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Hi all,

You may have seen Michael Erickson’s signs around the neighbourhood, and I just wanted to let you know why I am voting for him on October 25th.

I have had the great privilege of canvassing the varying neighbourhoods of Ward 14 (Parkdale-High Park) with Michael, and seen firsthand why he is our ward’s best choice for city councillor.

At the doors, Michael has displayed great empathy and diplomacy to residents’ concerns; and I truly believe that his attitude, energy and vision are what we need in our community for the years ahead.

Opposed to any of the other candidates, Michael is the only one presenting a platform of actionable ideas and options.

He also promises to be an accessible presence in our ward. While canvassing, we encountered many residents who told us that this is not the case with the ward’s current councillor.

There are also burdensome issues that our ward’s youth are now facing, and I cannot see how any other candidates will be able to understand or address these issues; whereas Michael has worked with vulnerable, and ‘at risk’ youth for 20 years and shown great insight to the problems that our youth now face.

There are many other excellent reasons why you should vote for Michael, and if you want to know more about his ideas for youth, transit, small/home businesses, and democracy please visit his website:

Feel free to e-mail him any questions that you may have.

Here is a map of Ward 14 if you live on or between the blue lines you can vote for Michael.

Ward 14 goes as far north as Dupont, as far south as Lakeshore, as far west as Parkside/Keele, and is bordered to the east by the railway tracks. It includes High Park, Parkdale, the Junction, Roncesvalles, and a little bit of Liberty Village.

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