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i’m having an identity crisis. i want to completely change my hair and clothes and everything but i am like broke for the next little while so i cannot do it right now but i want to, absolutely need to do it right now otherwise i’ll explode or eat glass or something. sigh…..i ate a whopper with cheese today. lately i’ve been an eating machine – two meals a day. woooh. in other important news, i have the worst. hangover. ever. i just kept drinking beer after beer after beer and eventually it was like i was drinking just one beer the whole time when really it was like ten and then some cran.juice ‘n rumsomethingvodka i dunno. my temples are pounding. last nite was my favorite jew’s birthday nite out. i got him chocolate cigarettes and this dumb red dragon head thing that just, uh, does nothing. do you think i should get a cat? i think so.

don’t you wish you could party as hard as these folks do? . . . And a good time was had by all!

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