Let’s have a toast to the jerkoffs That’ll never take work off. Baby, I got a plan. Run away fast as you can


oh hello there welcome to the land of absinthe hangover.


it would be nice if my brain could function right now.


i’ve been pretty good lately so uh wait what am i talking about i think i had just recovered from friday’s dinner review. but anyway. you know how it is.


that kanye thing is fucking amazing. still haven’t gotten through it all yet.


let me collect my thoughts here.


why is allergy medication so bloody expensive?


the life in review backwards. howling hour at crooked star. place of my very first art show. weird to be there after hours.


and who are these people? who cares. that’s christian. girl i forget the name of but she was super impressed by my bar fly tricks.


david was traaaaaaaaaaaaaashed. steph and i met him last week at watusi. funny french guy super quick and kind of a prick too, just my people.


and the two looking the most like each other asians i have ever fucking seen. i even said “you people” and had to backpeddle out of it. guy on left was fucking with me, wasn’t actually offended. thanks for shorting out some MORE of my braincells. i am the most gullible person in the world.


they were pretending not to know that they look so alike. assholes.


seriously what right have you eh?


sunday nite pre-crash photo. boring.


pol. there. that a better nickname?


courtney love look coming along nicely hahahah.


suzzi was mega-blasted. don’t let drunk people style you for photographs cos it’s all on you not them and then there’s evidence. she tucked my hair behind a different ear. do you have like, a part you are OCD about or a side of your face your bangs CAN ONLY be swept across no exception to this uptight illogical rule? well she went against my grain but i let it happen. this is what i was thinking at the time.


i started working out again and gorging less. i switched to the elliptical from the treadmill to not have bulky ass thighs anymore.


get your paws off me! haha. i love suzzi she is adorable and funny. craziest jenga player ever. i’ve never been so stressed out before watching someone take their turn i have videos of screaming my head off i couldn’t take it hahaha.




see told you to go easy. you can see a burn mark on one of the pieces hahaa.



before. stew is super stressed. we were almost afraid to do well cos we knew it would be her turn again.


this mighta been the spiral one we set up. punk rock. it doesn’t have to be perfect, i always thought it did because i have neurotic mental problems about order and structure. only about certain things though. playing cards, crazy eights, you better keep that shit neat. i am no fun to play with.


stew is one of the best dressers i know. our outfits kinda matched in a clockwork orangey kind of way. you’ll see.


i am never wearing that hat with my hair down again looks so wrong. i don’t have the right shaped head for those kind of hats.





bad weekend for hair days. i washed it too many times. the gym makes it gross then i have to wash it and then i have newly washed annoying hair. today i’m not working out and just leaving it a sloppy mess i don’t fucking care. ABSINTHE BOURBON TEQUILA LIIIIFE!


i am turning into ron sexsmith apparently. i can’t go out for like an hour by myself in between one thing and meeting others without some asshole recognizing me and making me feel like shit about it in my comments. i have to move away to another planet in a galaxy far away with a rose for my only friend. aw my new friend dave said this Don’t let things upset you. People are always mean/crude to things they don’t understand and envy ambition and drive.

Like I said, most innovators, artists are manic-depressives, lonely people… you shouldn’t have ot be though.


that sweater is not doing my figure any favours.


we look like figurines from a model train world, charles dickens style. pip pip!


tally ho! those dyke boots jen gave me from central. aw i miss her. we had the best time opening the bar together this summer. one time we got really baked off hospital weed. bad idea. took me forever to open the patio it was like working in hot soup slow motion (broiling hot day) opening up the largest mill street umbrella was impossible meanwhile she was upstairs in her own wonky hell an hour later we reconvene by the bar and i ask her if this weed is she finding it kinda, incapacitating? she’s like yeah oh right it’s that kind of weed. couple of geniuses. i know about florence and the machine cos of her one day i was really depressed so she made a girl power playlist and cosmic love was on it i’m gonna see if i can get one more plus one for guest list at sound academy and bring her along with skidbarfanie and i.


i sweep chimneys now and stew is a racialist.


we went to see jackass 3D IT IS SO FUCKING GOOD GO SEE IT DAD!


there is absolutely no way to enjoy that movie not in the theatre. i was non-stop howling, loudest in the theatre. i am a really good movie date by the way.



great pic.


also amazing. fuck this camera, alen, i need a better one.


soooooome of them are nice though. i cannot rely on the flukes. i have higher standards than this.



