the most beauty Ive seen lives in a dream

it has a sash to tie in the back, not really necessary as it’s already super tight but adds cute-factor.

i absolutely love it and i absolutely love SPACE on markham street just south of bloor (took loads of pictures will show you in a few) i am kicking myself for not wandering in there before. everyone said all the vintage stores along markham are way expensive. not really, pretty do-able and i’m a major cheapskate so that’s word.

and for fun here are some culottes i didn’t buy, on the rack had no idea it wasn’t a dress. if there were less material on the top showing waistline i’d have bought ‘em.

britt said it seemed a little too clowny. i am salivating over the pictures i took, didn’t get enough time in any of the stores as fil and brad were hung impatient losers waiting outside, but i will be back, oh yes. i love this store, they are super nice (hi david!) they don’t have a website but it’s the one that looks like this:

they’re going to be working with the film fest too. there are loads and loads of glam vintage dresses back there, spangles, sequins, floral print haltered maxis you name it bo-fucki-ner.

you don’t even feel like you’re in a vintage store either it’s so clean and the attention to detail is very darling. see you in space, guys!

so we didn’t get to the drive-in last nite, kinda crap weather and kinda felt like crap too. we also missed out on portuguese dinner with the sharpie clan i am bitter about (our own fault). we watched movies on the couch and hoovered some pizza from martino instead.

this is the soppressata. i was impressed by their pizza selections.


calculated hours of time spent w/o leaving building since monday evening. then a few hours following that, i went outside.

fuckin’ pumped we’re doin’ one of my favourite things tonite haven’t done in ages. take a guess (no answering if you already know).

I got troubles oh, but not today.

this was last week right? yeah it must have been wednesday yes, this was after starving artist menu at the drake my tastebud poutine memory just flared up.

strike excuse though was mentioned you could just take them over to the beer store. no one really does that in toronto that i know of. it pisses me off the thought of how much money we piss away not to mention a month’s worth of bottles/cans taken downstairs makes you look like the biggest lush ever. the dumpster divers must love us.

i swear these were brown last time.

stefan the skeletor. good work guy! also i hate non-landscape photos, portrait that’s what they’re called thanks fil. i feel like the person is being hugely pretentious, demanding, and boring like here is a photo of a fire hydrant, now validate my perceptiveness. fuck off guy try making it flow with the rest of the pictures maybe. anyway, you can’t not take a portrait angle of these two tall bastards. i stand by my guys are the new girls statement cos stefan and fil (tall people) talk about being tall and skinny when they hang and sometimes diets too.

wow nice cave hair.

this is me protecting bizo from bodhi even though he didn’t ask me to i am nice like that.

see the notch at the top of his ear (you can see it better here trying to keep the amount of photos down) he got that from neighbourhood scrapping. i think he could kick cid’s ass, one point being cos he still has front claws.

oh bodhi.


thanks again!

bizo the muppet such a cute face. samir got him skinny somehow, dry food i think.

she’s so playful and affectionate.

then the room was invaded by two papillons and it was total chaos for fifteen minutes it was so funny and loud a total circus show.

dora is too cute for words.

and she lets you hold her for as long as you want, no discriminating.

pierre is another story. i am and always will be a huge pierre fan. kenny in fact called audrey demanding he be brought home. he got on ichat and wanted to look at him too ha ha and screamed for mr. peeps but mr. peeps wanted to stay and party.

i didn’t get one sip of pbr. fil got me pink champagne. i think i’m over champagne now as well as white wine. back to red hangovers probably.


hahahaha i swear dogs have better personalities than people. what a goddamn comedian. if i did that would anybody laugh? no!

dora and bodhi are really close buds.

closing your eyes will not make me disappear nice try.

emo bodhi.

feeling ugly tip: sit beside audrey.

solution: try harder.

forget what we were fighting about, do you audrey? i remember it was funny.

dog me. all set.

not to brag or anything but i have fantastic nail beds.

this popcorn was so good it deserved a picture also really dug the family back story that went along with it. the secret is to spin the bowl when pouring the melted butter and to give everyone personal bowls according to their size of person. so cute! like goldilocks and the three bears.

impromptu hang nites are always the best ones. no expectations therefore they’re always exceeded. i know that doesn’t make sense, how can anything be exceeded if it doesn’t exist? you know what i mean anyway.

myvibe iphone app test video:

we say it’d definitely work.

pleasure to the max who needs men AM I RIGHT OMG RIGHT ha i think i will make a concerted effort to be a serious feminist for a week. pfft i couldn’t last 5 seconds.

