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warning: gratuitous photos of raymbo

new (pink) camera, hair did.

already miss the other one badly. i’ll get it back though. there is just something about tiny point and shoots that relax you. you get more photos too cos they’re so compact.

i can only wear this shirt fresh out of the dryer it’s pretty open. remember when everyone was wearing down to their navel shirts? aw poor tan lines fading.

ended up changing before i went out. the longer you wait the more time you have to consider tickle trunk costume changes.

if i changed hair salons sooner i would still have my lovely long locks as they would have brought me to platinum sooner. remember how dark i was?

you have no idea how amazing it feels to be able to walk around the corner to a salon and have them do your roots whenever you want. i get my roots done obsessively now. Redd is going to back my party too. setting up a station for crazy marie antoinette updos. i will have my hair ridiculous for the night. tracey brought out all these extensions and crazy weaves, braided and crimped. gothic vampire antoinette.

and i will be singing with Dr. Robert in between wigging out from stress and stuffing my face with palais royale/cheese boutique food.

november 11 at wrong bar don’t forget. setting up online pre-purchase ticket thing shortly. there’ll be a guest list for all you fancy guys too.

dom pare will be hosting/MCing the evening so i don’t have to jump through a window and run away down the street hysterically. many other surprises lined up too. will blab later when shit gets more official.

no flash.

apparently i have good skin from all the tortured duck i eat.

oh did you notice i changed?

fish eye lens party.

i need to work on my poses.

doooooood this dope is sooooo goooooood.

thanks cos my nose wasn’t already big enough.

see that art? that art will be there for you to bid on. cheap!

ugh. the gun point. stop doing that.

fifties housewife hair.

this is not my mess.

waiting for date.


pinhole without flash.

pop art. very sharp and colour rich.

does not mesh well with foundation shit’s orange enough already gimme a chance here people.

pretentious drawing mode. hate it. well, hate this setting/outfit for it.

back to fish eye and flash mounted on mantle. nice delay before camera takes picture so don’t have to set timer. timesaving win.

posing 101.

trying harder.

fish eye fireplace. COMPELLING.

dope caught in headlights pose.

no longer pinhole. just killing time.

not much time to pose before it takes, maybe 1.5 seconds, if that.

realised have to start hiding hands in photos or do stuff with them otherwise it’s all retard claw grasping air. i am autistic somewhat. i wish i was joking.

ever graceful now.

nice date outfit. peh. i just accidentally deleted pictures from spice route before uploading them cos i was too busy talking to melodie and testing out some new weed. whoops. so you miss out on some shitty mysterious dark restaurant scene shots. you’ll survive.


remember, always be gentle, men.

lucky for you i didn’t delete salon photos.

our reunion yesterday morning. glamorous.

bumped into abigail at the mascot.

missed that chick.

on my way to salon. they gave me a free little cupcake because i am awesome.

first photos taken with new camera.

here i am learning the blasted thing. tracey had this set up for me. my heart melted.

someone asked if i tipped all my servers and sponsorhips whatever free shit that gets rained down on me. yes, see those twenties (and my makeup q tips), bitch? i am a lady with class and manners.

super pop art.

not a bad job. this other colour i did before had a crazy weird effect when it dried, flat metallic red. too dark and witchy. i try to keep it princess. this camera is not very good with macro.

or i haven’t got the knack of it yet. every camera is different.

giving up in life outfit i showed up there looking like i crawled out of the garbage. thermal pants, no underwear, unshowered, ratty crispy knotty hair and the roots just make it even worse.

still i got checked out like mad. why do you get checked out when you look like your version of crap meanwhile dudes fall from powerlines and get in fender benders. i will never understand men.

worst outfit yet. trish wasn’t the only one trying to figure out my new camera.

when i leave redd with my new hair i have to put on sunglasses to be incognito cos all the staring makes me too shy and nervous. no one is expecting marilyn monroe bombshell hair at that hour of the day at king and dufferin. popped through liberty village to make sure my bike wasn’t stolen (it wasn’t).

can’t wait til that shit is longer. i bet if i went back to the mascot they’d give me a free cookie now.

my camera better get better by tonite i have a resto job.

oh wait here’s two i saved.


i definitely am allergic to some kinda msg. my hands went numb. embarrassing. the issues never end.

22 thoughts on “warning: gratuitous photos of raymbo

  1. you always make me want bangs. SIGH. hair looks good i remember the days of root anxiety. those are good hat days.

  2. Is the new camera an Olympus? It sounds like the pink Olympus I have. I can’t get the video function to focus properly when I use it. It’s my cheap and easy drag around camera and works ok otherwise though. Haven’t tried out the underwater thing yet. OH if it is the Olympus, it can do the macro thing pretty well, but you have to use the macro setting and be patient with the focusing…

  3. I love the curls! I also love long-ness so I understand the frustration…if it makes you feel any better seeing your long-ass hair everyday was what motivated me to not cut mine during some extremely hot/humid environments. When they had to trim off the ends I was seriously hating life.

    Also…I saw those $20’s and was like “wtf is that?!” Then I remembered you’re in Canada. It took multiple seconds of concentration for me to figure that out.

    In my defense I just woke up. I’m usually slightly smarter.

  4. oh, do you mean, plethora? and no you can’t sleep over aren’t you an adult who can go out during the week to a city? i will be a case by then mom i need my sanctuary and space. get someone else to drive.

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