why the fuck would you wear these to the movies? i don’t even wear heels on special occasions.


maybe that’s why i don’t have a boyfriend hahah.




slob chic.



free seafood salad cos i found a piece of plastic in it at the very end. pol says he’s going to carry around pieces of plastic with him from now on.


i didn’t even make a stink about it. ate it all pretty much then saw it. big whoop. pol was paying for it anyway hahaha but yeah i casually mention to the waiter i found plastic in the salad fyi. manager slimeball comes over with two free apps vouchers and comps it. $20 is a lot for a bullshit salad. it wasn’t that bad, hit the spot. i never went to milestones before either. i really love chain restaurants and spying on normal people, the general public. i always feel like i am an alien visiting from another planet (why are there two other planet references in this post i am obviously drunk still) when i go to shitty places where jocks and rich snob boring types go to blow money on overpriced not that good but you’re tricked into thinking it is food. you’re basically paying for the flatware and the renovation and what the restaurant represents, i feel. if you eat here, then you are this kind of person. if you eat there, then you are that kind of person. i can make generalizations forever.


saturday i went to that new cantina place i forget the name i might have written it down? i really like it, definitely going back. awesome service.


low key casual yet fancy(er-ish) place.


i wore my red sweater two nites in a row.


woah ew i do not look good with boy hair. looks like i go out a lot but i assure you, you go out more than me. i stay in by myself all day long every day like a shut in then i go to the gym then i go home again. some days i don’t even open my mouth to speak for hours. when you document stuff it’s typically when you go out so all i have are photos of, going out. despite the majority of my time spent sitting on my ass on this very couch or on my bike. ok i’ll make a going out graph and then i’ll see that i actually DO go out a lot. i just feel like time spent alone deserves rewarding. ask my liver.


oh and i made this, it’s shitty, not the reaaal flier trust me it’ll be better. i just decided to stop stressing out about this.


i am going to the leaf game tonite. PUMPED. my jersey is at my dad’s though. i have the best outfit in mind to mind fuck people into thinking i’m a puck bunny it’s going to rule and i’ll be wasted after one sip too. GO LEAFS.

last night’s outfit









gettin really baked smokin lotsa shake waitin for a date


camera interlude. rogue personae here. you better hang on tight. renegade big mouth. big shot. laid the eff out. so hung. had an amazing dinner last nite, a super good time, didn’t even feel like work at all. internal beaming. my dinner guest was very, overwhelmed? happy? impressed. extremely. we were treated like royalty.


still trying to master this POS camera i hate ittttttttttttt.


but then i love it. this is how pretty i would look without a nose. i totally do not need a nose.


check my callouses. those are from rippin’ it at the gym. biking too.



these are pop art.


my boss at the hardware store used to mind fuck me around a lot. we always tore each other to pieces. total carving, non-stop. which is why i love joe jobs, blue collar salt of the earth tells it likes he sees it guys. anyway he tried to tell me that one of my eyes was higher than the other. look how wild eyed my eyeballs are. wonky eye.


what’s that one music video that goes all washed out like this effect? so cheesy.


i am on a serious call.


i am good looking in this effect. you can be my pen pal from far away and i will only talk to you in pictures like this so you can pretend this is what i look like always and i will not burst your lust bubble.


rob can you roast me at my party? am i too sensitive for that? probably. don’t want to jinx it, practically official by now but anyway i got appleton rum setting up a rum station at my party so i guess it’s a rasta theme jam now. maybe my dad’s band can do reggae beatles. you better not make any plans for the day after because i think you might be in a time warp of rum madness come friday morning. good luck there budday.


but who cares about you, what about me? i am going to be in a straight jacket by then hahaha.


a really shitty obnoxious pretentious drawer did this. i really hate talent wasters. i mean come on, my drawing skills a five year old could contend with. i’ve met and know several phenomenal artists with sketchbooks filled page after page front to end amazing paintings, drawings, and do they ever have a show or sell any of it?


woah ranty, slow down.


fish eye baby.


tweaked looking for sure.







that thing on the wall that looks like a robot face is the inner container of something one of us received in the mail, packaging. i hilariously quipped that it was a face, we wore it on our heads like a mask, i think we were high or wasted, both, the next day it’s on our wall. family meeting minutes went out and the house ghost decided it was worthy of wall hanging or it’s a drunk joke with a punchline nowhere in sight.




i have a complex about giving 3/4 face so here i am confronting my demon dead on. be comfortable with your face. impossible.


