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so i was “interviewed” by a certain online “mag” and i didn’t like how they butchered edited my responses. it didn’t flow at all and they didn’t (want to bother) have time to fix it. total hack job. me going through the entire thing (what they wanted as if) to fix it would have been way too much effort also not my job to edit YOUR mistakes. they didn’t change the grammar properly to fit the sentence when quoting me verbatim so it read like a 12 year old ESL student wrote it, basically. while i get that sometimes my writing voice comes across as juvenile and lazy, it works coming from my perspective first person, not when someone makes it seem like they are saying it. anyway, didn’t like it but didn’t want to waste it so i’m just going to post the question and answers as i sent them in.

1- Who are you?

Hello I am Raymi aka raymi the minx aka raymi lauren aka lauren white. i am 26 years old and i started my blogempire at the age of 17 and have stuck with it ever since. i am considered a pioneer and i have inspired many other bloggers out there. i’m both modest and hugely egocentric. i talk a lot of shit and i have many opinions. i started my blog as a means of becoming famous without the aid of an agent or any outside help. i saw the potential for fame and also as an outlet for the massive creativity i have coursing through my veins constantly. if you are interesting in real life then you should put it on the internet – i say that a lot and i stand by it. when you feel insecure about something you are doing, be it a video of yourself dancing like a lunatic in your bedroom, that vulnerability means that you are doing the right thing and when you watch that video, the part when you started second-guessing your spastic dance moves, that is likely the best part of the video. same goes for writing and photos of yourself. go the extra distance, it pays off. holy tony robbins much?

2- What do you do in life? (job, fun, hobbies, activities, etc..)

i document every single thing i do and have been since before blogging. i always felt that i was special and that the world needed to know i existed but also felt kinda insecure about it. i’m classic bipolar for real, i feel this way yet that way. it can be annoying. i cannot stop writing about myself, it’s a monster. i have kerouac in my blood (really) so it never stops. i also paint demented charming things and sell those works of “art”. i go to events a lot and shows (live music) and pretty much party at least 5 days a week. it’s getting harder as i get older and more and more i am craving city escape. it is an eventual goal to have a cottage up north and go between living there and living in the city. i have about ten novels i keep threatening to write (have published two books independently to date), but blogging gets in the way a lot. i tend to get caught up in the ego of it all a little bit. there are hangers-on around me sometimes that i am finally coming to terms with admitting to myself and facing facts that i can’t let everyone in. not saying i’m queen latifah, but still, people do try to glom off what i have amassed to date for myself, trying to weasel some fame of their own off my back, i’m not stupid.

what else what else. i do other gigs here and there for scratch, i don’t really talk about it though i don’t think everything is relevant or interesting to my story (blog) but some people are very interested (obsessed). my blog rakes in between 3000-5000 hits daily. page views around 8000. many times plenty more than that and for fact more than a lot of sites in this city which make tons of money off ads and i don’t because i am considered pornography (but am so not) and not at all squeaky clean (being one person instead of multiple is harder to get ads placed, also being lazy and not approaching ad agencies has a lot to do with it, like, everything to do with it haha) i also plug various products, movies, bands etc here and there too.

i am a villain and a nuisance and considered a joke by a subset of people who think they are entirely too cool for the universe yet are the most boring people ever and if they’ve ever produced anything of interest, it’s news to me. barf on them. i am an outsider amongst every group and i’m fine with that. i’d rather reign in hell than serve in heaven and all those other cliche sayings, lead don’t follow etc.

3- When did you start tweeting? How many followers do you have? what do you tweet about? what value has twitter added to you as a person and to your business (if any)? Who are the most impressive people (or followers) on Twitter? Do you have any new ideas about Twitter? When will you stop tweeting?

382 Following 852 Followers 944 updates

i started tweeting um i forget, couple months ago? five? i always used to say when my blog needs a blog punch me. eating those words now. i “get” twitter finally. if you have something to promote to begin with, get a twitter, don’t be a fool. end of story. i don’t know why there has to be numerous articles written about every new popular thing the kids are all about. twitter is the new hipster of right now, as in, most annoying boring never-ending argument you will ever have with a non-tweeter. if you don’t get it after i explain it to you the first time then SHUT UP. to be honest, currently i’m in a this is boring phase with twitter. i mainly use it to plunk the direct url to a new blog post when i update my blog.

nothing will ever be more important than blogging no matter what people think about twitter. people’s thoughts and feelings surpass 140 characters. oh yeah, one of my tweets was selected to be published in a book along with a ton of celebrity tweets. that’s pretty cool. i am not really impressed by anyone on twitter, not even myself. it’s just a status update. unless you were live-covering something exciting, but still, even those updates are just news bits, nothing shakespearean. i started a raymisemo account to take the piss a bit, i’m also a depressive so once in awhile if i feel like sharing a bold sadness feeling i’ll say it there. most of it is bullshit though. that account follows everybody back (as long as they aren’t spam) so if you’re a numbers twitter nerd, she’s your girl.

i feel celebrities are ruining twitter, their personal thoughts reveal that they aren’t so fucking shiny afterall, it kinda hurts them i think. plus i feel like the internet is for “the people” and when a celebrity comes along and they already have everything and now want to hog our party and show off their 300,000 followers like, what more do you need asshole? we already know you are famous so of course you’re going to have more followers get out of my face!


15 thoughts on “yo baby yo baby yo

  1. I don’t get the whole thing about Twitter all of a sudden matters like it’s the only thing the internet ever came up with. People were numbers crazy when Myspace was the new thing, but since then it seems like it’s been more about the level of engagement with your audience than the size of that audience. Numbers count, but they aren’t everything and the current obsession with Twitter follower counts is a big step backward.

    you’re the Bob Dylan of blogging. And I wonder if I would have thought to say that if “Most Likely You Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine” hadn’t just come on.

  2. Mostly because “Most Likely You Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine” just came on.

    But now it’s Sing Sing Sing, so now you’re the Benny Goodman of blogging.

  3. when you feel insecure about something you are doing, be it a video of yourself dancing like a lunatic in your bedroom, that vulnerability means that you are doing the right thing and when you watch that video, the part when you started second-guessing your spastic dance moves, that is likely the best part of the video. same goes for writing and photos of yourself. go the extra distance, it pays off.


    Great Interview

  4. I was JUST about to email you to ask if they changed the shit. ha! Glad you wrote it here. Way funnier and interesting. I wanna interview you and Sean. Would be fun!

  5. Oh I have experienced the butchering thing and it is NOT COOL.

    Why can’t people just fucking do things right, the first time.

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