcast/.

Okay I shall continue when I get back from my psycho killer Qu’est-ce que c’est run.

Holding her purse. Now that is a man. I try to get guys to hold my purse all the time. HAhaha. Where is this guy when I need him in my arguments about how masculine it actually is to carry your ho’s purse.

My ipod flew out of my pocket yesterday and finally smashed. Still works. My running safari dork shorts from MEC are too loose on me now and all my shit exploded out of them yesterday. It is SO embarrassing when you’re running like the olympics blasting by people and then all of those same people see your ipod slide down the street at the same speed you were just running. Men always pick it up for me though so there’s that. Then I run away mortified but don’t care cos there are all new people to embarrass myself in front of just around the corner, or perhaps not. From all the training and running and dancing I do I’m becoming hella co-ordinated athleticly speaking. Don’t worry you will see.

It’s a great place to live actually.

Shit went down in Btown eh! Click to enlarge and learn!

Love it. Stay tuned.

This was my second run yesterday. It was more of a saunter. But still. I was psycho for sun and boy I sure got it.

Matchy matchy. Today it was blue socks and blue hat.

Hate myself for pigging out last night.

And the day before that. Someone said we work out so we can do this and not the other way around.

Munchkinland vibes around these parts sometimes.

It was so good though!

We listened to the waves my friend and I. He pointed them out. I remembered why I chose this place. It was quite majestical. When I turn down the music I can hear them right now, anytime.

Someone said I was hot. Like, they got problems now hot. I assisted in that quote. I am full of ‘em by George.

I am a pig.

Oh yeah these stupid ones. Gloomy dark faced (I was hung) but you can see my abs/def.

It’s like a Hooters bikini haha.

I’m a feminist.

Nothing like fresh towels.

Being coached (lol) to do weights now which I am going to pick up immediately after I publish this.

New Playboy Energy Drank VSpot is out btw. A new one is on the way soon too.

I had to crop this SFW. ;)

Bye now.

Note to self and world.

Hey look I have 3 hands.

Hiya friends, ready for the next totally gossip girl installment?

I don’t really know what to add anymore or say, things I haven’t already said or thought a million times before. Pictures on instagram, or facebook or twitter. Hey thanks a lot social media you big jerks, y’all pretty much obliterated blogs.

Only the real McCoys still blog these days I feel, the Wayne Gretzky’s?

That’s why you save exclusive content for your blog so people have to go look. Well, thanks for making me look at this shit Lauren! #THRillhouse #OMG #NOT

Friday night. We found a cougar wall. I keep taking these “model” poses for a casting agent who is like excellent but nope and I am too uncomfortable to get anyone but my bf to take them. Actually Mom should do it! But for the sake of convenience I haven’t had my hair did proper to take some yet, of all the pictures I take I know. I know. I am just as pissed as you. I go like, of all the pictures I have sent can’t they tell what I look like yet? Arm up really? I’ll nail it soon don’t worry.

I was shocked to discover that I am the nature one of the two of us or just know more spots being someone who grew up here and have visited the 5 parks numerous times since a 4 year old. He can have volleyball. I get to have nature buttt now he’s converted which is pretty sick.

These are new at Crawford lake. I love how much sense they make. They should make tons more. Turn it into some bizarro art forest of madness, which it now is so they did okay then.

Of all times spent here before this one wins. Videos to look forward to in another post.

He saw me stand beside a short chick on Friday at dinner and he was like baby you’re tall I never knew that before cos I am such a freak. I melted.

This is my wallpaper meow.


This goat and slaw was amazing.

I now know the difference between gelato and ice cream and I am too lazy to type it so go look on my instagram zzzz…

This is last night’s cruisin thing we came upon by the beach. Right on right on.

Work outfit. Shorts from MEC. Gonna go get some more. Shirt by Jay Manuel.

Parked at my place and walked to town, walked back and then went to his to watch Ray Donovan – our new best friend.

He sent roses too. I was got lightheaded and blushed but obvs thoroughly loved it. I motored to the front desk. Leaving them at work I think they’ll fair better. I might need to look at them on the weekend though!! jjkjk He made us stay in Saturday and felt bad I think but we still had a fun time.

Alright that’s a wrap time to get my body in gear to keep this catch. Ps. What’s up Ryan sorry we were too good to talk to each other, I remember you from Vancouver Matthew Good days PEACE!

PPS. Manitobah Mukluks’ pics next post.


Fell in shove

Bonjour mes amis, or whatever douchey superlative greeting works for you. Loving Saturdays lately. Now that we are getting them right.

I just finished eating this salad that quite possibly may be the first salad I have made from “scratch” in ages. It starts with salad then I’ll start cooking again hopefully. I tend to eat out or eat from a box. AHAH

Despite the rain, flowers. Knew it would rain this weekend cos someone at work broadcasted that so ensured that we did something outdoors-ish yesterday after work.