3/4 face is lying somewhat. this is how beautiful i am from this angle only you may only look at me from above or three quarters of my face from either side of nose.


after awhile of staring at your face it doesn’t make sense anymore.


i always look tired. eyebags are a kerouac thing.


well i guess i could get a white thermal outfit and wear this for halloween. hmm. settled? too boring and easy? what should i be? i have a platinum wig for someone who wants to go as a raymi for halloween. it’s exactly like my hair is now how retarded is that? i bought it when my hair was long and black.


annie hall hat?




this couch is a dream to sit in. so flippin’ cozy.


my hair is growiiiiiiiiing.






my face looks fat.


that’s my crap on the couch. for once.







floor is messy from some houseguests, under the rug mess. ADVENTUREHOUSE.


and a dirty sock what the hell lucas you are such a slob it is severely getting on my nerves. roommate grievances.


gym rat. front desk girl was awed by my hair. i seriously go in there looking like hell. i’m gonna sweat anyway so why do myself up? once in awhile i’ll give in and fix my face. this was one of those days and to top it off i have fancy hair.


this chick hates me too cos i picked up a dude from the gym she went out with for a drink once and he wasn’t feeling her. the other desk girl told her for sure. she’s been icy to me ever since but she has to be nice cos i’m a member bahaha. i sense it right beneath the surface her contempt for me and then she scans my card and my beaming phony blond pearly whites smile confronts her from the computer screen.


crazy retardedest outfit yet.


had to work out like a maniac in preparation for the evening’s cuisine race.


you need bling for restaurant photos.


to fit in with the riche clientele who are also dressing down to be common. hahaha.


dress for the position in society you want to be, not what you are. sass said that. so, i guess i have to always dress like hello kitty cos that’s what i want to be.


polish (new person introduction nickname) said my bracelet was very mardi gras. i did not fucking like that.


i was hoping more breakfast at tiffany’s. i forget if i liked it the other way better, bigger to skinnier.


darling lace headband because i am a darling.


looks better with hair done properly i just had it clipped back because i was having a bath. was trying not to get nips here. blah.



no wait there’s more!





you’re welcome it was ugly anyway. i am punk rock. maybe if i could feel my extremities it wouldn’t have happened. they were really nice about it. don’t get me cocked on 55 year old rum next time maybe?


just anotha day.

warning: gratuitous photos of raymbo


new (pink) camera, hair did.


already miss the other one badly. i’ll get it back though. there is just something about tiny point and shoots that relax you. you get more photos too cos they’re so compact.



i can only wear this shirt fresh out of the dryer it’s pretty open. remember when everyone was wearing down to their navel shirts? aw poor tan lines fading.


ended up changing before i went out. the longer you wait the more time you have to consider tickle trunk costume changes.


if i changed hair salons sooner i would still have my lovely long locks as they would have brought me to platinum sooner. remember how dark i was?


you have no idea how amazing it feels to be able to walk around the corner to a salon and have them do your roots whenever you want. i get my roots done obsessively now. Redd is going to back my party too. setting up a station for crazy marie antoinette updos. i will have my hair ridiculous for the night. tracey brought out all these extensions and crazy weaves, braided and crimped. gothic vampire antoinette.


and i will be singing with Dr. Robert in between wigging out from stress and stuffing my face with palais royale/cheese boutique food.


november 11 at wrong bar don’t forget. setting up online pre-purchase ticket thing shortly. there’ll be a guest list for all you fancy guys too.


dom pare will be hosting/MCing the evening so i don’t have to jump through a window and run away down the street hysterically. many other surprises lined up too. will blab later when shit gets more official.


no flash.



apparently i have good skin from all the tortured duck i eat.


oh did you notice i changed?


fish eye lens party.


i need to work on my poses.


doooooood this dope is sooooo goooooood.


thanks cos my nose wasn’t already big enough.


see that art? that art will be there for you to bid on. cheap!


ugh. the gun point. stop doing that.


fifties housewife hair.


this is not my mess.


waiting for date.




pinhole without flash.




pop art. very sharp and colour rich.


does not mesh well with foundation shit’s orange enough already gimme a chance here people.


pretentious drawing mode. hate it. well, hate this setting/outfit for it.


back to fish eye and flash mounted on mantle. nice delay before camera takes picture so don’t have to set timer. timesaving win.


posing 101.


trying harder.


