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Fell in shove

Bonjour mes amis, or whatever douchey superlative greeting works for you. Loving Saturdays lately. Now that we are getting them right.

I just finished eating this salad that quite possibly may be the first salad I have made from “scratch” in ages. It starts with salad then I’ll start cooking again hopefully. I tend to eat out or eat from a box. AHAH

Despite the rain, flowers. Knew it would rain this weekend cos someone at work broadcasted that so ensured that we did something outdoors-ish yesterday after work.

Went to MEC. New addiction in only that all the stuff I’d want to buy and normally hunt through winners for which I hate, is now altogether. Aka sporty tight stuff. I bought that bra over his shoulder in lieu of a nike one even though it cost more. We had a hippie’d out older chick cash us out and loved it.

Then to offset the spending we went to no thrills. What a scene that place is. I smashed a bottle of san pel on our Way out because my plastic bag snapped oops.

Not only are these fake-out chucks but they are SURF SHOES. Neoprene wonders like, walking through rough b-town beaches shoes. Stoked. Bring on a heatwave man.

This was just last weekend. We do so much and I blog so seldomly that the concept of time is lost on me. Living moment-to-moment which is the way to be instead of waiting for 5 weeks to be happy or whatever amount of time it is until your next big thing. Bang the gong everyday.

I have a new idea for a book and it would be called AN ANSWER FOR EVERYTHING. That no matter what crap people say to you when you express your belief you say, “That is nice but, I am still right and here is why _________.” Gonna be a smash hit!

We plan to go away end of August. Beginning in Orlando and then ending up North at his sis’ cottage.

We met on Tinder. LOLOLL. He is the only guy I met, the first and the last and we got rid of our accounts. But of course I was getting spotted on it like immediately and afterward during the cross-over period. I did not at all take meeting him seriously nor him I and I think that was the magic of it or the trick. It’s like online dating except mobile and more accessible and I whole-heartedly recommend it.

I wish it was like this.

We were eventually/quickly like, well you’re awesome, I’m awesome, why not? You can be picky and have anyone you want out there if you’re in the same league as each other but then there are things like chemistry that are pretty excellent, attraction. It all seems to be working so far. For chicks my age (and older) it seems impossible to land a man, in Toronto too. Though I have been out of the whole scene for a bit anyway with my LD relationship. I am a weirdo long story short.

Local boyfriends are the shit. You can like, SEE them. Fwaha. Everything becomes amazing. We dress like dinks, are dinks (double income no kids) and we’re always up to hi-jinx, people get a kick out of it it seems. Happiness is intoxicating.

We’re going dancing tonight. Sorry to make you barf all the time.

See how I could just so easily have a shorter haircut? Sorry mom but it is not happening.

My manager did a 10k on Thursday night like no big deal and it was in town so I ran over to cheer her on, did my own run, then met up with her and her peeps at the finish line and I made it with 2 minutes to spare. I don’t normally bring my phone when I run cos I like to have as little on me as possible (which is why it rules if you run to a bar to pee or whatever and they comp you a drink just saying hypothetically, which happened to my mom and I once) anyway I had my phone so I took pics of my run this time while I killed time for managress to do her thing. I see so many beautiful things when I run it’s a shame not to take pictures of it but it’s also great to have restraint.

That’s her and her SIL. They both killed it. One of these days maybe I will become a marathon type person too. One of these days. Maybe. If you stick with fit people you get fit. My bf is a varsity volleyball wizard. Turns out there is an entire scene of people, volleyball celebrities. He is one of them. It’s neat that we don’t know anything about the other’s worlds and another reason why we click. Just wait til I learn how to serve a ball. I made the team in school but I was the worst. I made it cos I was super tall. I was better at basketball. I’d say soccer is my best.

He’s funny like me though and acts like he’s on a tv show when he cooks and does kitchen shit like how I do. I will exploit it eventually.

Sorry I’ll shut up now it’s getting to be party time.

I ran along side these beachy teens on my circuit route back to town. Love summer. Love living in town and taking advantage of it on me-nights.

