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just so you know that *i* know, i will state the

following 3 points:

1. I owe having-a-blog to you.

2. Laura Petrie, Jamie are my friends thanks to you.

3. i thought there was 3… nevermind.

AND i was under the immpression laura had already told

you about it

the always loyal,


why i go[went] to strip clubs in toronto…

i critique their dance moves

try and get blow off the stripper’s dealers

get those yuppie dudes to pay our tabs

scream at the lame girls and badmouth everyone in the bar

get free dances

put tens between my teeth and hand em round

im like a dirty ole man in disguise

i dont go often

every other month

and its always out of boredom

if u go with just one other it is painfully boring

i do it for material too

my stories

bla bla


It was great

the voice is smart and funny

and very, very fluent — which is important

just needs more focus

then you’ll be in the catbird seat

You have a great story in there somewhere, and great means to tell it

in fact it could be quite commercial, as well as GOOD

Did you get my picture? (I need to hear ten million compliments about it etc… :)

What’s your day like? You’re up early, sweets… I’m scoring some gear today (as my Brit friends say) for the first time since the summer… been a good boy but it’s time to put THAT behind me…

hello, yes we want you to come to the office for a Matchmaker “audition” — nothing to it — just bring your audition form in January! we’re at the office mon-fri 10-6 drop in anytime!!!!


have a good holiday


>hi im raymi

>jakeman i believe, passed along my url to you

>and you are all in love with me

>as you should be


>i want to be on your little show

>tell me the who what where and when’s please

I’m a venture capitalist as well as a producer FYI.

I combine $$$ with art.

I’ve produced theatre, cd’d, art exhibits and more.

But thank you for recognizing me as a person.

I have to have a dialogue with a few industry folks before I can get you that



‘living room’ is 215 sq. ft

‘dining room’ is 135 sq. ft.

These are the two rooms we have used as public space thus far.

The bedroom is about 130 sq. ft.

There are images and a PDF floor plan on the website.


Hiya Raymi,

I’m just transcribing the tapes from our interview and was wondering if you

could send me the digital pictures that Tim and you took during the shoot.

I also need to shoot your site with some of these pictures on them (as well

as your diary entries surrounding our shoot) and was wondering where they

were… you changed the layout for your site… just send me the right link


Thanks so much Raymi!!


Hi Lauren

You’re the scab I just can’t leave alone.

Sorry ‘bout that….

So we are friends for life?

What is going on with you?

Are you still in Canada?

or away somewhere?

I’ve been living with Allison for two weeks now and have successfully pushed all my friends out of my life. That’s O.K. though. She has to go back to Montreal to change apartments. Then plans on going to Africa (fucking Mutha Lan’)… I’ll believe that when I see it. It’s a strange situation to try and base your plans on someone younger who leaves a trail of dead in their wake.

Ash says hi, he’s in the U.K. now. Email him will you? it would freak him out.

I’m planning conning them (Reuters) into giving me some business travel there. Unfortunately British Airways Business class is a thing of the past,. No more huge Gin and Tonics in the Lounge. I’ve got a couple of places to stay.


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