Set the bar

Post show dance celebrayshe encore peep show!

The sister video to this isn’t rotated, albeit darker, and just as it gets good these other chicks show up and block my dance moves with Jasmine. It’s a minute long. You can deal craning your neck, I requested this song specifically thanks to all of Toronto’s poking fun at my alleged ainwrecking-tray ways and similarity to one notorious Courtney Love. The girl who grabs my bewbs in this video that I classily and politely allowed (but pissed me off) I totally thought was a family friend of ours I hadn’t seen in over a decade. It wasn’t her but my confusion and thinking it was bought her more drunk groping time. Girls get away with murder.

Check the smoke coming out of her mouth! I love Starlight Burlesque Troupe. So many in the city eh? Brb with a treasure trove of goodies. My godmother finally downloaded her camera’s photos, I cycled through half a year of shots of all our shenanigans and you can clearly see my metamorphosis from drunk fat bloated face to skinny slim. Awesome! It’s good to see that shit and a total lesson not to ever go back. Canadians get booze bloat in the winter.

My ska Minx nails. J’adore!

It’s still totally hilarious that my mom wore the same dress as me this night without any prior discussion.

oh make me over

up for grabs. now you can be a trainwreck too.

not supposed to be so wrinkly but it’s been bunched up in a box for a bit. bounces back easily. size six, h&m. very slimming hides everything. i wore it for halloween as courtney love i’ll grab those pics in a sec. i’m selling it cos everyone makes fun of me for looking like courtney love all the time and i want to distance myself from that image hahah.

how’mi doin’ so far?


this dress has the potential to be ladylike too. hailey wants it but she will never be a size six.

it’s baby soft pink. oh any my hippie bag went for $60. raymerch is collectible and a total investment. so is my art.

i like to let it hang off by mistake. oops. i’m a slut! whoopsie! the painting behind me is by jamie, it’s of me when i used to model online. i matched up his hand writing from the signature on the back of the canvas to his writing in the stephen sprouse book he put together, jamie was his assistant best friend for like two decades. sprouse made day glo a thing, you saw the louis vuitton bag collaboration revival with marc jacobs a few years back, that was sprouse post humously, he died of hiv in 2004. i recommend getting the book, i have the hot pink one. jamie currated the show in japan and dug up all the sprouse artifacts from a storage locker on staten island. phenomenal talent. he’s been my friend since i was 18 years old from brooklyn. here‘s a set he took of me at 19.

ok here i am as courtney OFFICIALLY for once.

we went to the virgin party at parts n labour. media wasn’t supposed to be there. torontoist wrote about it and gave us an inch thick mention thanks to this outfit. they were mean. the article was yanked cos they weren’t supposed to write about the private performance, who played again? hahaha one of the arts n crafts bands kind of like the equivalent of seeing sloan after all these years no? oh right, BSS. it was a great time.

i am a method actress.

that chick is so busted.

so if you want this notorious dress you can email me at

i also drew this of courtney love’s mtv awards red carpet fall. gill has it.

i still do commissioned work btw.