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coming to a bar near you

3.99 why not. personal treat. told fil he shoulda got the man version but in the store he said NOOOooo and now regrets it. i am always right. listen to my fun instincts.

cougar balloon was a big hit.

trustworthy mask.

i think i smell a new addiction on the horizon.

blueberry jam w/ brie on water crackers and movie time gotta go.

19 thoughts on “coming to a bar near you

  1. Ah scary! I think I’ve seen make-up that thick on people before though haha. The dress is so cute, I mean one pocket I think I might explode!

  2. Where’d ya get this mask, Raymi? I have an old one like it that my kids were totally freaked out by (they love being scared) and I need to replace it.

  3. tyler – any party store. malabar has ‘em there as well i know of a party store on bathurst on the west side sort of near the funeral parlor. i’m wearing the same one in my thumbnail photo beside this comment from malabar:

    14 McCaul Street, just north of queen. (416) 598-2581

  4. I have a strange attraction to weird masks. Have you seen Durham County? The weird anime looking mask that the kid wears on that show is so awesome. I’ve been trying to find one.

  5. i like/am afraid of the mask. i know writing a comment on this post is so 200-late or whatevs, but sixthies or somesuch on that dress being cute on you.

    (not that you care but i’m sunday night wine tipsy) and all the pictures on your site used to paralyze my shitty internet. i’ve moved on up and am catching up. glad to still see you being awesome!

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