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i seriously have to do something about my lifestyle. upon watching the reward challenge of tonite’s episode of survivor and the underdog tribe won, i, actually, got a thrill from it.

lame city, population me.

also, the last day of winter was suppose to be the 21st so what’s the deal with blizzathon 2005 all of a sudden?

fil actually knows what the weatherman’s name is, the one specific to the weather channel.

we watched return of the king and my ADD didn’t kick in ’til maybe 2/3 the way through and my special brainpowers were able to detect every homosexual undertone like nobody’s business.

my crazy doctor doesn’t think i am bipolar. more on this later.

he also retold a metaphor story that he used maybe the 4th session and i pretended that i hadn’t already heard it though this time instead of a sinking raft it was a sinking USS titanic and there was no fancy island to swim to.

in the beginning i am neurotic and entertaining, now, i’m just boring and dude’s probably thinking oh my god get normal or just kill yourself already, do something drastic for fucksakes so we have something to discuss other than your blog!

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