I have insomnia, or rather, it has me and I’ve had a blasted headache for what seems to be seven hours now. It is beyond headache-ness, it’s more like a subtle tippa-tippa-tippa-tippa sensation on the top of my skull every other second and i am too indifferent to say or do anything about it. Sometimes, acknowledging the problem makes it worse. Or something. riding my bike over bumps and streetcar tracks in the road made my brain feel like it was wobbling around in my head. no lie.

i think i might read something now or go get another glass of grapejuice and perhaps invite all the neighbourhood cats into my bedroom to see if they want to play “suffocate in raymi’s suitcase” for fun.


sexwithsmartpeople my new little project – look out world!

so you guys will hang out here if i post more than once a week, right? I hope so. Someone told me this. So, i’m going to be diligent and stuff and say things more often – try to be less retarded and have better grammar. sure.

have you ever wanted to punch the shit out of someone? i did the other nite. i was caught in this disgusting downpour on my way to work so i looked all gross and wet and angry as hell when i got there. these two bitches were on their way out the building to go to some hussy club and they both laughed at me and called me a drowned rat – whatever, they had horse hair weaves and camel toes. i was so furious i couldn’t even react. the more i thought about it that nite the angrier i got and now i can’t stop fantasizing about strangling one of those bitches.


I don’t think i ever mentioned that my bike was stolen saturday nite. I mentioned it in HOT CITY but you guys are too fucking snobby to go there so you obviously aren’t aware of the bike theft. I probably deserved it since I steal like every other second. Anyhow, it was horrible timing since it happened the same nite of my 175 dollar haircut + 100 dollar new outfit. The next day I dropped 160 more dollars on a new beast of a ‘cycle, this fancy-ass late 60’s Road King with streamers and a bell. It’s a brown version of pee wee’s bike in his first movie. I love it but the brakes aren’t so good. I think if i’m ever to be in a fatal bike accident that this’ll be the piece of shit to cause it. So, moral of the story is, don’t spend a million dollars every single day like me and don’t leave your fancy bike locked to a pole on a street corner for 24 hours. I swear to God, Hercules stole it – the lock was totally fucked to shit. Impressive.

i’m meeting my mum in a half hour or so. anyone wanna hang with us? we be seein’ some flick – btw, saw two films yesterday. MC5 and nothing more – though i am too ignorant and stupid to draw proper conclusions and form opinions so, i offer nothing. one sucked less than the other. there ya go. oh yeh, i was too lazy to go home and change underwear yesterday so i was conned into spending forty dollars and twenty-five cents on a fucking paul frank boy underpants/tank-top set from the dyke at F/X. i hate that bitch. i told her i have a major spending-all-my-money problem but still she is like, here, look at this and i am like ok, here’s all my money, do you want some more?


i’m having an identity crisis. i want to completely change my hair and clothes and everything but i am like broke for the next little while so i cannot do it right now but i want to, absolutely need to do it right now otherwise i’ll explode or eat glass or something. sigh…..i ate a whopper with cheese today. lately i’ve been an eating machine – two meals a day. woooh. in other important news, i have the worst. hangover. ever. i just kept drinking beer after beer after beer and eventually it was like i was drinking just one beer the whole time when really it was like ten and then some cran.juice ‘n rumsomethingvodka i dunno. my temples are pounding. last nite was my favorite jew’s birthday nite out. i got him chocolate cigarettes and this dumb red dragon head thing that just, uh, does nothing. do you think i should get a cat? i think so.

don’t you wish you could party as hard as these folks do? . . . And a good time was had by all!

i’m in maine right now. i’ve been here since the 27th. going to mass. tomorrow. i’ve been sitting around eating lobster, drinking beer and watching mtv. i stole a fridge magnet yesterday from this crappy touristy shoppe and then i purchased a book called jemima j. about some fat, insecure journalist girl and it’s the shittiest read so far and the fact that it cost $11.95 american makes me want to explode with rage. i also bought this navel jewellery thing that is so decadent and looks all wrong when i wear it. fuck. on the train here i drank 6 beers, devoured two packages of pretzels, 2 of baked lays and one bag of m&m’s. oh and don’t forget the two breakfast burritos compliments of mcdonald’s. i told this east indian dude he couldn’t sit beside me ’cause he was too hostile. he was calling the attendants “stupid ladies” and screaming all over the place.

the people in this town suck balls.

i arrive in canada on the 3rd. have the red carpet and cherubs ready.