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midsummer blues

good thing i wore this shirt i bought for fil he never wears (shrunk) cos a blackberry exploded on my shoulder. it’s blackberry season and wouldn’t you know there are tons of those trees in this city and the sidewalks are completely stained black/blue kicking myself for not taking a photo.

went for a stand-up tan, lie down was taken, the woman convinced me and i gave in although i hate stand-up tans. the time seems to go by slower cos you’re standing and fidgeting doing all these stupid poses holding onto metal handles waiting to perform a chin-up that never comes. plus i don’t think you get as good a tan as you do lying down in the dome. my chicken legs don’t seem to get any colour down there though in hindsight that’s probably from all the fidgeting as yesterday i stood like a capital letter A and my legs are super dark now. the stand-up is mainly for getting under your arms, evening it all out. snooze!

fantasy eccentric annex house walk.


on my way to return a movie passed the book guy and was delighted to see he still had this book. he said i was the first book purchaser that day and it was a good start (kinda touched he seemed and i don’t mean flattered) i said i saw it a few days ago but was in a hurry so didn’t stop to grab it and was pumped it hadn’t sold. he said it was kismet. uh ok. guess who this book is for? keep it to yourselves.

i am currently experiencing a midsummer funk. i don’t want to burden you with it but there it is.

currently listening to tunes dating back to when fil and i were courting. nostalgia is a powerful thing.

10 thoughts on “midsummer blues

  1. I like that work, Raymi. The best work usually is part and parcel with an upswing from a dip I find. Plus, I am huge fan of text in art … I think I see a hidden name in there?

    remember – you rock. speaking of rock, I find “the eels” and “flight of the conchords” pretty good listening materials when in a funk..

  2. thanks chris. yeah i painted over my names cos the pen i was using was drying up, wanted to redo it better, haven’t yet.

  3. you’re right, nostalgia is so powerful. it overwhelms me sometimes and makes me super emotional for days. not fair.

  4. I am not kidding, me and my boyfriend just moved house and whilst sifting through the mounds of crap, he had that “joint rolling handbook”

    Let’s just say, the book is no longer with us. I consider it my one win in this 7 year relationship (probably) I mean wtf is up with that blue squirrel/beaver/mouse/rabbit? Someone actually had to design that.

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