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insane amount of sushi/sake last nite and scotch whiskey from 18 years ago i think i was mean to only a couple of people and i pushed martin after he called me a bad word and he flew into the brick wall all awkwardly over a bench and it was like i was rambo.

there are some nerdy kids two alleys over filming something and one dude has red paint all over his face with black stripes and a trench coat and they have a big sign that says film shoot in progress. um, duh. you have a camera and you’re a bunch of goofs hanging around obviously you are filming some stupid script you’ve put together.

so should i wear a t-shirt when i am walking along that says “i am walking” on it or “walking in progress” or “hey look at me walk” or “right now i am walking in case you weren’t sure already but yes it’s true i am walking and i hope i am not inconveniencing you in any way that’s why i am wearing this t-shirt to let you know that i am strictly walking but if i plan on doing anything else i will let you know” ?

i also get annoyed at books that say, “a novel” on the cover. hey thanks for the tip, for a second there i thought this was a telephone.

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