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Tunnel to MTL

Poor Iggy. He’s depressed. My mom says that so bf and I mimic her every time we look at the Iguana.

Hanging with kids. They asked to photograph my tats.

My cuz’s kids are fun, loved me, ratted on me smoking to Nana after having my back. Funny. We let them loose with our cameras.

After this I got sick and have been MIA pretty much all week.

Mom puts up all the eccentric ones.

I also learned I have shin splints too wtf getting old sucks.

We were singing happy birthday to papa and he was tuning us out (can’t hear anyway) checking his numbers. Lol.

Vic is so beautiful. Okay that’s it for t-giving for today, got tings to do. I’m working on a lot of writing ;) We had t-giving the day before at my aunt’s which was super fun too.

5 thoughts on “Tunnel to MTL

  1. My friend had a Jackson Chameleon that looks a lot like Iggy. I used to have a 7 year old iguana, I think Iggy’s a chameleon

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