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April 15, 2014

Two Thursdays ago your fearless anti-hero embarked on a gluttonous feasting adventure at the new spot on Roncess, Workshop (by Latitude). It sits on the same latitude as the Georgetown location (how much wine do you have to drink to figure that one out?) and is actually the same people who formally brought you Fat Cat wine bar which I’ve also reviewed on one whimsical sloppy Christmas eve-eve evening, Melodie in-tow. I just remember it was slushy out, delicious, boozy and mega-fun. The night was black as coal. It’s totally the kind of place you could say shit like THE NIGHT WAS BLACK AS COAL about.

Workshop is touted as, and actually is, the best cheese and only all cheese menu’d resto in the city. I mean, one that specializes in cheeses. You can order a la carte or choose from a variety of pre-set flights. We went with the Amsterdam because one of us is Dutch and turns out it was a grand choice. We were also treated to others available. I think I felt fat for a few days after this dinner. Worth it.

Dreamy staff on board too. Warren is a cheese genius. It was very interesting to pick his brain, get him going off on dairy tangents and what not. I also felt like I knew him from somewhere before but maybe I just don’t get out much. I really enjoy people who have passions and are generally obsessive about “things”. Experts. It’s the greatest because I absorb all information privy to me like a sponge. Mathew Sutherland on the right IS Workshop. Bow down. I dig their Leatherface aprons I proclaimed about five times over the span of the evening.

Honestly, right?? It was the first week of opening and packed when we arrived, hard to get a table for two. I changed to Thursday from Wednesday because I forgot I had something booked (involving a moving van) after work Wednesday night and was freaked I wouldn’t be able to make it happen but they accommodated me oh so sweetly. Hashtag blessed.

We had a charcuterie board too. I love the board and a little birdie told me where you can source them…

Who doesn’t love a pile of pesto to mess around with? The red fluff stuff is beet wasabi, inventive and delectable. If you’re a foodie reading this then you know what meats you’re looking at and I honestly can’t remember because it was two Thursdays ago and they doused copious glasses of red wine on me throughout as chefs are wont to do when you come to feast like King George or whomever. Oh wait, from the mouth of babe himself…

Fresh grated beet and horseradish, basil walnut pesto, Spanish chorizo, bresola, pickled cherry peppers. Brillat Savarin, marcona almonds, grape must mustard. Cornichons. Cappcola, I think that’s it.

Say hello to Raymi for me.

Dooooon’t even get me started on how much chatter this picture generated.

I was pretty zonked after work to boot. Look at me I can’t even deal haha. The blond sommelier babe beside me, Rachel, runs the Georgetown joint. What a life that must be hey. Go over there, dazzle the folk then ditch dodge and flee back to city to be Queen of the urban eatery castle. I also love the farmy suburbs, the nothing, a lot right now. I’m like a guy watching his dog run away from home for three days in the prairies and gonna write a poem about it.

I am this (I took this last Sunday) but back to business…

Oh hi.

You want cheese you got cheese. That’s the copywriter coming out for sure.

Can’t afford a flight to Amsterdam? (Which’ll setcha back $1500+ trust me I know this) No problem, try one for $17 instead.

No shortage of quirk or hipster dining low-pretention chic. With a very nice back patio.

Pew Pew le Pew.

Sorry for the mommy cloth. Not sorry? Gimmicks are my jam.

I liked the stinky cheese so much I asked for more, got it. Then had thirds. YOLO.


Pretty much an all out goddamn indulgent night and I’d send my best friends there if I had any. Heh. Workshop is making the media rounds to boot. Toronto Life and BlogTo respectively. Nice, nice.

Mathew, with one t, is a great all around guy. I like guys who like wine. Right? Ladies, go see him.

Don’t worry, we left before anything got weird. Heheh.

You can take your mother, a date, family. Your bestie. Go solo. That guy you are kind of banging… it’s the new institution so familiarize thyselves. If you go (and you should) say Raymi sent you and you will probably most definitely (highly likely) get special treatment and/or snubbed. You choose you lose people! You could also go and say nothing which I expect 90% of you to do because that is “so” Toronto. Or, better yet if you’re in the foodie percintle then you’re already aware of everything I’m talking about and rolled your eyes a billion times. #Hater. .;)

It really is a special place. I’ll let you explore the front on your own. Sitting at the bar is just as dreamy, candles lit everywhere. Very cozy. Thanks Mathew!

