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the most beauty Ive seen lives in a dream

it has a sash to tie in the back, not really necessary as it’s already super tight but adds cute-factor.

i absolutely love it and i absolutely love SPACE on markham street just south of bloor (took loads of pictures will show you in a few) i am kicking myself for not wandering in there before. everyone said all the vintage stores along markham are way expensive. not really, pretty do-able and i’m a major cheapskate so that’s word.

and for fun here are some culottes i didn’t buy, on the rack had no idea it wasn’t a dress. if there were less material on the top showing waistline i’d have bought ‘em.

britt said it seemed a little too clowny. i am salivating over the pictures i took, didn’t get enough time in any of the stores as fil and brad were hung impatient losers waiting outside, but i will be back, oh yes. i love this store, they are super nice (hi david!) they don’t have a website but it’s the one that looks like this:

they’re going to be working with the film fest too. there are loads and loads of glam vintage dresses back there, spangles, sequins, floral print haltered maxis you name it bo-fucki-ner.

you don’t even feel like you’re in a vintage store either it’s so clean and the attention to detail is very darling. see you in space, guys!

so we didn’t get to the drive-in last nite, kinda crap weather and kinda felt like crap too. we also missed out on portuguese dinner with the sharpie clan i am bitter about (our own fault). we watched movies on the couch and hoovered some pizza from martino instead.

this is the soppressata. i was impressed by their pizza selections.

19 thoughts on “the most beauty Ive seen lives in a dream

  1. This post as a limerick:

    There once was some girls who went shopping
    Requiring no Photoshop cropping
    Dive-in not done
    these girls still had fun
    Gorging on pizza (not stopping)

  2. Mmmmmmm. Martino is one of my top 3 pizza places in Toronto along with Cora and Massimmo’s. Totally didn’t hit me before that you guys are in the delivery area. I know what I’m eating next time I’m over.

  3. no, but re: your limerick, it was three if us gorging on pizza, two of which were guys, one of which was feline.

  4. No offense, but Raymi and Britt hanging out and having a pizza party is a hotter picture (my assumption based on the blog post)

  5. I was in there a few weeks ago and tried on that culotte/romper thing too, also thinking it was a dress. Amazing store.

  6. i love that store too!!!

    karen found it is the best store on markham st. it was my secret christmas present store when i lived in the city.

  7. You look great in the colourful culottes – if only clowns looked so good. Also, your pizza looks way better than the chicken I had for lunch – next time, please save me a slice ;-)

  8. when i was in toronto a few weeks ago, my friend took me into space…we each tried on about 20 dresses but nothing seemed to work! llloved it just the same though.
    same weekend, also saw fil at sonic boom taking pictures of pink mountaintops! i was disappointed it wasnt you instead. ugh!

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