xoxo TGIF

midsummer blues

good thing i wore this shirt i bought for fil he never wears (shrunk) cos a blackberry exploded on my shoulder. it’s blackberry season and wouldn’t you know there are tons of those trees in this city and the sidewalks are completely stained black/blue kicking myself for not taking a photo.

went for a stand-up tan, lie down was taken, the woman convinced me and i gave in although i hate stand-up tans. the time seems to go by slower cos you’re standing and fidgeting doing all these stupid poses holding onto metal handles waiting to perform a chin-up that never comes. plus i don’t think you get as good a tan as you do lying down in the dome. my chicken legs don’t seem to get any colour down there though in hindsight that’s probably from all the fidgeting as yesterday i stood like a capital letter A and my legs are super dark now. the stand-up is mainly for getting under your arms, evening it all out. snooze!

fantasy eccentric annex house walk.


on my way to return a movie passed the book guy and was delighted to see he still had this book. he said i was the first book purchaser that day and it was a good start (kinda touched he seemed and i don’t mean flattered) i said i saw it a few days ago but was in a hurry so didn’t stop to grab it and was pumped it hadn’t sold. he said it was kismet. uh ok. guess who this book is for? keep it to yourselves.

i am currently experiencing a midsummer funk. i don’t want to burden you with it but there it is.

currently listening to tunes dating back to when fil and i were courting. nostalgia is a powerful thing.

video made the blog star

just some veedeo backlog, tryin’ to clean up my hard drive. upload and delete. ahh.

this one is called UGH. it is one of several secretly recorded snatches of pointless dog argument conversation gratis of the party superstar:

a little mj rendition starring the party super star:

short fireworks video including my mouth fireworks:

more fireworks including fil accusing me of tying a huge knot i didn’t tie:

i like this one cos i pan over to everyone during a long blast and you can see them all lit up from the fireworks like the buncha hosers they are. unfortunately every time i open my big mouth the audio farts.

here i am performing some CSI on the town water fountain that keeps running. the next day i learned it runs non-stop til september or october. i am a detective. i also had a sip of it the next day WOW INTERESTING.

i’ll be adding some more to this piece of crap a little later.

this will be a song one day

made my infinitieth pair of short shorts and these ones are the new winner. sucks though cos i had two pairs of h&m jeans in a similar grey to each other and of course i cut the wrong pair leaving me with the bigger sized jeans that i never wear. it’s better to cut up bigger jeans into shorts as in the beginning you wear them more and they have a better chance of making it into your shorts family. if they’re too tight you just chuck ‘em in the back of the closet. however, if you stick to the smaller size, stick it out i mean they will stretch and meld to your figure. so whatever. oh and i got cruised at the supermarket in this get-up by a drunk leather jacket skeezer old guy. awesome. he said by the way nice hair after telling me the celery with the leaves is the best kind.

since the weekend i have cooked dinner all by myself three nites in a row and all have been maje successes. monday nite was minced lean turkey with peppers and caribbean rice. i added some bacon fat to the turkey/veg concoction, mustard seeds and sriracha, pepper and salt, simple.

hugely recommend these, there’s 4 different flavours and they only take 20 mins all in and pump your dish into NEXT LEVEL status.

brown tomatoes!

looks brutal but was so tasty i couldn’t stop congratulating myself. no leftovers that nite.

it’s really hard watching movies with fil when he finds holes in the plot and overall logic, guy just can’t lose himself in the story. ever. annoying.

despite the delicious of our meal was still craving more around 11.30 munchies time. just knowing that bufala was in the fridge was enough to do me in.

fil wanted to break it up this time. the basil came from our plant from the hippie market.

i am trying to picture shoving that entire thing in my mouth. i think it would be too much. i mean i could take it but yeah, overkill.

speaking of did you guys watch that thing on the 650lb virgin last nite? he was kinda insane right?

who went out and tried bufala after the last time i posted about it? can you back me up here please.

nails are getting long again. mentioning them is the kiss of death though.


halted from the WHAT’S FOR DINNER? phonecall as in i am already buzzed (thanks pitt) and can’t think do it for me.

green curry supreme with chicken. night before last was another chicken peppers with caribbean rice medley. no pics and it was too salty i think. the green curry was great as usual.

fil asked if i had any special visitors because i was wearing this dumpy dress wtf seriously? guys need to learn how to compliment you right. that’s it new rant, new guide, i’ve had enough.

anyway sorry for the lame we’ve been boring all week, downtime emo after the weekend.