insane amount of sushi/sake last nite and scotch whiskey from 18 years ago i think i was mean to only a couple of people and i pushed martin after he called me a bad word and he flew into the brick wall all awkwardly over a bench and it was like i was rambo.

there are some nerdy kids two alleys over filming something and one dude has red paint all over his face with black stripes and a trench coat and they have a big sign that says film shoot in progress. um, duh. you have a camera and you’re a bunch of goofs hanging around obviously you are filming some stupid script you’ve put together.

so should i wear a t-shirt when i am walking along that says “i am walking” on it or “walking in progress” or “hey look at me walk” or “right now i am walking in case you weren’t sure already but yes it’s true i am walking and i hope i am not inconveniencing you in any way that’s why i am wearing this t-shirt to let you know that i am strictly walking but if i plan on doing anything else i will let you know” ?

i also get annoyed at books that say, “a novel” on the cover. hey thanks for the tip, for a second there i thought this was a telephone.

Ward @ Work says:

His mom is still kinda chunky though

raymi says:

i never saw her

raymi says:

is his dad still fucked in the head

Ward @ Work says:

yeah…. lol

raymi says:

ward dont say lol that’s gay

Ward @ Work says:

his dad was trying to get all his friends to open an Ice Cream shop

Ward @ Work says:

cause apparently that is where the money is

Ward @ Work says:

don’t say what?

raymi says:



10. Play “auto-bingo”

9. Try to eat ear of corn while steering

8. Play connect-the-dots with dead bugs on windshield

7. Practice sudden bootlegger turns

6. When traffic is light, drop pants around your ankles

5. Have long conversations with imaginary friends after picking up hitch-hikers

4. Lean on horn and swerve as you approach stalled motorists

3. Tune to static on radio and pretend you’re the last person on earth

2. See how long you can drive with your eyes closed

1. Talk guy behind counter at Stucky’s into leaving family and joining you

went to the back in the day scumhole last nite. same old bullshit. white guys who think they’re detectives of coolness and make a big deal of shaking each other’s hands for all to see. dude, you saw each other two hours ago so fuck off with your long lost brethren crap, you hang out every day of the week.

all of a sudden hanging out with your white trash homies means big sideways HYEH GUY hand shakes, like they saw it in a movie and passed word around about it and said let’s do that mang.

um are you the mafia? is this new jack city? why are you wearing sweatpants and dancing around to gwen stefani and when you make eye contact with your friend you immediately shake hands in that fucking way? is this the end scene of american pie where jason biggs is looking around at all of his friends dancing with their red cups of beer and then he nods his head to them and they all nod back one after the other smiling like goony fucktards like ya dude we suuuure accomplished a lot but we made it out ok?

anyway, if you and your friends practise the faggoty art of self-important hand shaking and you also think that lil john is a musical genius then you can just fuck off.

i am so getting my period today.

played 3d worms ’til 1 in the morning beer after beer and eventually it’s strictly all about the air strikes. last nite’s dream was just too retarded to explain. hanging out with jesus tonite (scott). right now my hair looks like 80’s rock – kideo/spinal tap/garth of wayne’s world fame which means no more sleeping on my face. i can’t wait to get home and do all my laundry so i can wear the same one outfit i always wear ‘cept this time with clean socks.

cid is so annoying in the morning when you feed him because he blocks your way to the fridge and to the cutlery drawer to get a knife for his friggin’ cat food and then while you’re picking up his dish and putting it down again because he is so excited for eating. dude you’d be eating way faster if you weren’t doing figure eights around my feet every goddamn step i take. i can’t stop thinking about how annoying it is i’m afraid i’ll go outside and bump into some random and they’ll be hey what’s new and i’ll blurt out a big tale of exasperation involving a cat and feeding it when i am hung over and that’s all the material i’ve got, the only thing that is new with me.

less than a week and i’ll be 22.

morir de cara al sol

i seriously have to do something about my lifestyle. upon watching the reward challenge of tonite’s episode of survivor and the underdog tribe won, i, actually, got a thrill from it.

lame city, population me.

also, the last day of winter was suppose to be the 21st so what’s the deal with blizzathon 2005 all of a sudden?

fil actually knows what the weatherman’s name is, the one specific to the weather channel.

we watched return of the king and my ADD didn’t kick in ’til maybe 2/3 the way through and my special brainpowers were able to detect every homosexual undertone like nobody’s business.

my crazy doctor doesn’t think i am bipolar. more on this later.

he also retold a metaphor story that he used maybe the 4th session and i pretended that i hadn’t already heard it though this time instead of a sinking raft it was a sinking USS titanic and there was no fancy island to swim to.

in the beginning i am neurotic and entertaining, now, i’m just boring and dude’s probably thinking oh my god get normal or just kill yourself already, do something drastic for fucksakes so we have something to discuss other than your blog!