i can feel your ghost when i’m alone



yesterday i learned that the harsh lighting of the dome, the muggy heat moisture fuzzying up my hair i barely had time to dry = not doing any favours for the au natural roots. soo many fug photos of my hair, and one video which you will see momentarily revealed how long my roots are, like to the bottom of my head in the back i had no idea! ew! so basically i want to dye my hair the same colour as my roots and hopefully that will be possible w/o further destroying it.

fuzzy wuzzy.

coupla hens sittin’ behind us. oh wait that’s radmad and meegs.

way natural.

speaking of hair, brosz7 got shorn. mara said it makes him look more polish.

i don’t even know who i’m taking pictures of here. such a fan!

yeah that helps.

sunflower seeds?

good idea when you start at noon.

brutal hair. it’s not as bad when not hanging out beneath flood lights.


when’s the album gonna drop?

urban leon’s beside the steamwhistle brewery just opened. impressive.

they have a pod chair there too! (not featured obvs).

we watched a trashy woman pick up someone’s dropped beer ticket, one of her own friends to boot, and pocketed it. she held it in her hand for awhile out of guilt, i stared holes into the back of her head praying for her to look at us and she did, so she knew we knew and pocketed it anyway. tacky.

took the wrong route through some construction. got some guys to lift up a fence to let mara and i through. being cute rules.


pitt made himself some eggs with some butter substitute i forget the name of.

we got in trouble so i took some down in plastic bags when we left.

ok bye multi-tasking here kinda lazy post gotta laundry pack goin’ to cottage xoxoxoxjdvgjk;sdbgowebgoiesbvgds/.

that’s another ferris bueller day off in the bag see ya next year!

stand in the front just a shakin your ass

wilbur and lise and i decided to take back my empties to the beer store. only got 2.50 out of it. i knew it would never happen if i waited for fil to finally agree to it so i did it myself. arm work out was worth it enough.

should fil get these pretentious hippie do-gooder shoes that look like every other pair he already owns?

with recycled tire soles! i foresee a million jokes and rolling my eyes ten thousand times a second in the future when someone points out his shoes and he shows off the soles.

lise put up some more art. she is so adorable.

fuzzy velvet poster.

aw. i even spied a topless postcard of me on the fridge!

prism unicorn! do you call it that?

and then i fainted. just kidding i dyed lise’s hair while we gossiped and watched some of the hangover and had snacks. just kidding. no i’m not. just kidding just kidding just kidding.

no i’m not.

emo day surprise. i asked lise if she would feel better if we went through her clothes and she gave me some haha and i think it did! i know it made me feel better.


if you need me i will be wearing this again today.

LOVE it.

red curry ground turkey.

in order to commit less carbicide i threw mine atop a pile of mesclun in lieu of rice. i don’t know why this has not occurred to me before. fil was mad i didn’t make it occur to him to copy me sorry not my responsibility even though i TOLD you i was planning to do it so make less rice.

look it’s carly my new agent. at green room they asked if she was old enough to drink haa ha. actually mucho depressing as i was not asked that AND she’s older than me! by two years! (sorry for telling everyone your age)(no i’m not just kidding)(just kidding).

shower time it’s playin’ hooky day and i have the world’s massivest zit on my face. brutal.

did you guys watch toddlers and tiaras last nite? i only lasted a half hour. all my opinions of it are on my twitter.

Mountain woman couldn’t read nor write

as promised, that you don’t care about or forgot, here we are climbing a huge fucking mountain, hand over foot. at one point we were pretty damn vertical pulling ourselves up by rope. great way to sweat out a thousand pints of booze. lets start from the beginning though, get ready for some lord of the rings references.

it was stupid hot out too.

this job will require a flower in my greasy ponytail thank you stef.

classy backpack rye. no brews til we reach the top.

no makeup martha. ain’t she a beaut.

woah i thought shit like this only existed in that forest in vancouver whatever the hell you call it.

what am i even looking at here. (ps. i know what i am looking at here)

hard to capture the slope, some parts look flat but really i’m looking way up (steph’s skirt).

bug sprayin’ up and thank shit for it i had proclaimed that we could simply just outrun the mosquitos. um yeah, that is impossible.

feelin’ on the fuzzy mossy logs.

what’s up guy oh me, nothin’.

we be illin’ up in fangorn.

whoops sorry guys.

ryan kept saying don’t turn around and look back down you want to be surprised when you get to the top. DON’T BOSS ME HIKE HOG!

goofy lookin’ branches.

