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SWF or

not sure if you ever look @ other blogs to get ideas or whatever, but just incase these might be interesting to you.

2 of my fave.

Yeah I know terrys but not the other. I barely look at anything anymore. On total output mode. I am insane.

Do u really work for the star

Yeah, I work in marketing for the Star. It’s not that glorious. No I don’t work with writers if that’s what you’re insinuating. Well sometimes but not in a literary capacity.


No reason just wondering

I do. Is your blog your income? Or do you work?

You’re definitely a good writer, I see why you have a cult following.

Too bad about the creeper fan though.

this is my job

That’s rad. For real.

A self serving entrepreneur.

Reminds me of fight club.

Yeah im weird.

yeah ive been hacking at it for a long time now i am a fighter
some days are tough but, well, im famous haha. good trade off. i earned my way. self made.

Yeah that’s wicked, never met someone like that before.

Definitely. Self-made no doubt.

‘hustla baby!’

the hustlin never endddddddddddddddddddddds

It shouldn’t fun things don’t!!

I never understood why people do things that make them miserable.

Just don’t get it

some people’s scope is limited

Pity L

Hey! Cool blog- everyone and their toms. Too bad you guys left early.

-Dave from Watusi.

Why what happened once we left? We got in a bar fight after that at not my dog cos we gangster.

Hahaha! Some weird girl came in and liked brentolious. But she then freaked and told us all to fuck off. She then bought shots for us, then snapped. Then left telling us – while looking at me to “go fuck myself”. It was quite a riot

Yer other dave boy was a bit of an annoying not getting it creeper. Maybe it was deserved?

Ahahaha! He’s married so I guess that would explain the hovering tendency, and So what happened at this bar fight? Is it a real bar fight or just blogger fluff (just kidding).

Well I didn’t write about it cos I know the reaction therefore real. I never lie. Ever. Why would I waste my time.

Hence the just kidding. So what happened??!

I have no time to even tell the truth haha. I lipped someone off basically and it got tense

Daaamnn! Well it happens, haha.

we had had enough of men hovering and poking at us

Ahahah oh gawd too funny.

i almost punched a 400lb drunk guy he woulda gone down like a ton of bricks. kind of a really good story actually. for another day.

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