you can’t beat me at my Rayme

Hey compadre, havin’ a hell of a summer over here. So many experiences and new friends I don’t know where to begin and I am sick of breathlessly saying that here but not as much as you are sick of reading it so lets just get through this.

Went paddleboarding again last week. Brought Casie along and we had a great time.

It was challenging fighting the waves around the lighthouse/bend over to Scarborough bluffs beach that water was very choppy but we got through. Rob fell in with the camera in his back pocket and now it’s toast we have to get a new one. I didn’t bail in once not bragging really cos there was a time or two I fell ON to my board and not in the water and was lucky. Casie ate it pretty good at one time. I think laughing all day was equally as good a workout as paddleboarding is for your core.

That’s Paul, me, and Bark the cat. First I thought the cat’s name was Mark, which would have been pretty great. Paul is the paddleboard addict messiah. I wanna get out as many more times before summer’s through.

I’m decent enough standing up but prefer it on my knees (minds out of the gutters now) you can go faster that way. On the way back from the beach fighting the current I figured out how to time my wave-descent with the motion of the ocean lake ontario and felt pretty pleased with myself.

Video of the first time we went paddleboarding in case you missed it only because I am too time-constricted to blog the pics and this video has ‘em all. Just fast forward to me in the marina.

After paddleboarding, I cleaned up my act a little and headed over to Sam’s (my book agent) to discuss said book and meet some of his other writers too. Vicki Hogarth was there. She’s a very famous (ex-addict, now sober) writer who recently shaved her head because of hair extensions gone wrong her article about it is published in Flare magazine.

Vicki is an impressive bundle of energy and it was Sam’s dream to have us meet and as we shared our respective war stories throughout the evening he’d be like, SEE!? SEE! You guys together I KNEW IT etc.

To finish the sexy book I’ve been working on will take too long we think and we also think that I am hilarious so it will be a lot easier and natural to make a funny book so the direction has been changed to being funny AF in literature and you have social media to blame. Only because I am so immersed in it again it just makes sense to fine-tune it, make a talk, be a talker who knows. I got through 40 pages of Bossypants (Tina Fey) yesterday despite a car alarm outside testing my rage.

Sam’s place is a writer’s playground.

Then on Friday your busy little buddy went to the Rogers Cup to see Serena Williams and she won but now I see that she has been disqualified so wtf is up with that?

I captured her famous victory wave.

Lounge lizard. Glad I went with the pink dress. I’m going shopping today I need some new duds. Bet there’s end of summer sales everywhere.

Wednesday we had a meeting up on high in a fancy tall building.

I took a lot of great shots. It is my plan/wish to do a dedicated Toronto architecture various skyline photos blog post soon with pictures from my camera. Way better quality. You’ll see. You’ll ALL see. Yes you will.

Everyone helped me select my nails and toe polish. It confused me a bit more to pool the crowd though it was fun to gab with ya about it.

Farmer’s market bounty. Isn’t food beautiful. Footage (pics) of my trip to the market will be on my new site once we launch it.

A struggleplate I posted as a joke but got a lot of love I was like wtf you guys are gross. People surprise me everyday, you just never know what the people want and turns out it’s garbage plate art.

This reminds me must put air in my tires. Finally brought a bike to the city to use.

And that would be my sweet bod. I better stop snacking on bacon I’m due for a boat cruise today.

The sun came out a day after a horrid weather colder snap in Toronto and all was well again.

Gonna wrap this non-post up so I can get my errands done and take advantage of REAL LIFE.

Check ya later.

Last Friday we had a meeting hang with these guys too. I don’t even know why I begin talking about these things I have no time to finish. Like I said, busy summer. Til next time.

(for all media inquries just email fyi).


Here’s just a quickie post to link my two videos from yesterday’s busy day.

There’s never any time before you’re off to the next thing! I have to start going to bed sooner and waking up earlier.