slippery passin’ it up and down. i bit it on some landsliding rocks at one point good thing for that rope. too bad it wasn’t elvish. yes i am tired of myself constantly as well.

freshwater babbling brook pool break. we dumped out our tap water and filled the bottle up with this hippie water instead. it was so so pure and fresh and delicious all that shit evian tells you about springs and nonsense, all true. BUY OUR BOTTLED MELTED GLACIER MMM.

you’d think drinking from a pool with twigs touching it would gross you out. nope. probably the cleanest water i have ever tasted, cleaner than all of us put together that’s for sure.

i had a gay little anecdote about these guys. they are still adorable.


time for a lung rocket?

that’s it goin’ for a tan today.

can’t believe the flower made it that far.

ryan’s gotten plastered at that bar a thousand times. one time they called the one cop on duty to tell him they saw a speeding drunk on whatever highway, the cop was parked on the traintrack then they see him fire up the lights and peel out. ryan and company just wanted to drive home from the bar and they did sneaky liars.

rye’s truck.

lake superior.

close to the edge much holy shit guys get back here!

at the time you experience no vertigo but when at home in bed you are amazed by how you were able to not throw yourself off that cliff. everyone says the same thing about it too.

tasty reward. the back of my bikini is nicely mangled. i think this is the nite we took a nice long nap.

super windy up there.

ryan is a lucky tool.

long ass train.

you could see people driving into town, pretty cool as in there is no doubt about the fact that they were driving into town as it’s a dead-end.

felt like hours watching this slow ass train.

cloud shadows. ryan called his dad to go stand outside and wave at us, we couldn’t spot him. he saw us though. i took pics and zoomed in, still couldn’t find him. some other guys at the legion saw us too.

fil would’ve loved this. at the time he was shooting at muddy edgefest.

party time! then our jokes got funnier.

on the way down steph asked for some water and this bottle needed to come out in order to get her that water, so of course upon seeing it i wanted one more sip, passed it back, she had it in her hand and slipped on a rock and her hand came down hard on a rock making the loudest crack sound. didn’t break. my heart still stops revisiting the memory. we hoovered a bag of ruffles up there i am still congratulating myself for chucking it in.

an eagle flew by to say hello.

yikes steph watch out!

down down down. i think up is easier cos on the way down your sore muscles burn more and you’re not as nimble BUT it’s more fun cos you have a slight buzz.

there’s that train again. happy wednesday ya hosers xoxox!


hello from Dubai

Hey, I am here being treated for kidney stones at the Canadian Hospital in Dubai. I tried to log on to your site and you are BLOCKED in the UAE. You are unacceptable content for an entire country. How funny is that??


it’s depressing. why can’t we all just get along? guess i know a place i won’t be visiting.

yo baby yo baby yo

so i was “interviewed” by a certain online “mag” and i didn’t like how they butchered edited my responses. it didn’t flow at all and they didn’t (want to bother) have time to fix it. total hack job. me going through the entire thing (what they wanted as if) to fix it would have been way too much effort also not my job to edit YOUR mistakes. they didn’t change the grammar properly to fit the sentence when quoting me verbatim so it read like a 12 year old ESL student wrote it, basically. while i get that sometimes my writing voice comes across as juvenile and lazy, it works coming from my perspective first person, not when someone makes it seem like they are saying it. anyway, didn’t like it but didn’t want to waste it so i’m just going to post the question and answers as i sent them in.

1- Who are you?

Hello I am Raymi aka raymi the minx aka raymi lauren aka lauren white. i am 26 years old and i started my blogempire at the age of 17 and have stuck with it ever since. i am considered a pioneer and i have inspired many other bloggers out there. i’m both modest and hugely egocentric. i talk a lot of shit and i have many opinions. i started my blog as a means of becoming famous without the aid of an agent or any outside help. i saw the potential for fame and also as an outlet for the massive creativity i have coursing through my veins constantly. if you are interesting in real life then you should put it on the internet – i say that a lot and i stand by it. when you feel insecure about something you are doing, be it a video of yourself dancing like a lunatic in your bedroom, that vulnerability means that you are doing the right thing and when you watch that video, the part when you started second-guessing your spastic dance moves, that is likely the best part of the video. same goes for writing and photos of yourself. go the extra distance, it pays off. holy tony robbins much?

