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gettin really baked smokin lotsa shake waitin for a date

camera interlude. rogue personae here. you better hang on tight. renegade big mouth. big shot. laid the eff out. so hung. had an amazing dinner last nite, a super good time, didn’t even feel like work at all. internal beaming. my dinner guest was very, overwhelmed? happy? impressed. extremely. we were treated like royalty.

still trying to master this POS camera i hate ittttttttttttt.

but then i love it. this is how pretty i would look without a nose. i totally do not need a nose.

check my callouses. those are from rippin’ it at the gym. biking too.

these are pop art.

my boss at the hardware store used to mind fuck me around a lot. we always tore each other to pieces. total carving, non-stop. which is why i love joe jobs, blue collar salt of the earth tells it likes he sees it guys. anyway he tried to tell me that one of my eyes was higher than the other. look how wild eyed my eyeballs are. wonky eye.

what’s that one music video that goes all washed out like this effect? so cheesy.

i am on a serious call.

i am good looking in this effect. you can be my pen pal from far away and i will only talk to you in pictures like this so you can pretend this is what i look like always and i will not burst your lust bubble.

rob can you roast me at my party? am i too sensitive for that? probably. don’t want to jinx it, practically official by now but anyway i got appleton rum setting up a rum station at my party so i guess it’s a rasta theme jam now. maybe my dad’s band can do reggae beatles. you better not make any plans for the day after because i think you might be in a time warp of rum madness come friday morning. good luck there budday.

but who cares about you, what about me? i am going to be in a straight jacket by then hahaha.

a really shitty obnoxious pretentious drawer did this. i really hate talent wasters. i mean come on, my drawing skills a five year old could contend with. i’ve met and know several phenomenal artists with sketchbooks filled page after page front to end amazing paintings, drawings, and do they ever have a show or sell any of it?

woah ranty, slow down.

fish eye baby.

tweaked looking for sure.



that thing on the wall that looks like a robot face is the inner container of something one of us received in the mail, packaging. i hilariously quipped that it was a face, we wore it on our heads like a mask, i think we were high or wasted, both, the next day it’s on our wall. family meeting minutes went out and the house ghost decided it was worthy of wall hanging or it’s a drunk joke with a punchline nowhere in sight.


i have a complex about giving 3/4 face so here i am confronting my demon dead on. be comfortable with your face. impossible.

3/4 face is lying somewhat. this is how beautiful i am from this angle only you may only look at me from above or three quarters of my face from either side of nose.

after awhile of staring at your face it doesn’t make sense anymore.

i always look tired. eyebags are a kerouac thing.

well i guess i could get a white thermal outfit and wear this for halloween. hmm. settled? too boring and easy? what should i be? i have a platinum wig for someone who wants to go as a raymi for halloween. it’s exactly like my hair is now how retarded is that? i bought it when my hair was long and black.

annie hall hat?


this couch is a dream to sit in. so flippin’ cozy.

my hair is growiiiiiiiiing.


my face looks fat.

that’s my crap on the couch. for once.

floor is messy from some houseguests, under the rug mess. ADVENTUREHOUSE.

and a dirty sock what the hell lucas you are such a slob it is severely getting on my nerves. roommate grievances.

gym rat. front desk girl was awed by my hair. i seriously go in there looking like hell. i’m gonna sweat anyway so why do myself up? once in awhile i’ll give in and fix my face. this was one of those days and to top it off i have fancy hair.

this chick hates me too cos i picked up a dude from the gym she went out with for a drink once and he wasn’t feeling her. the other desk girl told her for sure. she’s been icy to me ever since but she has to be nice cos i’m a member bahaha. i sense it right beneath the surface her contempt for me and then she scans my card and my beaming phony blond pearly whites smile confronts her from the computer screen.

crazy retardedest outfit yet.

had to work out like a maniac in preparation for the evening’s cuisine race.

you need bling for restaurant photos.

to fit in with the riche clientele who are also dressing down to be common. hahaha.

dress for the position in society you want to be, not what you are. sass said that. so, i guess i have to always dress like hello kitty cos that’s what i want to be.

polish (new person introduction nickname) said my bracelet was very mardi gras. i did not fucking like that.

i was hoping more breakfast at tiffany’s. i forget if i liked it the other way better, bigger to skinnier.

darling lace headband because i am a darling.

looks better with hair done properly i just had it clipped back because i was having a bath. was trying not to get nips here. blah.


no wait there’s more!

you’re welcome it was ugly anyway. i am punk rock. maybe if i could feel my extremities it wouldn’t have happened. they were really nice about it. don’t get me cocked on 55 year old rum next time maybe?

just anotha day.

12 thoughts on “gettin really baked smokin lotsa shake waitin for a date

  1. Love the hair and all the fem accessories.
    You’ve found your best style since the grunge phase.

    What are you thinking when you post all of your pretty poker faces? And why so many?

    Do you ever stare back all detached and wonder “who’s that girl? Whatever am I going to do next”?
    Or does the art all ooze out naturally?

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