just so you know that *i* know, i will state the

following 3 points:

1. I owe having-a-blog to you.

2. Laura Petrie, Jamie are my friends thanks to you.

3. i thought there was 3… nevermind.

AND i was under the immpression laura had already told

you about it

the always loyal,


why i go[went] to strip clubs in toronto…

i critique their dance moves

try and get blow off the stripper’s dealers

get those yuppie dudes to pay our tabs

scream at the lame girls and badmouth everyone in the bar

get free dances

put tens between my teeth and hand em round

im like a dirty ole man in disguise

i dont go often

every other month

and its always out of boredom

if u go with just one other it is painfully boring

i do it for material too

my stories

bla bla


It was great

the voice is smart and funny

and very, very fluent — which is important

just needs more focus

then you’ll be in the catbird seat

You have a great story in there somewhere, and great means to tell it

in fact it could be quite commercial, as well as GOOD

Did you get my picture? (I need to hear ten million compliments about it etc… :)

What’s your day like? You’re up early, sweets… I’m scoring some gear today (as my Brit friends say) for the first time since the summer… been a good boy but it’s time to put THAT behind me…

hello, yes we want you to come to the office for a Matchmaker “audition” — nothing to it — just bring your audition form in January! we’re at the office mon-fri 10-6 drop in anytime!!!!


have a good holiday


>hi im raymi

>jakeman i believe, passed along my url to you

>and you are all in love with me

>as you should be


>i want to be on your little show

>tell me the who what where and when’s please

I’m a venture capitalist as well as a producer FYI.

I combine $$$ with art.

I’ve produced theatre, cd’d, art exhibits and more.

But thank you for recognizing me as a person.

I have to have a dialogue with a few industry folks before I can get you that



‘living room’ is 215 sq. ft

‘dining room’ is 135 sq. ft.

These are the two rooms we have used as public space thus far.

The bedroom is about 130 sq. ft.

There are images and a PDF floor plan on the website. www.weewerk.com


Hiya Raymi,

I’m just transcribing the tapes from our interview and was wondering if you

could send me the digital pictures that Tim and you took during the shoot.

I also need to shoot your site with some of these pictures on them (as well

as your diary entries surrounding our shoot) and was wondering where they

were… you changed the layout for your site… just send me the right link


Thanks so much Raymi!!


Hi Lauren

You’re the scab I just can’t leave alone.

Sorry ‘bout that….

So we are friends for life?

What is going on with you?

Are you still in Canada?

or away somewhere?

I’ve been living with Allison for two weeks now and have successfully pushed all my friends out of my life. That’s O.K. though. She has to go back to Montreal to change apartments. Then plans on going to Africa (fucking Mutha Lan’)… I’ll believe that when I see it. It’s a strange situation to try and base your plans on someone younger who leaves a trail of dead in their wake.

Ash says hi, he’s in the U.K. now. Email him will you? it would freak him out.

I’m planning conning them (Reuters) into giving me some business travel there. Unfortunately British Airways Business class is a thing of the past,. No more huge Gin and Tonics in the Lounge. I’ve got a couple of places to stay.


[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

wie ben jij

raymi the butter says:


[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

who are you ?

raymi the butter says:

raymi, who are you

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:


[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

do i know you ??

raymi the butter says:

do i know you?

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:


[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

where you from ?

raymi the butter says:


[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

and how do you get my email ?

raymi the butter says:

i dont know. this is what msn does. it was an accident.

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

do you have a photo’s for me ?

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

of you

raymi the butter says:

yes its right there in front of you.

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

ooh oke

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

but anyway nice meeting you

raymi the butter says:

i am also a girl. why did u change your photo to a sexy one.

raymi the butter says:

are you a lesbian?

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:


raymi the butter says:

why did u make that face?

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

its a weird one

raymi the butter says:

how old are you?

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

because i dont know if i like girls

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

im 15

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

you ?

raymi the butter says:

im 21.

raymi the butter says:

ok well i think i could go to jail for talking to you

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

its just talking

raymi the butter says:

so lets talk about picnics

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

picnics ??

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

why do you wanna talk about that

raymi the butter says:

because i am being silly

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

oo ok

raymi the butter says:

so where are you from

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:


raymi the butter says:

are you tall?

