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when fil and i were in the beginning stages of our courtship we enjoyed impressing each other with our mutual fondness of pioneer cemeteries. in this particular one, years ago, we picked a bag of apples for my dad and he actually ate them all. we put them in a mcdonald’s happy meal bag and i remember that being one of the last times i ever had fast food, particularly mcdonald’s, thanks in-part to fastfood nation. supersize me only made me want to eat a big mac even more, which i did immediately following the film. i got fil to drive me to the drive-thru and inhaled one entirely in the car by the time we got back to his apartment barely 3 minutes away from mc’d’s. i felt disgusted with myself. fil refused to have a bite.

not one soul was at this cemetery. there were a lot of desecrated grave sites, turned over stones and pillars. fucking punks.

more on the way.

26 thoughts on “cemeteryland

  1. when i was watching supersize me and he was talking about how he fell into a depression and needed a big mac to cheer him up i was just like, big macs cheer you up???? :D

    wanted one

  2. yes emotional eating plus all the sugar in ‘em. oh god i want one now, one of those big mac wraps. i would probably puke.

  3. I hope American Apparel has a lot of red leggings in stock.
    Especially in *****’s size…extra short, doublewide.

  4. beautiful photos! my fav is #1 on this post. there are so many questions one can ask about that particular shot.

  5. “not one soul was at this cemetery”

    weird choice of words!

    i love the first pic except for the can of what im assuming is beer…

  6. Hey how’s it going with that whole band thing? Because that first shot belongs on a record cover. Seriously.

  7. shit gf these pix are so hot and aristic…fukin love it! btw…i realized that you probably didnt get my care pak so i sent a new one out…lots of plastic babies and a pair of solid red heart shaped shades….let me know gf

  8. You need to develop a super hero persona to go with that outfit I think.
    “Mighty Minx” ? Maybe?

  9. Wonderful images.

    Can’t eat Mcd’s burgers they make me sick.

    The only soul you will find is the people who have enough soul to live.

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