fish eye fireplace. COMPELLING.


dope caught in headlights pose.


no longer pinhole. just killing time.


not much time to pose before it takes, maybe 1.5 seconds, if that.


realised have to start hiding hands in photos or do stuff with them otherwise it’s all retard claw grasping air. i am autistic somewhat. i wish i was joking.



ever graceful now.


nice date outfit. peh. i just accidentally deleted pictures from spice route before uploading them cos i was too busy talking to melodie and testing out some new weed. whoops. so you miss out on some shitty mysterious dark restaurant scene shots. you’ll survive.




remember, always be gentle, men.


lucky for you i didn’t delete salon photos.


our reunion yesterday morning. glamorous.


bumped into abigail at the mascot.


missed that chick.


on my way to salon. they gave me a free little cupcake because i am awesome.


first photos taken with new camera.


here i am learning the blasted thing. tracey had this set up for me. my heart melted.


someone asked if i tipped all my servers and sponsorhips whatever free shit that gets rained down on me. yes, see those twenties (and my makeup q tips), bitch? i am a lady with class and manners.


super pop art.


not a bad job. this other colour i did before had a crazy weird effect when it dried, flat metallic red. too dark and witchy. i try to keep it princess. this camera is not very good with macro.


or i haven’t got the knack of it yet. every camera is different.


giving up in life outfit i showed up there looking like i crawled out of the garbage. thermal pants, no underwear, unshowered, ratty crispy knotty hair and the roots just make it even worse.


still i got checked out like mad. why do you get checked out when you look like your version of crap meanwhile dudes fall from powerlines and get in fender benders. i will never understand men.


worst outfit yet. trish wasn’t the only one trying to figure out my new camera.


when i leave redd with my new hair i have to put on sunglasses to be incognito cos all the staring makes me too shy and nervous. no one is expecting marilyn monroe bombshell hair at that hour of the day at king and dufferin. popped through liberty village to make sure my bike wasn’t stolen (it wasn’t).


can’t wait til that shit is longer. i bet if i went back to the mascot they’d give me a free cookie now.


my camera better get better by tonite i have a resto job.

oh wait here’s two i saved.




i definitely am allergic to some kinda msg. my hands went numb. embarrassing. the issues never end.



dying alone, dining alone. bring it on.


i’m so melanie griffith in working girl here. all i need are white reeboks and puffy socks.


and a lisp.


i went to globe bistro last nite to wine dine and 69 myself. how annoying would it be if i said “it’s a living” in that shitty way? what’s the stupid blog movie about cooking? did it flop? my blog movie would be me in restaurants being snarky. snoozefest. actually i bet you could make an epic stoner foodie movie, or eating show for stoners. it doesn’t matter what you see on tv that gets you going cos whatever’s in your kitchen is all you got to work with and i highly doubt you’ve got smoked elk marinating. nice try though.


this place is gorgeous and expansive. it actually used to be a bowling alley and has the longest length dining footprint on the danforth. they are winning.


they are also awarded most looks like a jellyfish lamp in the city. second place is mitzi’s.


reminds me of that scene from the shining when jack nicholson sits at the bar and talks to the imaginary tender. haunted in a good way.


more jellyfish theme.


i am a sorceress.


think global. eat local. see that?


i looked up and said wow they have money.


upon closer inspection, thick plastic chains. i like that even better. they might be glass but i doubt it. i should have asked, or stood on my table.


a delicious surprise amuse bouche of elk tartar. it was amusing. some of its jokes fell flat though. i really enjoy pompous little treats. stick a bunch of warm meat on a potato chip, can’t really muck that up can you?


i chose the terrine for my appetizer. it’s like that scene in dirty rotten scoundrels when steve martin orders everything and two beers. i never eat foie gras or other obnoxious shit in the real world so i make up for that, feel guilted, then i choose fish for my main.



super mature.


sparkling rosé.


kind of like how i sparkle.


i am practicing for my courtney love halloween costume. ugh hair. getting roots did the second i hit publish. came straight from burlington to the restaurant. sorry i have city engagements i have to go eat dinner. what a prat, eh? hahahha righteous.


so delicious. massive tease. they sure know what they’re doing with those little amuse bouches. i think it’s amusing because i picture the cook with stacks of dirty pots and mixing bowls and a completely mental cooking vortex all for this tiny little thing. SO much pressure it cannot be a failure. it must be perfect. you get one chance ONE CHANCE only. maybe a little stressful. yeah i know they taste everything and sample it all first but still i like to pretend all that work and effort just for me and my little potato chip and i feel like a giant.