Yesterday we went to the National Post building for an art show exhibit of Gina Godfrey’s amazing work, entitled GUESS. It was a bonus to bump into two peeps from the social media scene I know, one of which said I inspired her big time at my talk 8 years ago way back when (I’ll link to that blog post when I get a chance to)…

I love Saucy minx Glenda! She came to that talk I was just mentioning earlier and the other said a ton of incredible stuff to me too that really lifted me up. It’s good to be back in the scene again doing stuff. Then I met a new friend/prospective client which was the hat trick to that event. Note how I leave the party telling everyone to “enjoy their time”. Smooth. But then it gets even funnier after that actually.

Popped over to Coco Lezzone for the rebirth party which was packed to the tits with beautiful people everywhere. I’ll be featuring the event on my new brand friendly site so look for it when that launches. Have to get ready for paddleboarding now. Excited. Lots to share soon as I have the time to. Meeting with lit agent tonight oh god summer is flyin’ by.

Have a great day!

HydraFacial PhotoFacial Rejuvenation

Last week I went to Numi Beauty + Laser at 10025 Hurontario st in Brampton for some serious pampering.  I had four separate treatments done in the course of two hours and a spray tan to top it all off. Let me walk you through it.

After chatting with the ladies up front they took me to a cozy little room and I was like, what is going to happen to me in here?

Just relax and get comfortable you are in for a treat…ment or two.

We began with the hydrafacial. This is before all my makeup was lubed and sucked off. You can go with full makeup no problem. #lazy

The HydraFacial MD is like super advanced medical technology which is specially designed by engineers and techies to reduce sun damage, wrinkles, oily skin, rosacea and blemishes with four steps that include cleansing, exfoliation, acid peel, extractions, hydration, lymphatic drainage, red and blue light therapy.  Monette, the attendant, used the machine in combination with a vitamin-enriched serum which had an exfoliate that tingled and supposedly was infused with antioxidants that are formulated to leave your skin looking and feeling younger.

They put your hair in a towel wrap and you can take avant garde videos of yourself for your instagram like I did. I felt very 80’s arrogant chic. I like the moving art videos to change it up when I can.

My face was hydrated and vacuumed over and over again. Then I was massaged into blissdom, and it felt great. HydraFacial hydrates and rejuvenates your skin. It scrubs off a layer of skin (dead skin) and leaves you shining, glowing, youthful and happy. You gotta try it. I’ve done it once before when I was 27 yrs old, and same thing. It’s NOT a one-time treatment but rather is something that you should be doing for yourself and your skin once a month and if you have acne, scarring, hyper pigmentation, sun damage, Rosacea, oily skin, wrinkles then you should visit once every two weeks.

Feeling it! Monette is an excellent esthetician we got along great. I giggled a lot because I have a hyper-sensitive ticklish zone all over my neck. She was patient and we got through it; I was eventually able to relax and enjoy this truly refreshing experience.

My skin is red because this is halfway through. I was smiling the whole way because I felt so good. No shame. Enjoyin’ that! BTW if you go to NUMI be sure to mention my name, wink wink.

Text war with mom. Not enjoying that. Multi-tasking away though.


I got over it though. I look pretty relaxed.

This is what they used on my face.

All makeup is gone. Face is shining.

You got me believing.

Then I got ready for the collagen booth. That’s what its called. Collagen is the main constituent of your skin, eyes, liver and kidneys and this treatment helps replenish depleted collagen supplies; it helps people regain vibrant, healthier and younger looking skin.

You can watch this video from inside of what it’s like. It’s kind of a combination light box work-out closet that tones your body. Incredible. You have to try it to feel it and experience the effects yourself. I loved it. It’s like standing in a suntan-workout booth – you hold onto these bars while being blasted with the light all around you.

You feel vibrations through your whole body like your fat is being sanded/jiggled off and your core feels tightened, your arms, butt, all your trouble areas get majorly vibrated. I want to go again.