Went to MEC. New addiction in only that all the stuff I’d want to buy and normally hunt through winners for which I hate, is now altogether. Aka sporty tight stuff. I bought that bra over his shoulder in lieu of a nike one even though it cost more. We had a hippie’d out older chick cash us out and loved it.

Then to offset the spending we went to no thrills. What a scene that place is. I smashed a bottle of san pel on our Way out because my plastic bag snapped oops.

Not only are these fake-out chucks but they are SURF SHOES. Neoprene wonders like, walking through rough b-town beaches shoes. Stoked. Bring on a heatwave man.

This was just last weekend. We do so much and I blog so seldomly that the concept of time is lost on me. Living moment-to-moment which is the way to be instead of waiting for 5 weeks to be happy or whatever amount of time it is until your next big thing. Bang the gong everyday.

I have a new idea for a book and it would be called AN ANSWER FOR EVERYTHING. That no matter what crap people say to you when you express your belief you say, “That is nice but, I am still right and here is why _________.” Gonna be a smash hit!

We plan to go away end of August. Beginning in Orlando and then ending up North at his sis’ cottage.

We met on Tinder. LOLOLL. He is the only guy I met, the first and the last and we got rid of our accounts. But of course I was getting spotted on it like immediately and afterward during the cross-over period. I did not at all take meeting him seriously nor him I and I think that was the magic of it or the trick. It’s like online dating except mobile and more accessible and I whole-heartedly recommend it.

I wish it was like this.

We were eventually/quickly like, well you’re awesome, I’m awesome, why not? You can be picky and have anyone you want out there if you’re in the same league as each other but then there are things like chemistry that are pretty excellent, attraction. It all seems to be working so far. For chicks my age (and older) it seems impossible to land a man, in Toronto too. Though I have been out of the whole scene for a bit anyway with my LD relationship. I am a weirdo long story short.

Local boyfriends are the shit. You can like, SEE them. Fwaha. Everything becomes amazing. We dress like dinks, are dinks (double income no kids) and we’re always up to hi-jinx, people get a kick out of it it seems. Happiness is intoxicating.

We’re going dancing tonight. Sorry to make you barf all the time.

See how I could just so easily have a shorter haircut? Sorry mom but it is not happening.

My manager did a 10k on Thursday night like no big deal and it was in town so I ran over to cheer her on, did my own run, then met up with her and her peeps at the finish line and I made it with 2 minutes to spare. I don’t normally bring my phone when I run cos I like to have as little on me as possible (which is why it rules if you run to a bar to pee or whatever and they comp you a drink just saying hypothetically, which happened to my mom and I once) anyway I had my phone so I took pics of my run this time while I killed time for managress to do her thing. I see so many beautiful things when I run it’s a shame not to take pictures of it but it’s also great to have restraint.

That’s her and her SIL. They both killed it. One of these days maybe I will become a marathon type person too. One of these days. Maybe. If you stick with fit people you get fit. My bf is a varsity volleyball wizard. Turns out there is an entire scene of people, volleyball celebrities. He is one of them. It’s neat that we don’t know anything about the other’s worlds and another reason why we click. Just wait til I learn how to serve a ball. I made the team in school but I was the worst. I made it cos I was super tall. I was better at basketball. I’d say soccer is my best.

He’s funny like me though and acts like he’s on a tv show when he cooks and does kitchen shit like how I do. I will exploit it eventually.

Sorry I’ll shut up now it’s getting to be party time.

I ran along side these beachy teens on my circuit route back to town. Love summer. Love living in town and taking advantage of it on me-nights.

Beer fest Burlingtron. First annual. We aren’t going. Plus those dopes all got rained on today lol and you have to pay to get in and Raymi don’t pay like that. You can get in to sound of music fest and rib fest for free. I know they have to do it for security drinking age reasons though but anyway, it’s a commitment to drink beer all day which I didn’t want to do. I prefer running through it for free on the soft launch/night of set-up in my running ninja outfit like I belong there and get away with because I am a self-entitled local prickhead. Plus I can outrun them. Which I received instant-karma for because I ran too hard and blew my legs out and have been sore ever since. No I wasn’t being chased, maybe from my own self and inner demons perhaps. I’m getting super athletic though btw.

Looks fun though.

I missed him at this point so took some cute manipulative selfies for later sendage. Then he messaged me while I was talking to Jimmer Jammer in town whom I bumped into and said what are we doing tonight? Our night off. So, I win/won that round. It’s nice to have someone so into you, I can’t even believe it. To have someone healthy and trustworthy to adore you.

