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Minx World

Hey-lo. Here are three videos. Happy accidents we like to call ‘em. The camera takes a video of every photo cycle making a little Raymi TV action happen. As long as I don’t say anything incriminating or off the record we can use them. Yesterday’s video was “a little much” so I don’t think you will be seeing it sorry haha. However I think you’ll be entertained enough by these three: paddleboarding, Nunu/biz meeting the next morning and Italian lunch meeting in Libville. The vidos have a Blair Witch quality you’ll see what I mean. Ciao!

Hold out til the end and you will see Swans too! Also Grand Electric.

The videos are so much easier than posting all my pics although I do like storytelling through my images.

Here I am semi-hustling and getting drunk it’s like a night out on the town style video that spills into our meeting with Route Eleven the next day.

Then this one at Caffino Ristorante which I also reviewed on Yelp. I can hear my party throat when I discuss my name(s) speaking of which, hear how to pronounce Lauren! Also you see my underwear at the end okay bye.

6 thoughts on “Minx World

  1. I love Minx TV. Can’t wait for the next episode. Do you take requests? Do a walk down College st (Little Italy) and come to my store!

  2. This set of videos shows again you’re good engaging manner in the night life video, to the session in the restaurant. You are assertive to tell when the camera should be on you. At the Humber College Lecture, you were right in saying that the camera was distracting. As a instructor prior I know what it’s like to have anything annoying happen, as for me, some other teacher just walking in to throw me off some, instead of knocking. Often I have put a note on the door, depending which education level, to say ‘In session’ leave a message in my mailbox, unless it is urgent!
    The cool paddle board session you look great in and it’s fun to watch, as you’re having fun. The funny part is when the camera guy says for you to turn your head around and wave back, but that would have been awkward; you would have fallen in. Envisioning it happening would have been quite funny, -well for the viewer at the moment, but maybe not for you.
    This is one recreation I haven’t seen in reality, only surfing on waves. I am a kayak manic and love paddling sitting down, so standing up must be a crazy but experience also….need a motor.
    These videos are a good variety with you in varied situations. It makes for interest and again you know quite often how to listen and also what to say in some unexpected to sort of routine situations. Your patience level is quite good as your willing to do and experience many things and know when to come and go, as if you’re editing unconsciously or consciously the flow of the sequences.
    This has been quite fascinating.

  3. So I was an avid reader of your blog many years ago. Life happens, and I’ve found you again and I really don’t think there’s enough time to catch up on all I’ve missed, anyways, thought I’d comment on what an epic ride this blog has been.

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