This is what you stand on in the collagen booth. It teeter-totters back and forth at a high intensity.

And now the lights are on. This is before I dropped my robe. The only reason why we can’t post the video is because of a few nude scenes starring yours truly. Numi have seen everything so you really are at ease there when you’re in your birthday suit just saying.

I kept my undies on. This was shaking like crazy when I took this.

Requisite art shot.

Raymi the Minx, Kardashian Glow, sun tan lotion,

You would explode if I told you how much that bottle of Kardashian Glow is worth.  Okay on to the next treatment, it’s my legs!

Soprano Laser Hair Removal is for men and women of all skin types and has been proven as a safe and permanent solution for painless hair removal on areas of your face, arms, legs, bikini lines, back, chest and hairlines. I got my legs done..

Lube me up yo.

Lets do this.

Think of all the money I am going to save in razor blades now.


Be strong Raymbo.

State of the art technology!

This part feels really good and soothing.

I look awesome.

Onto the next treatment. Laser Spider Vein Removal and hunting for said spider vessels. It was hard for them!

I’m just that perfect. My legs are flawless – hate to break it to ya ladies.

Oh oh .. look here.. they might have finally found something, oh let’s get it.

Then they wanted to do my nose but I was like lets not. It would have made it super red and my eyes would’ve watered nah I am cool lets pass on that one hehehe.

Next treatment: PhotoFacial on my neck.

This is apparently what Sharon Stone has done to maintain her youthful appearance, and she looks awesome. The Soprano Skin Tightening machine executes a mini laser treatment designed to constrict and rebind loose, wrinkled skin anywhere on the body and face. I had a choice to tone flabby skin on my face, thighs, tummy or under my arms. We chose my neck.

I’m real happy all around with the treatments I had at Numi. We had a little love fest @Numi10 on Twitter and this is Jennifer fyi she’s great! :) Also, NUMI means New ME. Cute.

Look at this technical display panel showing wavelength and buzz tech – all this science is applied to our appearance .. Ladies

Lubing up my neck.

Waiting patiently for the beauty science experiment to begin.

And no it doesn’t hurt. All that much. Just a bit of a zap you can deal.

I was kind of fantasizing about having Kylie Jenner lips but a smooth neck is just as nice.

Spider vessels attack time. This hurt even less. I was scared.

Jennifer was like okay lets do your spider VEIN. Singular. We laughed. But then in this new room and lighting they noticed some other areas to poke me with. Lol beauty industry people gotta love them.

Cozy bed too. Very soft. I reviewed Numi on Yelp and made mention of the beds check it out.

I didn’t even flinch.

Pretty comfortable there. Quite.

Oh lucky day they found some more.

Well I am happy to help you gals out here lol #guineapig.

Raymi settings. No clue what that means. It must be good things.

Spray tan time.

Cover that precious hair.

Stickies for your feet so you don’t have orange soles for the week.

When it was done. My face is shiny and rejuvenated and now going to be an oompa loompa for good measure I love being tan. Matching my lighter makeup has been a little interesting for the last week, though haha.

Love it.

Letting it all hang out at the bar where you can also hang out and sip a protein smoothie, herbal tea or spa water and chat about your health and beauty goals.

Of course.

Great space, great place. You’re awesome Numi thanks for everything! Sincerely. I am still nicely tan and it’s Monday 5 days later.

Visit Numi on Facebook. Be sure to tell them you saw my post if you visit!

Then had some chicken at Nando’s!

Uma Nota – Summer Block Party

We experienced a happy discovery last night – Uma Nota!

Uma Nota Block party poster, 23 strachen
We were flipping through Meetup and found the description of UMA NOTA to be intriguing because it states that only those people age 25 to 36 can attend but anyway off we went lol. It happens every summer and this might have been the last one because a condo might go up in its place by next year. :(

We bumped into Sean Anicic.

Sean Anicic

and took in Flavia Nascimento and her band. She is incredible.