Having a friend in the beginning stages of dating is also amusing to me, because he is at the part where you’re eyeballing your phone obsessively and deciphering texts, ugh brutal. I give good advice though. DO not give up your power. Oh but don’t worry I have almost blown it so many times with my new guy already before with psychotic whatsapp messaging but its cool now. It’s not so much cat and mouse as it is tiger and lion. Even when you know you’re gonna displease them with a decision you’re going to make you just have to back yourself up and be like, sorry! Cos they’d it to you and you’d have no choice but to give in. Compromise works. Just being adults, maybe?

Sharing dreams together too. Like awesome cars in the future prospects. Yesterday we followed a Mclaren up Brant and it was fun.

Okay guys have a great night I heat my battle cry music playing and it’s time to paint my face do my hair and all that. Check ya later! Didn’t mean to make this picture so big.

Way to go girls! 10 km under an hour. Rules.

Update! Not going out. Inside dance party it is. C’est la vie.

pps. I just did the math and we met on June 17th for anyone who cares about that kinda thing.

when everything mattered nothing was the same

Hi guys, I feel like we haven’t been communicating effectively enough lately, how’ve you been? I feel stretched so thin myself I don’t even have time to be writing this, it’s this or showering so, you’re welcome.

No I don’t smoke, I just borrowed this prop from a friend. I can’t remember what the winning caption for this picture is, I’ll get back to you on that.

I officially like sound of music festival more than ribfest because it has rides AND music.

I’m going on a ton of rides today because last night we missed out. I may or may not have lost it on a little Napoleon complex guy at the beer pen entrance likewise some other guy with a headset who wouldn’t let us on a ride because it was “too late” and yes I pulled the “I am Media” thing and then he says well, tell them to let us to stay open later. You hear that, them? Extend the hours of Sound of Music festival thanks!

Me yesterday. Yes my eyes are this pretty. Yes my hair is this colour. Yes there’s a ton of filters added to make me less tired looking but who doesn’t do that and like I care anyway I will probably start wearing a bag over my head in a few year’s time, get botox, eyebag surgery so I can move forward from being two sink holes in a face.

Taken from last night. Damara is on her way in now. Today’s forecast calls for bananas.

We wanted to go on that thing, none of us had cash on us for tickets. So two barriers stood between myself and my ride. I was like NONE OF YOU F—ING IDIOTS HAS CASH!?! I Will march you to an ATM the second I get off that rainbow. Then toupee headset head with a mustach was like, no way! God I love this town, not even being sarcastic.

It was quite an assault on the senses, possibly why I love this kind of activity. Salt of the earth people everywhere and cool young kids who don’t even notice you exist, garbage food stalls for miles set to disco lights. Sloan plays at 330 today, we’re all going. Don’t forget to send your texts before you get to the beer pen because you’ll lose signal exactly there.

My nana will be on my uncle’s boat I hope we can see her from land. Bet we will.

Looks like this from the pier. Last night started out with my running by myself through all this in hot pink shorts and it was pretty fun,I went early enough that there were pockets in the crowd to dodge and run through. I doubt this would be possible today. I ran home got changed and went back with mom. I’m a townie!

Got on this ride Thursday night. Perfectly named because it is extremely scary.

And then it was a hip hop rave. I can hear someone playing now, a chick. Sounds folky, whimsical, lovely and nice. This is definitely the weekend to suffer from severe ADHD.

I used purple light ears as a landmark to meet up with some chick. Then bumped into RADMAD!

Holy moly. Good times. We played frisbee, got some drank tix hooked up (oh yeah must line-up in THAT line again today lol) um, messed around with some cops. Super fun. Saw a runner chased down by a sound of music fest staff, she ran along the entire length of the beer pen fence up the hill, it was fantastic and what could one possibly even do at a place like this to be chased down by a nerd like that? It was woman chasing woman, intense!

Festival season is upon us! :)

I gotta get ready though now but this was nice. Lets do this again soon. xo

Can’t be forgetting all the new friends we make along the way. You better watch this one to the very end.

Canada WHAT!

More like ribchest!

My brother loves me.

Oh glorious Ribfest. So fun. I had no idea. Staycations rule. Let the good times roll.

a fox and a wild cat ring for each paw. two for 25. SO many.

More props.

the best ribs! omg! uncle sam’s bbq from new mexico. they won last year first place! there was a double line-up and ol goldilocks sauntered up the front and got a full rack. yessum.

thanks ollie! go see him tomorrow. Ribfest of burlington is the largest ribfest of all the ribfests FYI!

Rib Chest. I want THESE baby backs. lol. no rack i mean. omg rib drunk.



Had a great time getting tiki stuff from the party store. Love it there. A lot of burlesque duds too. Going back tomorrow before coming back to town. GOLDMINE!

I Have a MASSIVE MAGNUM martini bottle of champagne (thanks bob!) for us all to share tomorrow night. It’s going to RULE. So long summer but summer, forever!