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fear of pretty houses and their porches

May’s not over yet so here’s the rest of the 2008 posts from last year!

what my hair will look like someday.

note to self: don’t try on swimsuits when suicidal.

and yes i feel like a prick for writing this, but sometimes i just have to say these things, on the internet, for thousands and thousands to read.

rum smoothie time in aunt raymi’s kitchen.

i let fil out by himself last nite, this guy was tres fatigue, FAT AND GAY, and wanted to stay in and not drink the alcohols.

i think it makes me look bigger than i am, back to my point of if you wear too big a size then you look bigger and not covered up at at all.

absolutely none of these dance moves are redundant. this video has been viewed over seven thousand times.

fil ordered it ages ago and kept it a secret from me all this time so the photos of me holding it are kinda creepy sorry maybe even too creepy for you.

wine we smuggled into the muvie and guess what it worked, i loved it! when it was over i threw it to the chairs beside us where the talking too much chewing popcorn with their mouths open couple sat, burn.


yeah that really panned out.

gave up on that one too.

i miss that shower curtain.


i told you when i’m cocked the ego meter rests at ten

how to make shrimp cocktail sauce raymi’s kitchen video.

you’ll note that i am NOT playing the guitar in this, anyway, i am a raspy whispery shy ghost here because it was totally impromptu.

hey look, it’s me on shrooms dust and drunk and dancing from 2005!

totally miss those aladdin slippers.


brad wasn’t planning on having a big PARty (nfld pronunciation) but it turned into one anyway that’s for fucking sure.

rescue remedy review.

before the long blondes we slummed at the beer station and these guys were sitting across from each other lip synching to bohemian rhapsody

dear toronto HUG

look it’s me in a vintage ferrari!

yesterday was BRUTAL all day long fuzzy retard headed anyway blah blah my life is a party what else is new etcetera and so on.

don’t worry, i’m sick of me too. JUST KIDDING I LOVE ME!

what do you do for memorial day anyway, go through all of your memorialies?

some lost fred perry shoot pics.

meet jade!

a day with mum.

this is what time to go home looks like.

i feel old: sober movie laundry patio furniture nite yes!

omg what should i wear tonite guuuuuuys?

this post caused a huge fight.

MG at massey post.

in the words of kiki dunst, DEPRESSION NOT ADDICTION I SWEAR IT!

new purse new pants new dress new life

4 thoughts on “fear of pretty houses and their porches

  1. One year since Massey? I guess that means I have known you for a year. Poor you.

    Good luck tomorrow! Try not to stress over it too much or you may wake up with a white patch of hair.

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