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Fame or flame.

Hi sports fans! Happy Wednesday, like it matters! I mean, make it count! Can’t stop yelling!

Tanned, ran twice yesterday and it made for flawless legs. I’m sorry. There’s something about denim, a tan. Black shoes. Sneakers. Good for sneaking!

Took some practise shots yesterday. I wanted to see how my New Orleans bunny crawl suit fits now that I am all exercisey and shit. With a face like that and the ray bans it came out a bit more Gummo than Playboy lol. Wait until you see where the location will be haha oh god.

Okay. So when I go on my run I have a few regular bars I run into and use their bathrooms. Get them to fill up my water bottle. Tell them IOU. One place I am like, well, you ARE a sports bar right as I drip sweat all over their fucking floor and take a million selfies in the bathroom mirror. I have a speech prepared for never about how it’s good for the community for runners to be able to take from local establishments (things like water and toilets) because it continues the circle of community. Hahaha. When you run you have a lot of thinking time. Like, why am I running so much for?

I rewarded myself with a steak salad and pint. I haven’t eaten out alone in a long time. Summer is almost over. I will for sure enter a depression. Suit up with an autumn running outfit. Sigh. Layers. Fuck off. I will slap a pumpkin spice latte out of your hand.

I talked to a guy in perriwinkle pants. He golfed that day. He looked as red as I was feeling in the sun. Which is out again so after my buddy leaves from lunch I’m a do my thing-a-ling. I am going to be on Toronto Mike’s podcast tomorrow at 1pm btw. Don’t miss it. @TorontoMike I dunno what the link is yet.

Ah gad. Good luck figuring out what the podcast link is guys!!!!!

Okay I shall continue when I get back from my psycho killer Qu’est-ce que c’est run.

Holding her purse. Now that is a man. I try to get guys to hold my purse all the time. HAhaha. Where is this guy when I need him in my arguments about how masculine it actually is to carry your ho’s purse.

My ipod flew out of my pocket yesterday and finally smashed. Still works. My running safari dork shorts from MEC are too loose on me now and all my shit exploded out of them yesterday. It is SO embarrassing when you’re running like the olympics blasting by people and then all of those same people see your ipod slide down the street at the same speed you were just running. Men always pick it up for me though so there’s that. Then I run away mortified but don’t care cos there are all new people to embarrass myself in front of just around the corner, or perhaps not. From all the training and running and dancing I do I’m becoming hella co-ordinated athleticly speaking. Don’t worry you will see.

It’s a great place to live actually.

Shit went down in Btown eh! Click to enlarge and learn!

Love it. Stay tuned.

This was my second run yesterday. It was more of a saunter. But still. I was psycho for sun and boy I sure got it.

Matchy matchy. Today it was blue socks and blue hat.

Hate myself for pigging out last night.

And the day before that. Someone said we work out so we can do this and not the other way around.

Munchkinland vibes around these parts sometimes.

It was so good though!

We listened to the waves my friend and I. He pointed them out. I remembered why I chose this place. It was quite majestical. When I turn down the music I can hear them right now, anytime.

Someone said I was hot. Like, they got problems now hot. I assisted in that quote. I am full of ‘em by George.

I am a pig.

Oh yeah these stupid ones. Gloomy dark faced (I was hung) but you can see my abs/def.

It’s like a Hooters bikini haha.

I’m a feminist.

Nothing like fresh towels.

Being coached (lol) to do weights now which I am going to pick up immediately after I publish this.

New Playboy Energy Drank VSpot is out btw. A new one is on the way soon too.

I had to crop this SFW. ;)

Bye now.

7 thoughts on “Fame or flame.

  1. i’m going to drag you out with me so i can be part of your story ;-)
    we’ll swing together….. like it’s the 20’s all over…. lol
    keep smiling Miss. White &
    Stay Brilliant…

  2. I started reading your post and thought, “Summer’s almost over up there” then you said it.
    Great photos, especially the bikini with tall socks. (Ha ha)
    And the bunny ears!

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