Uma Nota Block Party

Now watch the video from last night. I get down big time.

Raymi at the Uma Nota Block Party

I had an excellent time. The best. I love dancing with strangers and making new friends. Hopig to go to Uma Nota again next year!

And I made big bubbles too.

We played ping pong. We suck.

Just a teeny little walk from Liberty Village and you’re there.

Raymi goes to Archer Dental

Last week I met Toronto dentist Dr Natalie Archer at the downtown Archer Dental location 600 Sherbourne street, which is at Bloor and Sherbourne. If you know me in real life or even just via internet you know that I’m very into my teeth and constantly worry about them; I was going to make my Tinder profile byline “add me to your dental plan” in fact.

I love the (many) photos taken with our profesh cameras BUT there are always a select few special ones taken with my phone (for instagram) that I feel like I should include because, well obvious lol.

I’ve been seeking a new dentist for aaaages now. Who would think that this could ever happen to/for me? I have dabbled with dental coverage over the years and I am sure a lot of you can relate to that as entrepreneurs or temporarily working corporately and being covered. When you aren’t covered you become acutely aware of how scary it is to worry about your teeth or if an emergency should occur. I have a bit of a nest egg I’m building and I surely do not want to dump it on dental fees so each time I raise a glass to my teeth for a drink I “slow down” so as not to chip my teeth. Dental is costly and not covered by OHIP as we all know.

I chipped my left front tooth a few years ago just a sliver and it made me realize I needed to be more careful, cautious.  As a “scrimper” plus selfie addict, I can’t afford to bust a tooth.

Dr. Archer’s facility, friendly staff, and easy-going style woke me up to a new kind of dentistry. I generally shy away from change and had grown accustomed to my small town dental clinic’s ways, so I was a bit hesitant to try something new…

Loved this kid. Your kid will leave with clean teeth and a baseball bat, which seems kind of counter intuitive, but there it is.

Hi there.

The one of many things I loved about this experience (aside from the purple colour scheme) was how thorough Dr. Archer is and thoughtful. They are patient, FUN, and informative. Two hours just flew by, and I wasn’t scared or uncomfortable once.

Legs segue.

TV is a vital part of a dental visit – it’s basically like a flight to New York in that respect. Distract the client, plug them in.

Here I’m relating all my hopes and fears for my teeth. I can’t remember the last time my family dentist ever asked me what my teeth future wish list was? How about, never. It has never come up, as previous practitioners were likely preoccupied with my cavities to care about any cosmetic aspirations I may have had. I have never been so teeth-attention flattered before.

This dental experience was nothing short of a social visit with the ladies. I am not even selling you right now or obligated to that’s not what RTM is about here (it’s about links which we can talk about another time). Look at the joy here this is practically a stock photo image.

If you care about the technical side of what’s going on in your mouth then Dr. Archer’s people are the ones for you. I’ve suspected over the years that I have a crime scene in my mouth and most of me does not want to know, but the other half is curious.

So, absolutely everything was transparent and that is good.

I don’t know if it’s “special treatment” they will prob get mad I said that cos they are like this with everyone I saw with my own eyes other customers getting the love and took note. I am a lover. I love, love. It never goes unnoticed. Anyway, I have never talked about my teeth in length ever before in my life so thank you for listening and caring.

I had a gap in my teeth when I was younger so I never smiled showing my teeth although my grandmother ALWAYS said I had beautiful teeth I was ashamed of this little Madonna gap I had but then around 20 it began to close and one of the front teeth became longer than the other so my old dentist filed it down during a visit all lickity split and my teeth were straight, with no gap for the first time in my life! That was my first brush with “cosmetic dentistry” ever.

If you have been a Raymiite for years you might note that I only started smiling and showing teeth in my blog photos around 2009. So, for nine years I never smiled or showed teeth. I learned how much prettier one can be with a bright toothy grin. I was always just too shy and emo and the hipster shame of being a blogger in Toronto got to me. I never faked it to make it but now I know I need my smile.

