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he was suppose to call and act like he cared and she was suppose to ramble on about her weekend away and the call was suppose to make the upcoming work-week look promising

optimistic even

and she was suppose be there with coffees and cameras and smiles in her eyes

and sit around the board room feeling metropolitan about herself and her life like how the magazine spread tells her so

and she is invited out to lunch with the white collars and they sit around discussing golf and the new girl and her pumps and they generally feel like this is how it is suppose to be like

and that they had arrived in the world

and they have arm candy kept wives

and skinny-waif pretty secretaries

and fucked-up kids

who boss around the dumber ones in the school yard

and she is there


thinking it the perfect opportunity to pipe in about a new club they could all go to next friday because she got them VIP and it would surely impress the out-of-town clients and she would put a picture in their heads of hot well to do types wandering around drunk spending lots and lots of important dollars

and they would love her more

because they would get to sit in fancy chairs that are low to the floor with their ties loosened

but instead

she turned to her boss and said

i quit

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