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played 3d worms ’til 1 in the morning beer after beer and eventually it’s strictly all about the air strikes. last nite’s dream was just too retarded to explain. hanging out with jesus tonite (scott). right now my hair looks like 80’s rock – kideo/spinal tap/garth of wayne’s world fame which means no more sleeping on my face. i can’t wait to get home and do all my laundry so i can wear the same one outfit i always wear ‘cept this time with clean socks.

cid is so annoying in the morning when you feed him because he blocks your way to the fridge and to the cutlery drawer to get a knife for his friggin’ cat food and then while you’re picking up his dish and putting it down again because he is so excited for eating. dude you’d be eating way faster if you weren’t doing figure eights around my feet every goddamn step i take. i can’t stop thinking about how annoying it is i’m afraid i’ll go outside and bump into some random and they’ll be hey what’s new and i’ll blurt out a big tale of exasperation involving a cat and feeding it when i am hung over and that’s all the material i’ve got, the only thing that is new with me.

less than a week and i’ll be 22.

morir de cara al sol

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