I was asked what my hope was for a year from now with Archer dental. Dental lottery much? I said white teeth, fillings free, all straight. They were like no problem.

I have an overbite. Confirmed overbite. LOL. Jennifer Jordan here by the way was hilarious, and the perfect match for me. She looks all normal and at first I was worried that I would need to be normal, but then she got me going (laughing) instantly and I had no worries.

I’m so VIP Michael came in to over-see the action.

There she is now hello Dr. Natalie Archer glad you could join us.

Pinky up!

This blog post is just one Three Stooges grape scene in mouth opportunity after another.

These ones I like because it’s kinda Prometheus, sci-fi in nature…

…plus I like how I look? I take selfies because I want pictures of me which I seldom get so when I get a photo taken of me without a photographer vying for credit or whathaveyou hassle, I adore it.

I have some teeth erosion from how I brush and now I know how to brush right. You do a swipe back and forth THEN down. Yeah like that’s ever happening.

The 80’s were a great decade nice glasses.

This picture shows of how caring Natalie is. Look at her.

This nearby demolition with its big rig hydraulic jack hammer was pathetic fallacy for what was happening in my own mouth rat at tat tat tat.

Wow this post is long but anyway NOW the real action happens (continues) because I get to plead my case again about my teeth to the head honcho, Dr A.

Legs segue. Sorry but they are there and I cannot NOT ignore them.

Archer legit has her hands in my mouth now.

There is such a stigma attached to visiting the dentist I can only hope to help change that through these meticulous photos you might be still wondering why you’re scrolling through. It’s the Raymi experience and I am kind of sure it’s my first ever dental feature here.

Max Headroom.

Sarina over there is so lovely – we had a bonding sesh while I waited my turn at the chair :) and she imparted some choice wisdoms upon me.

Ready for my teeth close-up.

You liking this experience, guys? For me personally it’s one of those wow I love what I do moments and I feel blessed plus proud. Blog for dental it is work bruh.

If you photographed everything that you did in a day, your day would look something like this too no? You see that it’s a lot really when you have a file folder of photographs. Between our two cameras… that is why this post took awhile to sit down and do I knew it would take time but I am happy to do it and it reminds me of Xiaxue my blog idol and her (awesomely enjoyable) long-winded princess blogvert posts. She is oldschool like me and really paved the way I credit her all the time.

My teeth are being x-rayed here in case that wasn’t clear haha.

Your past dentist will eventually send your x-rays from before to Dr. Archer fyi and you won’t have to talk to them and feel awkward.

Where did that stool come from?

Well hello sailors.

No one can resist the Raymbo.

This is where they told me I had two turtles in my mouth? For real. Any fans out there know what that means? Let me see how smart you are in the comments.  In a year we’ll see how many there are….

That was a long time of having my mouth open I guess my nose was clogged.

And fluoride spit. See ya tomowoah!

Minx World

Hey-lo. Here are three videos. Happy accidents we like to call ‘em. The camera takes a video of every photo cycle making a little Raymi TV action happen. As long as I don’t say anything incriminating or off the record we can use them. Yesterday’s video was “a little much” so I don’t think you will be seeing it sorry haha. However I think you’ll be entertained enough by these three: paddleboarding, Nunu/biz meeting the next morning and Italian lunch meeting in Libville. The vidos have a Blair Witch quality you’ll see what I mean. Ciao!

Hold out til the end and you will see Swans too! Also Grand Electric.

The videos are so much easier than posting all my pics although I do like storytelling through my images.

Here I am semi-hustling and getting drunk it’s like a night out on the town style video that spills into our meeting with Route Eleven the next day.

Then this one at Caffino Ristorante which I also reviewed on Yelp. I can hear my party throat when I discuss my name(s) speaking of which, hear how to pronounce Lauren! Also you see my underwear at the end okay bye.