dear raymi

Aww sweetest email ever!

I’ve been reading your blog for a long time; It’s the only blog I read. Just wanted to say thanks.

I just moved to a new city for my job. I don’t know my way around, I don’t have any friends here, I work constantly. But when I come home I check your website and there’s always something new. The things you write are so smart and funny, and it’s easy to lose track of time reading because it’s always interesting. I love the tons of pictures of simple, cute things. For some reason, they always put me in a better mood. I love your style, and I hope someday I can be as fearless as you are. I’ve also learned to cook a little, thanks for that too. Sometimes I even dance by myself in my apartment now, but I’d die before posting it on the internet. You have a lot of guts for doing what you do, I just wanted to say that I appreciate it.


fear of pretty houses and their porches

May’s not over yet so here’s the rest of the 2008 posts from last year!

what my hair will look like someday.

note to self: don’t try on swimsuits when suicidal.

and yes i feel like a prick for writing this, but sometimes i just have to say these things, on the internet, for thousands and thousands to read.

rum smoothie time in aunt raymi’s kitchen.

i let fil out by himself last nite, this guy was tres fatigue, FAT AND GAY, and wanted to stay in and not drink the alcohols.

i think it makes me look bigger than i am, back to my point of if you wear too big a size then you look bigger and not covered up at at all.

absolutely none of these dance moves are redundant. this video has been viewed over seven thousand times.

fil ordered it ages ago and kept it a secret from me all this time so the photos of me holding it are kinda creepy sorry maybe even too creepy for you.

wine we smuggled into the muvie and guess what it worked, i loved it! when it was over i threw it to the chairs beside us where the talking too much chewing popcorn with their mouths open couple sat, burn.


yeah that really panned out.

gave up on that one too.

i miss that shower curtain.


i told you when i’m cocked the ego meter rests at ten

how to make shrimp cocktail sauce raymi’s kitchen video.

you’ll note that i am NOT playing the guitar in this, anyway, i am a raspy whispery shy ghost here because it was totally impromptu.

hey look, it’s me on shrooms dust and drunk and dancing from 2005!

totally miss those aladdin slippers.


brad wasn’t planning on having a big PARty (nfld pronunciation) but it turned into one anyway that’s for fucking sure.

rescue remedy review.

before the long blondes we slummed at the beer station and these guys were sitting across from each other lip synching to bohemian rhapsody

dear toronto HUG

look it’s me in a vintage ferrari!

yesterday was BRUTAL all day long fuzzy retard headed anyway blah blah my life is a party what else is new etcetera and so on.

don’t worry, i’m sick of me too. JUST KIDDING I LOVE ME!

what do you do for memorial day anyway, go through all of your memorialies?

some lost fred perry shoot pics.

meet jade!

a day with mum.

this is what time to go home looks like.

i feel old: sober movie laundry patio furniture nite yes!

omg what should i wear tonite guuuuuuys?

this post caused a huge fight.

MG at massey post.

in the words of kiki dunst, DEPRESSION NOT ADDICTION I SWEAR IT!

new purse new pants new dress new life

i can feel your ghost when i’m alone

i got the sniffles yesterday from a dumb late nite patio move sunday evening then riding my bike home practically naked in the chilly wind, the sniffles are gone now and i think the possibility of a cold has sailed, phewf. i had to bail on tattoo’s i met the walrus book event last nite cos my nose wouldn’t stop running all goddamn day long i went through infinity kleenexes.

oh head’s up, tomorrow’s speaking engagement has outgrown the spoke club’s space so it’s been changed:The address is 533 King Street West in cool loft style space of ICON Home Design (owned by BlackLine Studio Parlour) It is the South side of King just west of Spadina. more info here.

This is the during the day thing that’s separate from the top 12 bloggers thing which will still be at the spoke club that evening.

i’m pretty nervous, i haven’t publicly riffed in a long time, i need to have steve martin on speed dial or that city tv guy. if they can suffer from anxiety and constantly perform then so can i right? i guess tomorrow we’ll see ha.

got a slew of new footage to work with featuring sean and i’s feelings concerning certain ISSUES. he should have a video up by a little later on today. update: he blogged behind the scenes yesterday’s stuffsicles.

i eat for a portion of filming it seems like the longest meal ever. when the server brought it to me she apologizes for giving attitude downstairs and it’s all caught PROOF i am habitually treated like garbage from bitches – it makes me look like mother fucking theresa, all humble and no problem abouting it haha.

my hairstyle changes at least 30 times too. something mesmerizing about talking and looking at yourself. don’t worry, we discuss vanity and i kinda go on a tangent a few times.

if you ever have to film something go to the green room upstairs during the afternoon.

jamie even makes a cameo as he called me at one point.

sinus clearing jerk what fil made.

me bummed cos i had to stay in (totally tired anyway so it was just as well).

ok back to speech-tweaking wish me luck!

watch out Cupid stuck me with a sickness

lube hands.

dave came on his new motorcyclebikewhatever and i had to direct him to matt’s riding alongside him on my bicycle, pretty funny keeping pace with each other. we were going south so i had a bit of help with the slope and wind at my back.

