hide in the darkness til its getting light

Thought I’d give y’all a break from the New York shit. Here’s some graf/shoe porn Toronto style in trade. Keep’er real.

It takes my breath away to see some of these ones, from the glam leading film lady stars of course, to know that they were truly worn in movies I’ve seen. I also have a Judy Garland thing.

Marilyn too obvs. Both girl’s lives ended in tragedy. Hmm. Liz Taylor didn’t exactly end harmoniously. Don’t speak ill of the dead though.

Shoes are such an intimate thing and yet so, seen. They tell stories about humanity, the time that we spent here on earth who we are and what we did and who we want to be. That’s what I think.

And some got a lotta stories to tell.

Shantell’s work is all over the front of the building of the Bata Shoe Museum right now. Looks tight.

One of the first pairs of sneakers there ever was. Tiny.

Converse galoshes from 1910 talk about diversifying your expertise yeah.

Lanvin. ‘Nough said.


What’s up Stewie.

See. Gots to go. Happy Thanksgiving Canada!