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Mountain woman couldn’t read nor write

as promised, that you don’t care about or forgot, here we are climbing a huge fucking mountain, hand over foot. at one point we were pretty damn vertical pulling ourselves up by rope. great way to sweat out a thousand pints of booze. lets start from the beginning though, get ready for some lord of the rings references.

it was stupid hot out too.

this job will require a flower in my greasy ponytail thank you stef.

classy backpack rye. no brews til we reach the top.

no makeup martha. ain’t she a beaut.

woah i thought shit like this only existed in that forest in vancouver whatever the hell you call it.

what am i even looking at here. (ps. i know what i am looking at here)

hard to capture the slope, some parts look flat but really i’m looking way up (steph’s skirt).

bug sprayin’ up and thank shit for it i had proclaimed that we could simply just outrun the mosquitos. um yeah, that is impossible.

feelin’ on the fuzzy mossy logs.

what’s up guy oh me, nothin’.

we be illin’ up in fangorn.

whoops sorry guys.

ryan kept saying don’t turn around and look back down you want to be surprised when you get to the top. DON’T BOSS ME HIKE HOG!

goofy lookin’ branches.

slippery passin’ it up and down. i bit it on some landsliding rocks at one point good thing for that rope. too bad it wasn’t elvish. yes i am tired of myself constantly as well.

freshwater babbling brook pool break. we dumped out our tap water and filled the bottle up with this hippie water instead. it was so so pure and fresh and delicious all that shit evian tells you about springs and nonsense, all true. BUY OUR BOTTLED MELTED GLACIER MMM.

you’d think drinking from a pool with twigs touching it would gross you out. nope. probably the cleanest water i have ever tasted, cleaner than all of us put together that’s for sure.

i had a gay little anecdote about these guys. they are still adorable.


time for a lung rocket?

that’s it goin’ for a tan today.

can’t believe the flower made it that far.

ryan’s gotten plastered at that bar a thousand times. one time they called the one cop on duty to tell him they saw a speeding drunk on whatever highway, the cop was parked on the traintrack then they see him fire up the lights and peel out. ryan and company just wanted to drive home from the bar and they did sneaky liars.

rye’s truck.

lake superior.

close to the edge much holy shit guys get back here!

at the time you experience no vertigo but when at home in bed you are amazed by how you were able to not throw yourself off that cliff. everyone says the same thing about it too.

tasty reward. the back of my bikini is nicely mangled. i think this is the nite we took a nice long nap.

super windy up there.

ryan is a lucky tool.

long ass train.

you could see people driving into town, pretty cool as in there is no doubt about the fact that they were driving into town as it’s a dead-end.

felt like hours watching this slow ass train.

cloud shadows. ryan called his dad to go stand outside and wave at us, we couldn’t spot him. he saw us though. i took pics and zoomed in, still couldn’t find him. some other guys at the legion saw us too.

fil would’ve loved this. at the time he was shooting at muddy edgefest.

party time! then our jokes got funnier.

on the way down steph asked for some water and this bottle needed to come out in order to get her that water, so of course upon seeing it i wanted one more sip, passed it back, she had it in her hand and slipped on a rock and her hand came down hard on a rock making the loudest crack sound. didn’t break. my heart still stops revisiting the memory. we hoovered a bag of ruffles up there i am still congratulating myself for chucking it in.

an eagle flew by to say hello.

yikes steph watch out!

down down down. i think up is easier cos on the way down your sore muscles burn more and you’re not as nimble BUT it’s more fun cos you have a slight buzz.

there’s that train again. happy wednesday ya hosers xoxox!


hello from Dubai

Hey, I am here being treated for kidney stones at the Canadian Hospital in Dubai. I tried to log on to your site and you are BLOCKED in the UAE. You are unacceptable content for an entire country. How funny is that??


it’s depressing. why can’t we all just get along? guess i know a place i won’t be visiting.

14 thoughts on “Mountain woman couldn’t read nor write

  1. dude you totally tried to save my life from falling too remember? mama raymi. and then we were both like did the margarita bottle break PHEW. that weekend was great come back any time.

  2. screwbai dubai, bai. DOOBai, now that’d be a fun country.

    good pictures, really captured it, really blue and green thanks for comin up.

  3. yeah, you’re blocked in Iran too! i’m here for the summer, and i have to get to this site through proxis and filters and all that stuff!

  4. I heard the Canadian wilderness is full of Lyme disease ticks and rattlesnakes. And the “spring” water can give you raving diarrhoea. So be careful out there!

  5. no ticks, some gartersnakes, springwater safe, lakewater safe except where the birds shit, beaver fever isn’t as fun as it sounds, and no quit bashin off to it.

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