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

1.70 cm.

raymi the butter says:

um how much is that in feet

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

uuuh dont know

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

what is one cm in feet ?

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

sorry i dont work with feet

raymi the butter says:

well in canada we use centimetres too but we dont walk around saying we are 1.7

centimetres tall.

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

ooh oke sorry ?

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

i didnt know

raymi the butter says:

no its ok

raymi the butter says:

i am looking for a ruler hang on

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

and what’s that ??

raymi the butter says:

a thing that u use in school that tells u how to measure stuff, it has both inches and centimetres on it

raymi the butter says:

do you even know what inches are?

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:


raymi the butter says:

ok this is how tall u are

raymi the butter says:

5.5774278 feet

raymi the butter says:

i got my friend noel to answer the question for me

raymi the butter says:

i am too lazy to walk to the other side of the room and look at a ruler

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

oke haha

raymi the butter says:

u are smaller than i am, i am 5.8 feet and a little bit more when i wake up in the morning

raymi the butter says:

this means i am better than you are

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

not better your taller

raymi the butter says:

well aren’t you jealous of people who are taller than you are? i know i am.

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:


[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

but im not jealous about you im tall enough

raymi the butter says:

what does that emoticon mean, the one with the weird hair that looks like a hat?

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

an angel

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

that means uuhm..

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

joiking with a smile

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

just for fun

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:


raymi the butter says:

oh ok. i never really used emoticons. theyre for adults who are new to the internet and for drunk perverts like me to make fun of. essentially.

raymi the butter says:

just for fun, you know.

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

are you drunk ?

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

send me a photo please ?

raymi the butter says:

no i was drunk yesterday though.

raymi the butter says:

ok ill send a picture. a wholesome one.

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:


[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

what kinda music do you listen

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

you are pretty

raymi the butter says:

thank you

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

your welcom

raymi the butter says:

i think that you are pretty as well

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

i dont think so haha

raymi the butter says:

well stop being insecure. all u have to do is wear a cute scarf and have messy hair and wear chapstick on your stupid girl lips and all the boys will go WAAAAAAAAAAH crazy for you. acting stuck-up towards others girls can work in your favor sometimes. but this only works when u are 15.

raymi the butter says:

when u are 21 like me u will actually want to be friends with women.

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

thanks for saying that.

[Wit]. & Little bit sick. says:

i think

raymi the butter says:

you are most welcome.

this is all from the year 2000 and i am 17 years old and drunk


i’m having a trippy episode – my eyes are flickering and i’ve written my name obsessively on my styrofoam cup 14 times. some robitussin will calm me down. weed money is noted down as “walking money” on expense reports. hahaha.

1:26pm i am apparently – a neo-liberalist. thanks jason.


randomly chose to sit and chainsmoke and drink white chilled wine by myself at cafe riverside or something like that – this trippy bumpin’ loungeplace across the street from opera house. i have my own couch and booth and pillow. i just don’t have you here with me.

stef and diane are waiting outside in the cold becuz they’re hardcore fans like that of stereophonics and i am not.

i am really liking this song. i am in the mood for random drunkenness. yes i am i think so. random drunkenness alone.

countdown to valentine’s day.

countdown to acceptance of dan’s total unreliableness.

i sat there for awhile pretending you [not dan, someone else] were sitting across from me i sat there and i wrote bad poetry on the spot for you and i thought about you

about you

i lit another smoke and then i hugged the pillow

i did

on a monday nite

i did

i looked out the window and onto the street and i smiled at my loneliness

the two guys walked deeper into the room and looked at the lonely piano then took off their jackets

my pants match the color of the booth

i wish i was wearing all black

i search the room with sullen eyes for something familiar something that is me

the girl eats orange slices with a silver fork “do we get bread with that?”

i think about the lonely boy at the table in the rayne’s park coffeehouse in wimbledon/london and me at the tableseat near the window

alone and smiling weakly

you lied about your age. he lied about his job. the important things is you’re getting free drinks. – newad.com – advertising that talks to 18-34 year olds.

it suddenly got dangerously dark outside real fast.

i’ve got time to kill too much time what will i drink next? this cool,lobsided and wobbly looking lamp is beside me right now – ikea-ish?

therapy has been rescheduled for thursday at 2:40 then i work at 4.