when matt’s ran out of booze we went to the horseshoe, didn’t really plan on turning it into a nite affair but that’s how it goes, the flow. anyway, saw a total suburban jock type barf all over his feet at his table on the patio and all his loser friends surrounding him just ignored it, pints piling up all around the guy don’t you think when there are two full glasses your friend might have had enough and it’s time to bring him home? guys are such dicks like that.

obviously brosz7ky’s bbq was a giant success.

dollhouse love

here’s a glimpse into my past. i partied with this thing quite a bit as a kid. my grandpa made it and over time my aunt added embellishments, renovating it along w the renovation of cedar grove the last summer before my grandpa died, using the same wallpaper adorning cedar grove’s walls, pieces of curtain too. sigh, time warp. so many fond memories of sundays spent at grandmas goin’ to town on this thing before hyper-spazzing it with my brother in the backyard after four glasses of pop.

i made a dollhouse wishlist photo set. i am seriously going to buy some of this stuff.

the furniture is pretty old school too, kinda art deco 70s i dunno.

most of these are quite blurry unfortch.

i am mad for miniatures.

i am so taken right back to childhood looking at that couch. my aunt told me this, ”
The wooden furniture that’s red and yellow, i.e. the couch etc., I got on Kerr Street at the hobby shop, I guess I was about eight or nine. So that would make it late fifties-early sixties vintage, and Scandinavian to boot.”

oh, ‘scuse us.

i always loved the mismatched furniture.

hmm i guess everyone moved out.

personal fave, most time was spent in the bathroom. see the border up there that’s from the same wallpaper in the upstairs bathroom at cedar grove.

then here of course. god that wallpaper has me in nostalgic zone big time.

now i just want to go buy a ton of dollhouse shit, i have a feeling i know someone who might also be into that quest.

ha ha i look so ridiculous posing like that when my niece is standing all normal.

those guys up there were havin’ a go with us, first saying no pictures then do we know the movie napoleon dynamite? yeah nice try dickweeds i’m pretty on top of things going on in my city i know what you’re filming here and ps. you’re just PAs piss off.

off to bday dinner at the bedford. fil’s tandoori chicken pizza mmmm.

pad thai still kills it.

birthday cake surprise! happy birthday once again xoxo. thanks for grandma’s kerchiefs too!

ooh nice.

i’ve been pretty homebody this weekend for multiple reasons and fil just wants to part-ay so i finally relented and said OK we can got for a walk (ha) to the movie store. we rented incendiary (michelle williams, ewan mcgregor movie) based on the book we both read, it’s good and painful plus the art imitating real life thing doesn’t get by you (her husband kicks it in the movie and well, you know the rest re: heath) anyway before we went home fil wanted to check out what the lab’s 3 dollar drink of the nite was. oh, tequila saturdays, that’s a wicked gamble seeing as it’s right beside the brunswick house (man i AM getting OLD) so i had one he had two, he wanted a third but people kept coming in and jamming around the bar and i have zero patience waiting for drinks. we got the window table seat and played cards, we even played 2 player asshole first with two hands each then divy’n up the deck halfsies, a lot of cards to hold man.

here is cid perving out

seriously, guy?

My body salve-aided and hell is my doom

hi yuula.

hey douches, if you want to like, learn how to be famous on the internet (shut up) like me, reserve tickets for the spoke club media thing may 27 (it’s almost sold out believe it or not) next wednesday and watch my performance art i mean, you get to listen to a half hour of floundering speech consisting of verbal diarrhea and cold hard facts – the key to my many successes and few failures. get out of work for the afternoon, tell your boss this is going on and they’ll pay for you, seriously.

fuck my life is weird.

this whipping boy done wrong

worked from gill’s yesterday afternoon. biked over felt kinda nakes and self-conscious of it, like i was biking to the beach. whatever, am i to feel guilty about my “office” not actually being one, should i finally sign up to be a square and call it a day?

i am worried about my brakes though. almost plowed into a hipster the other day, his fault but still had my breaks been a bit more in-tune i wouldn’t have coasted so fiercely toward him, remember that super windy day sunday, partially the wind’s fault too. as i was biking away from him i started to get wicked mad realizing he was mostly to blame and why the fuck did i apologize? he saw me coming up bathurst about to make a right onto bloor, he was at the corner and wanted to beat it the second the light turned green for him but i was making the yellow. ugh anyway, he made me look really stupid.

this thing got pretty damn hot. next laptop will have to be white, do they make white PCs?

great sun yesterday eh, balls hot too. i think the left side of my body may be a tad darker than the right, now.

gill said to me “as a friend” that i need to dye my hair again cos the roots are coming in. um yeah, that’s the point, doin’ au natural over here brah. she said ha ok cos i thought you were still trying for the black hair thing.

sun solution.

i remember being so enchanted by the cn tower when i was younger, mainly when i was makin’ up lies to my parents about where i was going and what i was up to, hangin’ with older kids in the city and exclaiming wow you can see a portion of the cn tower from your backyard that is SO COOL. now it’s like, oh yeah that thing, what’s up.

my favourite sushi place i have turned gill on to earned some cool points yesterday as i convinced them to send over some sake, that cling-wrap styro container would be the star of the show.

if you spend over 35 or 40 they send a free roll, unfortch it’s of the minced fishy variety. gill normally tells them not to bother. that very roll turned me off this place for a good while, so be careful.

then fil and i watched the reader.