when it Raymes it pours

Hey hey hey. So. My laptop is on the fritz, it works when it wants to work (kinda like me I guess haha sigh) and that in and of itself is uber muchos depressing enough but also my bf is gone and I won’t see him for a month depending on when we crack and prob get a flight ticket sooner who knows but it feels like a mega vortex of boring and sadness and not so badness but also mostly exhaustion and there’s other shit but whatever, I don’t think people really truly fully express themselves on the internet anymore and TMI isn’t the way I like to go about it I try to be all nimble and swift in my mysterious nature.

Just got off the phone with him, it’s like an endorphin injection. Actually still on phone trying to splice time at the mo and do both things. Our time zone difference is also hard. When I’m going to sleep he is waking up, or napping like right now we didn’t speak all day, it’s stressful?

Music is helpful at times like these but it’s just been real quiet what with my jammin youtube source taking a dirt nap. But now we’re back in action it’s fine til the next big catastrophe. I blame Breaking Bad. We went on a marathon. Netflix benders I’ve read about before.

Ok FTS I’m going to upload some NYC now. Peace brb I’m uploading a SICK video from the top of the Empire State building right now. I guess this is just to say hi I’m back TGIF.

I guess this is just to say hi I’m back TGIF.

Thrift Shop Aruba from raymi lauren on Vimeo.

Euro music driving at night from raymi lauren on Vimeo.

Tunnel to MTL

Poor Iggy. He’s depressed. My mom says that so bf and I mimic her every time we look at the Iguana.

Hanging with kids. They asked to photograph my tats.

My cuz’s kids are fun, loved me, ratted on me smoking to Nana after having my back. Funny. We let them loose with our cameras.

After this I got sick and have been MIA pretty much all week.

Mom puts up all the eccentric ones.

I also learned I have shin splints too wtf getting old sucks.

We were singing happy birthday to papa and he was tuning us out (can’t hear anyway) checking his numbers. Lol.

Vic is so beautiful. Okay that’s it for t-giving for today, got tings to do. I’m working on a lot of writing ;) We had t-giving the day before at my aunt’s which was super fun too.

hide in the darkness til its getting light

Thought I’d give y’all a break from the New York shit. Here’s some graf/shoe porn Toronto style in trade. Keep’er real.

It takes my breath away to see some of these ones, from the glam leading film lady stars of course, to know that they were truly worn in movies I’ve seen. I also have a Judy Garland thing.

Marilyn too obvs. Both girl’s lives ended in tragedy. Hmm. Liz Taylor didn’t exactly end harmoniously. Don’t speak ill of the dead though.

Shoes are such an intimate thing and yet so, seen. They tell stories about humanity, the time that we spent here on earth who we are and what we did and who we want to be. That’s what I think.

And some got a lotta stories to tell.

Shantell’s work is all over the front of the building of the Bata Shoe Museum right now. Looks tight.

One of the first pairs of sneakers there ever was. Tiny.

Converse galoshes from 1910 talk about diversifying your expertise yeah.

Lanvin. ‘Nough said.


What’s up Stewie.

See. Gots to go. Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Concrete jugular

You can tell how wasted I am by the amount of cats that I hug.

This guy changes up his theme van. Does one for V day, xmas, etc.

I don’t have time for craptions cos we’re off to see the TDot wizards (not a band, just a craymism) so here’s a photo blast post. I’ll try to speak my mind though cos it’s hard not to.

The first tour bus ride we went on, took us to Times Square and all over.

Embrace the garbage bag culture. It was cold up there on the bus.

Times Square syndrome.

Hangin’ with Les. Bf and sis and her friend ditched me here which is what I wanted. Touristy go go go makes me crabby plus I’ve seen it all. Give me bar.

Afterward we sauntered around a bit. Mario jumped in here which I did not want so we had to tip both of them. UGH. They were sweaty and gross.

Nice tits. Profiting from Breast cancer, way to go.

Drankin gingerale whoops we know what that means. Day two rushed out the door to the ferry again I get no sleep ins and it takes awhile til I hit my stride later on in the day.

More gloomy weather but the sun broke out later on for a bit until it poured rain for awhile.

He took a million pics of this.

This is beside that wicked hotel.

I can see Sis and her friend almost throwing me some shade lawl.

We were on that! We paid the extra for the observation deck.

Scary sky.


Thai time. Downpour relief. Hangover cure. At first you’re like THAIII!! Then you’re like DIIIE! Mine was so good. Glass noodles forevs.


We bought a way too massive for the streets umbrelly.

Little Italy.

This night we just had a shitty meal in little italy, I mean it was decent enough but they hustled us for sure. Wish spent more time on the foodie front. Last night in Williamsburg we went to the Bedford with Jamie and their food was awesome so you win some you lose some no big deal.

And yes it is. Okay gotta go bro le bros.