Beer fest Burlingtron. First annual. We aren’t going. Plus those dopes all got rained on today lol and you have to pay to get in and Raymi don’t pay like that. You can get in to sound of music fest and rib fest for free. I know they have to do it for security drinking age reasons though but anyway, it’s a commitment to drink beer all day which I didn’t want to do. I prefer running through it for free on the soft launch/night of set-up in my running ninja outfit like I belong there and get away with because I am a self-entitled local prickhead. Plus I can outrun them. Which I received instant-karma for because I ran too hard and blew my legs out and have been sore ever since. No I wasn’t being chased, maybe from my own self and inner demons perhaps. I’m getting super athletic though btw.

Looks fun though.

I missed him at this point so took some cute manipulative selfies for later sendage. Then he messaged me while I was talking to Jimmer Jammer in town whom I bumped into and said what are we doing tonight? Our night off. So, I win/won that round. It’s nice to have someone so into you, I can’t even believe it. To have someone healthy and trustworthy to adore you.

Having a friend in the beginning stages of dating is also amusing to me, because he is at the part where you’re eyeballing your phone obsessively and deciphering texts, ugh brutal. I give good advice though. DO not give up your power. Oh but don’t worry I have almost blown it so many times with my new guy already before with psychotic whatsapp messaging but its cool now. It’s not so much cat and mouse as it is tiger and lion. Even when you know you’re gonna displease them with a decision you’re going to make you just have to back yourself up and be like, sorry! Cos they’d it to you and you’d have no choice but to give in. Compromise works. Just being adults, maybe?

Sharing dreams together too. Like awesome cars in the future prospects. Yesterday we followed a Mclaren up Brant and it was fun.

Okay guys have a great night I heat my battle cry music playing and it’s time to paint my face do my hair and all that. Check ya later! Didn’t mean to make this picture so big.

Way to go girls! 10 km under an hour. Rules.

Update! Not going out. Inside dance party it is. C’est la vie.

pps. I just did the math and we met on June 17th for anyone who cares about that kinda thing.

6 thoughts on “Fell in shove

  1. Thank you for the recent posts sharing more about your new beau. Love hearing the story behind it and I can agree that local is best for being able to see one another and to not have to deal with the long distance drama. I have done both and while it can be a high to see the faraway person after a length of time, to feel like it’s brand new all over again, it can also be terribly sad and blah and shit can happen and you can’t do a thing about it. Not saying that it can’t work but relationships are hard enough no matter where the person is and life is too short to be sad and waiting, right? I liked how you worded it and I love how you’re living in the moment – and making the moment awesome. Of course a lot of us were keeping quiet for a bit there when the new guy showed up because we weren’t sure what was going on or how we should react. I think that we try to cheer you on whatever you’re doing, ya know? But it can be hard to know when to start clapping, ha. But thank you for finally giving us the go ahead because I couldn’t be the only one holding my breath!

    By the way, I love how you’re embracing Burlington. They should make you their ambassador. You’ve seriously been selling the place like crazy in your posts – making it look beautiful and more exciting than I thought it’d be.

    Thanks for blogging at us. <3

  2. Thanks sweetheart. i Always enjoy hearing from you. For months I guess I have kept mum on the guy front sitch for various reasons. You know how I love to blab in general. I think maybe I have been suffering from stunted story-telling come to think of it but it’s cool to just not share every little thing because you know eventually you will again and it’ll be awesome.

  3. Good for you Raymi! I find that the relationships where you’re playing house together at an embarrassingly fast rate are usually the ones that last. If you’re wondering and analyzing his every move to gage his interest, it’s probably not there. I’ve never had to ask for commitment from someone willing to give it, or have to chase something that actually had potential. I assume it’s pretty universal for most women?

  4. You just know when you know and you don’t force it. Maintain your independence and don’t rely on the other person for everything or be needy and clingy. The more you don’t need each other the more you want each other. I don’t consider this playing house but it’s a compatibility test for sure spending a lot of time together in close quarters, embarrassingly fast or not when you’re into the person they’re the only one you wanna jam with.

  5. Nice to see you so happy and thinking healthy.

    Careful with the knees, I run intervals to avoid injury !

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