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watch out Cupid stuck me with a sickness

lube hands.

dave came on his new motorcyclebikewhatever and i had to direct him to matt’s riding alongside him on my bicycle, pretty funny keeping pace with each other. we were going south so i had a bit of help with the slope and wind at my back.

when matt’s ran out of booze we went to the horseshoe, didn’t really plan on turning it into a nite affair but that’s how it goes, the flow. anyway, saw a total suburban jock type barf all over his feet at his table on the patio and all his loser friends surrounding him just ignored it, pints piling up all around the guy don’t you think when there are two full glasses your friend might have had enough and it’s time to bring him home? guys are such dicks like that.

obviously brosz7ky’s bbq was a giant success.

9 thoughts on “watch out Cupid stuck me with a sickness

  1. he can pull himself together and drink it off if he pukes on his foot, like did he puke on his hand did he want it held.

  2. dude waqs totally fucked then sat for an hour by a lamp post and barfed up some water immediately and firetruck drove by and they had to help him

  3. Aw great times. I think a good test of drunkeness is when you start debating the physics of trajectory and how far something can be thrown and then deciding to test your theories by filling up condoms with water and throwing them off your balcony.

  4. I have that same orange and black flowery-ish shirt. Pointless observation of the day.

    But now I want to try wearing it with a belt.


  5. I love the picture of you stuffing your mouth full of burger.

    It is real and not fake. Some bloggers take photos of their daily life but it is unnatural and pretenious.

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