Uma Nota – Summer Block Party

We experienced a happy discovery last night – Uma Nota!

Uma Nota Block party poster, 23 strachen
We were flipping through Meetup and found the description of UMA NOTA to be intriguing because it states that only those people age 25 to 36 can attend but anyway off we went lol. It happens every summer and this might have been the last one because a condo might go up in its place by next year. :(

We bumped into Sean Anicic.

Sean Anicic

and took in Flavia Nascimento and her band. She is incredible.

Uma Nota Block Party

Now watch the video from last night. I get down big time.

Raymi at the Uma Nota Block Party

I had an excellent time. The best. I love dancing with strangers and making new friends. Hopig to go to Uma Nota again next year!

And I made big bubbles too.

We played ping pong. We suck.

Just a teeny little walk from Liberty Village and you’re there.