the oldest man in the world was sitting over there. when i’m that old i hope to still be flossing it in linen service fashion instead of swiss chalet fashion.


foie gras terrine i should stop ordering this. i am trying a no dairy gluten free diet because i am an idiot and always need to be doing something so the choices on the menu for what i could eat were like lard stuffed in lard or gluten everything.


was talked into trying one of the stuffed tortellini (Pork Brawn Tortellini – $11.00 – Black radish, radish sprouts, fennel pollen broth, Monteforte Toscano) and then my stomach began to cramp so i think i have an allergy to pasta or whatever that is, melodie was just telling me about it. does it happen that immediately? i’m so used to stomach issues though so who really knows. it was worth it though, delicious cramping.



food can look grotesque, fascinating, and delicious, all at once. a look is important for sure but nothing beats taste. you can pile up arugula and compote bullshit all you want cheffy but if it tastes crap your modern cuisine design monthly subscription, uh, can’t finish joke.


i’ve had a lot of foie gras lately. my warranted expert opinion on the stuff is, well, it’s pretty rich, and if you think about it too much you kind of get sicked out and then you score low on the ethics portion of your eating tour BUT at least the guy was local so i canceled the evil out.


so being facetious. no, carbon footprint reduction does not condone animal suffering. BUT, it’s an ancient tradition, this method of cuisine. i should probably research it more before piping up. however, because it’s so cultured and fancy, “rich people do it so it’s ok” justification, i dunno. basically all i’m saying is i like it and i hate that i like it and i hate that i don’t even like it that much but then i go and have it five times in the last couple months like an insane person.


that plate is meant to be shared too, you spread it on bread. it was like eating butter, that’s the rich consistency and texture of it, creamy pâté. i did a shooter of it once at another ballin’ restaurant. it was really really gross and really really good at the same time. that concludes my opinion on foie gras. takes bow.


and bizarre. that’s where i come in and the reason why i pretty much do anything in life. is it weird? yes. sign me up.


like, is it weird that i am dining practically alone all the time, super high end shit and tastemaking trend forecast broadcasting to the world from my soapbox? yes.


pork and pear on the house. i died.


no don’t do ittttttttt.


suffering fool.


they heard me hemming and hawing over the beet salad so they made me one. so sweet.


i was floored by that syrup. meaty syrup. have your ever had meaty syrup before? ridiculous.


so beautiful. i didn’t eat the goat cheese. i am really into beets. what are their beneficial properties? (note to self ask melodie).


this place is massive trust me guy. if it’s photographing this big then you know it. multi-level dining area, so many great vantage points. the front room is darker, cozier if you want that. i wanted better lighting for photos back here.


psyche guys i’m actually on a cruise ship!



how mysterious.


up top.


hahahaha that’s my napkin on my head.


le elk. Second Wind Farms Elk – $29.00 – Seared loin, braised leg, acorn squash, pearl barley, shitakes mushroom, lovage jus lovely lovely.


look how cute this is took a bunch of jokey photos pretending to pick it up like a brownie. it is West Coast Sablefish – $29.00 – House chorizo, Cookstown dinosaur kale, organic navy beans, local saffron “mojo” sauce


i look crazy here cos my bun is cut off. i explicitly said this photo needs to be jewier, show. the. bun. GOD. nail polish colour photogs well.


amazing. you can tell they have fun plating stuff here. they’re ever good at it. i try plating stuff at home but i don’t really cook anymore so it’s like kashi cereal with just right kellogs sprinkled on top and light soy milk. sigh. the bachelorette.


it speaks to me as it looks like lasagna.


there we go, jewy to the max. it’s not offensive if it’s something you’re striving for yeah? no? who cares my online personae said it i didn’t.


dessert. check the booze desserts. i really wanted the smore dessert. guess what we went with. of course i ordered a booze drink.


i love this tree.


elk interlude.


sigh. ginger chocolate homemade ice cream. two different types of iced ice? it wasn’t gelato. the cookies made in-house too.


i can never date any sort of chef. i will never be able to wear skinny jeans ever again if so. that would be a hilarious premise for a cooking show. raymi’s top chef. do it trashy tila tequila styles and have girls up in there too.


