Note to self and world.

Hey look I have 3 hands.

Hiya friends, ready for the next totally gossip girl installment?

I don’t really know what to add anymore or say, things I haven’t already said or thought a million times before. Pictures on instagram, or facebook or twitter. Hey thanks a lot social media you big jerks, y’all pretty much obliterated blogs.

Only the real McCoys still blog these days I feel, the Wayne Gretzky’s?

That’s why you save exclusive content for your blog so people have to go look. Well, thanks for making me look at this shit Lauren! #THRillhouse #OMG #NOT

Friday night. We found a cougar wall. I keep taking these “model” poses for a casting agent who is like excellent but nope and I am too uncomfortable to get anyone but my bf to take them. Actually Mom should do it! But for the sake of convenience I haven’t had my hair did proper to take some yet, of all the pictures I take I know. I know. I am just as pissed as you. I go like, of all the pictures I have sent can’t they tell what I look like yet? Arm up really? I’ll nail it soon don’t worry.

I was shocked to discover that I am the nature one of the two of us or just know more spots being someone who grew up here and have visited the 5 parks numerous times since a 4 year old. He can have volleyball. I get to have nature buttt now he’s converted which is pretty sick.

These are new at Crawford lake. I love how much sense they make. They should make tons more. Turn it into some bizarro art forest of madness, which it now is so they did okay then.

Of all times spent here before this one wins. Videos to look forward to in another post.

He saw me stand beside a short chick on Friday at dinner and he was like baby you’re tall I never knew that before cos I am such a freak. I melted.

This is my wallpaper meow.


This goat and slaw was amazing.

I now know the difference between gelato and ice cream and I am too lazy to type it so go look on my instagram zzzz…

This is last night’s cruisin thing we came upon by the beach. Right on right on.

Work outfit. Shorts from MEC. Gonna go get some more. Shirt by Jay Manuel.

Parked at my place and walked to town, walked back and then went to his to watch Ray Donovan – our new best friend.

He sent roses too. I was got lightheaded and blushed but obvs thoroughly loved it. I motored to the front desk. Leaving them at work I think they’ll fair better. I might need to look at them on the weekend though!! jjkjk He made us stay in Saturday and felt bad I think but we still had a fun time.

Alright that’s a wrap time to get my body in gear to keep this catch. Ps. What’s up Ryan sorry we were too good to talk to each other, I remember you from Vancouver Matthew Good days PEACE!

PPS. Manitobah Mukluks’ pics next post.