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My body salve-aided and hell is my doom

hi yuula.

hey douches, if you want to like, learn how to be famous on the internet (shut up) like me, reserve tickets for the spoke club media thing may 27 (it’s almost sold out believe it or not) next wednesday and watch my performance art i mean, you get to listen to a half hour of floundering speech consisting of verbal diarrhea and cold hard facts – the key to my many successes and few failures. get out of work for the afternoon, tell your boss this is going on and they’ll pay for you, seriously.

fuck my life is weird.

9 thoughts on “My body salve-aided and hell is my doom

  1. I got my cat to yodel! But I didn’t video it… and it’s not really super yodelly-sounding, more like a vibrating meow.

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