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i’m in maine right now. i’ve been here since the 27th. going to mass. tomorrow. i’ve been sitting around eating lobster, drinking beer and watching mtv. i stole a fridge magnet yesterday from this crappy touristy shoppe and then i purchased a book called jemima j. about some fat, insecure journalist girl and it’s the shittiest read so far and the fact that it cost $11.95 american makes me want to explode with rage. i also bought this navel jewellery thing that is so decadent and looks all wrong when i wear it. fuck. on the train here i drank 6 beers, devoured two packages of pretzels, 2 of baked lays and one bag of m&m’s. oh and don’t forget the two breakfast burritos compliments of mcdonald’s. i told this east indian dude he couldn’t sit beside me ’cause he was too hostile. he was calling the attendants “stupid ladies” and screaming all over the place.

the people in this town suck balls.

i arrive in canada on the 3rd. have the red carpet and cherubs ready.

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