BUT, i love you! as i axe one off every week.


tears streaming down her face as i slurp on her delicious, but not good enough, lobster bisque, pieces of some garnish herb sticking in my teeth. what is this, fennel? shoulda gone with swiss chard.


then i say the show’s catch phrase like, you’re fired.


i got like, so many ideas man.


spanish coffee sans whip cream. it was delicious. as booze is wont to be.




look my little drink is wearing a little shirt. to the nines.


that’s my casual business demeanour. believable? works at cheese boutique. well, some of the time any way.


yikes look at that one piece on the left of the right tray all folded over weird like that what happened dude?


i love the danforth. i don’t hang around there enough. going to the danforth is a nice little adventure, something different from whatever dumb thing i was last doing. i’d go to globe again for sure and also earth. thanks for dining with me.


a shitty blogasm


i’ve been a bit of a mess since i’ve been out here.


i am in a stress vortex.


sitting down in front of my blog is total escapism. likely why i’ve taken to it for so many years. i have been putting life and things and worries on hold for ages now. the higher quotient of blog posts says that there is something i am battling mentally. the lack of blog posts says the same too. usually that i’m depressed and the energy necessary in bumping out fluff posts, i just don’t have. well it’s there but i can’t be bothered to force it. force a smile. i cannot do that. i think people who do are crazy. how can you get through life being a phony like that? i’d rather go to bed at night thinking you’re a cunt instead of a crazy cunt fake smiling like a cheshire.


stress vortex aghhhhhhh if i keep blogging i am safe hahaha.

burlington has made me squirrely it’s time to go back to reality now.

i am so happy that i got fuck all done. well, i did a lot of emailing and business in that regard but nothing concrete. ok no i did begin an article. an article about a story i’ve been retelling often. steph’s eyes bugged out when i got to the part about the shrimp and coffee and the suit. wow.


i am a weirdo. i enjoy weird things. i put myself into weird situations my entire life just to test myself. i think i get off on abuse, torture, minimal discomfort. i cannot believe it’s happening so i see how long i can tolerate it and see who snaps first. like all the shitty dates i go on.


another great thing about blogging is, i really, genuinely, enjoy being alone. as much as i complain about dying alone fat and old, i kinda don’t care? i wigged out yesterday a bit, the emo got me bad, and i thought if i had a boyfriend would that fix how awful i feel right now? no, it wouldn’t, i’d still be miserable, he couldn’t cure that, therefore, a boyfriend is redundant. almost a hindrance. some of these dates i go on the poor saps fall head over heels but i don’t for them and you can see the trainwreck around the bend. you really truly want to be the one for them or give them 24 hours to think it’s gonna happen. but it isn’t. i am so ludicrously picky now i don’t think i will be able to settle. it’s cos i realized my power. it will be the undoing of me in the end. pride can’t hold you in the night.


went out with binsk last nite and we shared our life philosophies. she is awesome. takes awhile but eventually you learn that you don’t need no fucking man. a couple of my girlfriends are going through breakups at the moment. i try to be a bastion of hey look at me all this can be yours too (hahaha) for them. some days i feel like i am barely keeping it together but that’s ok, i’m not a dweller, set it and forget it and move the fuck on. when you breakup with someone it’s for reasons, your logical mind tells you from the getgo that this prick is beneath you slightly, maybe. if he blows it or you blow it it’s cos neither heart was into it so don’t be so sad when it’s over you’re just moving on to the next phase of awesome in your life. don’t get down about the in-between hard bits, they make you stronger for having got through them. enjoy the suffering. suffering makes you feel alive. like watching a scary movie. you’re involved.


everyone has fears. everyone feels inadequate and anxious. once you realize you’re never truly alone in the world then things get easier. yes i enjoy being alone but do i know i’m really alone? five thousand unique people come to hang out here with me every day so i must be doing something right.

ok this is getting squirrely now im revealing shit. one of the guys in deep river was telling me some stuff and he got this look on his face and said uh oh i’m sharing. big whoop. share away.

doesn’t it seem like blogs are dying off or is it just me. i feel like people are packing’er in. meh.