2- What do you do in life? (job, fun, hobbies, activities, etc..)

i document every single thing i do and have been since before blogging. i always felt that i was special and that the world needed to know i existed but also felt kinda insecure about it. i’m classic bipolar for real, i feel this way yet that way. it can be annoying. i cannot stop writing about myself, it’s a monster. i have kerouac in my blood (really) so it never stops. i also paint demented charming things and sell those works of “art”. i go to events a lot and shows (live music) and pretty much party at least 5 days a week. it’s getting harder as i get older and more and more i am craving city escape. it is an eventual goal to have a cottage up north and go between living there and living in the city. i have about ten novels i keep threatening to write (have published two books independently to date), but blogging gets in the way a lot. i tend to get caught up in the ego of it all a little bit. there are hangers-on around me sometimes that i am finally coming to terms with admitting to myself and facing facts that i can’t let everyone in. not saying i’m queen latifah, but still, people do try to glom off what i have amassed to date for myself, trying to weasel some fame of their own off my back, i’m not stupid.

what else what else. i do other gigs here and there for scratch, i don’t really talk about it though i don’t think everything is relevant or interesting to my story (blog) but some people are very interested (obsessed). my blog rakes in between 3000-5000 hits daily. page views around 8000. many times plenty more than that and for fact more than a lot of sites in this city which make tons of money off ads and i don’t because i am considered pornography (but am so not) and not at all squeaky clean (being one person instead of multiple is harder to get ads placed, also being lazy and not approaching ad agencies has a lot to do with it, like, everything to do with it haha) i also plug various products, movies, bands etc here and there too.

i am a villain and a nuisance and considered a joke by a subset of people who think they are entirely too cool for the universe yet are the most boring people ever and if they’ve ever produced anything of interest, it’s news to me. barf on them. i am an outsider amongst every group and i’m fine with that. i’d rather reign in hell than serve in heaven and all those other cliche sayings, lead don’t follow etc.

3- When did you start tweeting? How many followers do you have? what do you tweet about? what value has twitter added to you as a person and to your business (if any)? Who are the most impressive people (or followers) on Twitter? Do you have any new ideas about Twitter? When will you stop tweeting?

382 Following 852 Followers 944 updates

i started tweeting um i forget, couple months ago? five? i always used to say when my blog needs a blog punch me. eating those words now. i “get” twitter finally. if you have something to promote to begin with, get a twitter, don’t be a fool. end of story. i don’t know why there has to be numerous articles written about every new popular thing the kids are all about. twitter is the new hipster of right now, as in, most annoying boring never-ending argument you will ever have with a non-tweeter. if you don’t get it after i explain it to you the first time then SHUT UP. to be honest, currently i’m in a this is boring phase with twitter. i mainly use it to plunk the direct url to a new blog post when i update my blog.

nothing will ever be more important than blogging no matter what people think about twitter. people’s thoughts and feelings surpass 140 characters. oh yeah, one of my tweets was selected to be published in a book along with a ton of celebrity tweets. that’s pretty cool. i am not really impressed by anyone on twitter, not even myself. it’s just a status update. unless you were live-covering something exciting, but still, even those updates are just news bits, nothing shakespearean. i started a raymisemo account to take the piss a bit, i’m also a depressive so once in awhile if i feel like sharing a bold sadness feeling i’ll say it there. most of it is bullshit though. that account follows everybody back (as long as they aren’t spam) so if you’re a numbers twitter nerd, she’s your girl.

i feel celebrities are ruining twitter, their personal thoughts reveal that they aren’t so fucking shiny afterall, it kinda hurts them i think. plus i feel like the internet is for “the people” and when a celebrity comes along and they already have everything and now want to hog our party and show off their 300,000 followers like, what more do you need asshole? we already know you are famous so of course you’re going to have more followers get out of my face!


coming to a bar near you

3.99 why not. personal treat. told fil he shoulda got the man version but in the store he said NOOOooo and now regrets it. i am always right. listen to my fun instincts.

cougar balloon was a big hit.

trustworthy mask.

i think i smell a new addiction on the horizon.

blueberry jam w/ brie on water crackers and movie time gotta go.


when fil and i were in the beginning stages of our courtship we enjoyed impressing each other with our mutual fondness of pioneer cemeteries. in this particular one, years ago, we picked a bag of apples for my dad and he actually ate them all. we put them in a mcdonald’s happy meal bag and i remember that being one of the last times i ever had fast food, particularly mcdonald’s, thanks in-part to fastfood nation. supersize me only made me want to eat a big mac even more, which i did immediately following the film. i got fil to drive me to the drive-thru and inhaled one entirely in the car by the time we got back to his apartment barely 3 minutes away from mc’d’s. i felt disgusted with myself. fil refused to have a bite.

not one soul was at this cemetery. there were a lot of desecrated grave sites, turned over stones and pillars. fucking punks.

more on the way.