wine makes me loopy sad and tired and aroused and hungry and my lids are heavy.

wine in a place like this costs an arm and a leg it does.

i will just sit here drinking and thinking about you.

could i possibly be more alone that this? sure. of course. there’s a stripclub just up a ways. durr…

quelle fucking drag you know.

they’re drinking dry martinis over there.

i’m becoming delusional.

i just thought that if someone did in fact join me, i would not be able to handle it. to deal. i just couldn’t, not ready for it.

laura and curly ate a 26 dollar steak once – they really did. i can’t believe i am amazed by that.

another smoke to lite and i am going the route of fucked-upness, i’m playing that card. so far i think it’s working half ‘n half.

next on the agenda is godet, milk, ice. it’s the GAP of Bailey’s i think or Ben once said, or maybe it was me.

i’ve left a temporary indentation in the seat where my ass would be and now i am leaving to be across the street and drink over there and listen to a band from the UK that i halfcare about but i am sure they are very nice.

he was suppose to call and act like he cared and she was suppose to ramble on about her weekend away and the call was suppose to make the upcoming work-week look promising

optimistic even

and she was suppose be there with coffees and cameras and smiles in her eyes

and sit around the board room feeling metropolitan about herself and her life like how the magazine spread tells her so

and she is invited out to lunch with the white collars and they sit around discussing golf and the new girl and her pumps and they generally feel like this is how it is suppose to be like

and that they had arrived in the world

and they have arm candy kept wives

and skinny-waif pretty secretaries

and fucked-up kids

who boss around the dumber ones in the school yard

and she is there


thinking it the perfect opportunity to pipe in about a new club they could all go to next friday because she got them VIP and it would surely impress the out-of-town clients and she would put a picture in their heads of hot well to do types wandering around drunk spending lots and lots of important dollars

and they would love her more

because they would get to sit in fancy chairs that are low to the floor with their ties loosened

but instead

she turned to her boss and said

i quit

i found what my true calling in life is

well i sort of knew all along

and last nite helped make it more clear

my true calling is the

jurassic park shooting game

i’m serious

we sat there a whole hour and i was thinking

this is the best hour of my life

this is such a great work-out for my arms

holding this big stupid gun

and i am sweating like mental

and chillens are walking all around

getting mad that we are hogging the game

and i am like BLOOP BLOOP BLOOP

fackoff t-rex

my other true-calling is tai-play and 11up and drinking beer and making comments about strangers and their facial expressions

Hey Raymi,

I have to tell you that I was at Duke of Gloucester tonight on Yonge Street

and as I was waiting at the bar for a drink I was watching the TV behind it

and I saw your website on CityTV… and they showed an old topless photo of

you from months ago I guess.

I was shocked.

I thought in my inebriated state that I would let you know this right away.

I thought you might find it interesting.

tho i did want to address the last email u wrote, ie the one i posted on my blog

i wanted u to know that the mania is yes worth the art one produces

but be careful

im 21 now and i have had it with myself and how i am now

a drunk everyday and i how i deal with it is by glamorizing the places

i frequent and act pathetic and cute

i have been in a psyche ward brandi

and that aint any kind of fun

i cant smoke weed anymore because my brain is super sharp and connects

things that are ridiculous and i have/had severe post traumatic stress

from living in nyc during sept. 11 and from dating two drug dealers

who were very abusive

and now the antidepressants i am on are making me manic and i am just

fine with it and i drink coffee everyday and i have all these

brilliant ideas and i never finish one project i begin and i whine and

complain for help with these projects i want to come to seed but then

we just end up going to a play and to the bar and reading my email for

nice messages from people like you

and i think i will never ever be satisfied with my life

and i also have body dismorphia and eating problems and i am broke all the time


today i hope to accomplish/put-off the following:



shave stray eyebrows

find earphones

take pictures of raymi posessions and put them up at raymistore

write a book

be nice to people

be mean to people

be pleasant

turn into a unicorn

write another letter to megatouch about how we should get more points for this one game we play

start a megatouch blog

get help for megatouch addiction after i

get help for my drinking problem

learn how to speak to people again

invent new ADD/ADHD medication that also aids social ineptitude

and self-loathing

draw pictures of cigarettes