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I don’t think i ever mentioned that my bike was stolen saturday nite. I mentioned it in HOT CITY but you guys are too fucking snobby to go there so you obviously aren’t aware of the bike theft. I probably deserved it since I steal like every other second. Anyhow, it was horrible timing since it happened the same nite of my 175 dollar haircut + 100 dollar new outfit. The next day I dropped 160 more dollars on a new beast of a ‘cycle, this fancy-ass late 60’s Road King with streamers and a bell. It’s a brown version of pee wee’s bike in his first movie. I love it but the brakes aren’t so good. I think if i’m ever to be in a fatal bike accident that this’ll be the piece of shit to cause it. So, moral of the story is, don’t spend a million dollars every single day like me and don’t leave your fancy bike locked to a pole on a street corner for 24 hours. I swear to God, Hercules stole it – the lock was totally fucked to shit. Impressive.

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