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video made the blog star

just some veedeo backlog, tryin’ to clean up my hard drive. upload and delete. ahh.

this one is called UGH. it is one of several secretly recorded snatches of pointless dog argument conversation gratis of the party superstar:

a little mj rendition starring the party super star:

short fireworks video including my mouth fireworks:

more fireworks including fil accusing me of tying a huge knot i didn’t tie:

i like this one cos i pan over to everyone during a long blast and you can see them all lit up from the fireworks like the buncha hosers they are. unfortunately every time i open my big mouth the audio farts.

here i am performing some CSI on the town water fountain that keeps running. the next day i learned it runs non-stop til september or october. i am a detective. i also had a sip of it the next day WOW INTERESTING.

i’ll be adding some more to this piece of crap a little later.

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