the point of this retarded story is, i am a completely different person now that i am single and thriving. it isn’t always easy but it’s interesting to say the least. my life could easily still be exactly the same as it was a couple years ago, which floors me a little. like that nicholas cage film when he has that entire life he could of had with tea leoni if he stayed in the suburbs instead of the yuppie bachelor dream world that was his reality. which would you choose? do i want to be a professional at relationships or do i want to be a professional at achieving my goals? you can be both but it takes a lot of energy out of you, to work on a relationship, holy shit, intense. you don’t get to live both worlds, single life world and all the ridiculous adventures and flavours. it is also exciting going on dates or just meeting people too you don’t talk to them in a manner that’s kind of passive like, i cannot sleep with this person because i am in a relationship i am speaking to them because they are interesting and it’s my choice to give them my time. people in relationships sometimes don’t make the real world people effort because they know they’re going home to someone. single people are like come on bring it i am out of my house if i don’t engage in social interaction then i’m not getting any later on. it makes you braver, essentially. self assured in a fearless way.

ok to real work now blog whisperer ouuuuutie.
































thehundreds.com or terrysdiary.com

not sure if you ever look @ other blogs to get ideas or whatever, but just incase these might be interesting to you.

2 of my fave.

Yeah I know terrys but not the other. I barely look at anything anymore. On total output mode. I am insane.

Do u really work for the star

Yeah, I work in marketing for the Star. It’s not that glorious. No I don’t work with writers if that’s what you’re insinuating. Well sometimes but not in a literary capacity.


No reason just wondering

I do. Is your blog your income? Or do you work?

You’re definitely a good writer, I see why you have a cult following.

Too bad about the creeper fan though.

this is my job

That’s rad. For real.

A self serving entrepreneur.

Reminds me of fight club.

Yeah im weird.

yeah ive been hacking at it for a long time now i am a fighter
some days are tough but, well, im famous haha. good trade off. i earned my way. self made.

Yeah that’s wicked, never met someone like that before.

Definitely. Self-made no doubt.

‘hustla baby!’

the hustlin never endddddddddddddddddddddds

It shouldn’t fun things don’t!!

I never understood why people do things that make them miserable.

Just don’t get it

some people’s scope is limited

Pity L


Hey! Cool blog- everyone and their toms. Too bad you guys left early.

-Dave from Watusi.

Why what happened once we left? We got in a bar fight after that at not my dog cos we gangster.

Hahaha! Some weird girl came in and liked brentolious. But she then freaked and told us all to fuck off. She then bought shots for us, then snapped. Then left telling us – while looking at me to “go fuck myself”. It was quite a riot

Yer other dave boy was a bit of an annoying not getting it creeper. Maybe it was deserved?

Ahahaha! He’s married so I guess that would explain the hovering tendency, and So what happened at this bar fight? Is it a real bar fight or just blogger fluff (just kidding).

Well I didn’t write about it cos I know the reaction therefore real. I never lie. Ever. Why would I waste my time.

Hence the just kidding. So what happened??!

I have no time to even tell the truth haha. I lipped someone off basically and it got tense

Daaamnn! Well it happens, haha.

we had had enough of men hovering and poking at us

Ahahah oh gawd too funny.

i almost punched a 400lb drunk guy he woulda gone down like a ton of bricks. kind of a really good story actually. for another day.

i come here when i get sad

































Hi all,

You may have seen Michael Erickson’s signs around the neighbourhood, and I just wanted to let you know why I am voting for him on October 25th.

I have had the great privilege of canvassing the varying neighbourhoods of Ward 14 (Parkdale-High Park) with Michael, and seen firsthand why he is our ward’s best choice for city councillor.

At the doors, Michael has displayed great empathy and diplomacy to residents’ concerns; and I truly believe that his attitude, energy and vision are what we need in our community for the years ahead.

Opposed to any of the other candidates, Michael is the only one presenting a platform of actionable ideas and options.

He also promises to be an accessible presence in our ward. While canvassing, we encountered many residents who told us that this is not the case with the ward’s current councillor.

There are also burdensome issues that our ward’s youth are now facing, and I cannot see how any other candidates will be able to understand or address these issues; whereas Michael has worked with vulnerable, and ‘at risk’ youth for 20 years and shown great insight to the problems that our youth now face.

There are many other excellent reasons why you should vote for Michael, and if you want to know more about his ideas for youth, transit, small/home businesses, and democracy please visit his website: http://michaelerickson.org

Feel free to e-mail him any questions that you may have.

Here is a map of Ward 14 if you live on or between the blue lines you can vote for Michael.

Ward 14 goes as far north as Dupont, as far south as Lakeshore, as far west as Parkside/Keele, and is bordered to the east by the railway tracks. It includes High Park, Parkdale, the Junction, Roncesvalles, and a little bit of Liberty Village.