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sexwithsmartpeople my new little project – look out world!

so you guys will hang out here if i post more than once a week, right? I hope so. Someone told me this. So, i’m going to be diligent and stuff and say things more often – try to be less retarded and have better grammar. sure.

have you ever wanted to punch the shit out of someone? i did the other nite. i was caught in this disgusting downpour on my way to work so i looked all gross and wet and angry as hell when i got there. these two bitches were on their way out the building to go to some hussy club and they both laughed at me and called me a drowned rat – whatever, they had horse hair weaves and camel toes. i was so furious i couldn’t even react. the more i thought about it that nite the angrier i got and now i can’t stop fantasizing about strangling one of those bitches.


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