And here are my legs. It’s nice to be back to blogging you guys! Sayonara!

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April 6, 2014

Guys, there’s a snafu afoot with my flickr account in that I can’t right-click access a code to blah-blah post here, so’s I can’t blog pics and pardon the (my) perpetual bullshit will yas! Maybe I’ll just have to revert to writing as blogging, can you imagine? It’ll be fixed in a jiffy no doubt. Might have to use dropbox. LAME. In any event, happy sundance Sunday. Man I really hope this video isn’t blocked due to music copyrights.

Love Raymi

RTM tumblr if desperate sauce.

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April 2, 2014

HI GUYS! SORRY FOR THE CRICKETS. You can follow me on twitter and Instagram or stalk me on tumblr and facebook to get your fill in-between the in-betweens. Don’t think I don’t think aboutcha. IOU blog soon. thx k bye. Oh yeah I’m 31 now. Wahh. Thanks for all the Bday love too. After work we are renting a van and picking up my princess bed from Toronto and some other stuff too. There’s always something no?

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March 23, 2014

Hello y’all. Girl with crazy life with no life is writing to you on a Friday night. It’s boring and I like it! Oh and that pineapple was full of booze. Delicious. Not ours but I imbibed. If you bring a to-go pineapple, we can be friends.

We drove up and down looking for thai, which was closed.

She’s the Wizard of Emerald City. I could pull those boots off maybe that’s why I’m so drawn to her?

This pic is so Tim Burton.

I love this love love love it.

I ate this entire brie appetizer, not the chutney though. Hangover walk of fame meal and I actually lost weight this trip.

My birthday is soon. Usually around St. Pat’s I start to get all, ooh birthday ooh don’t care but kind of care. I think it’s mostly anticipation excitement cos normally nothing’s really going on.

Ireland Emerald city rules.

Pre-gamed here. After the night prior’s festivities it took a bit of gentle easing back into the saddle a bit, a lot of a bit. We hogged up the jukebox and I got to feel what a fresh stack of new American 1′s feel like before unsheathed. Like fake money out of Hollywood.

This became juice. Amazing.

Probably about the most painful place to be before catching a plane, but also awesome.

This is my new desktop bg.

Never a dull moment.

I am hella glad Leslie insisted I wear this dress because the singer of this band we saw was wearing a cute little green dress while they were performing at Chicki Wah Wah and I would have jumped out of a window of jealousy if I wasn’t in a dress. Moral of the story: always wear a dress.

This pineapple belonged to the people who sent us drinks over. How cordial. It was a sloppy night. I think I am embracing my bohemian side. Maybe it is spring. Canadians have it rough, you forget this shit about yourself until you get a good dose of Vitamin D.

I hope they are still alive and thriving nicely.

Can’t finish? No problem. This pitcher was cheaper than a pint. $2 for a pitcher. I love America.

The man.

Rice beans by band versus..

These ones. And by the way, I get the whole rice and beans thing now. My dad loves beans and for my entire life I have made beans (British) jokes about it. Like, an entire plate of baked brown beans? Ew. This way I get.

Have you been noticing the Kurt Cobain case floating around the wires out there. It’s saddening all over again.

I am so happy it is sunny right now. The lake looks beautiful, sparkling, my arms are hot from its rays. Come on spring!!

And then it was over. I was pumped to have this seat. I got long legs.

Airport desolation, beautiful, art.

They’ve taken a lot of heat lately too, the missing flight, another one crashed before it left the ground. You can’t live your life being scared of everything all the time or what-ifs but let me tell you, lots of scary thoughts definitely went through my head during my travels. Oh, namely being false-brave suicidal, “I am ready to die”-like. Because what can you do? Nothing. But then you land and you survive and life goes on. We had a lot of turbulence flying from Dallas, straight off the bat it was choppy and the sky was a gorgeous retro fade sunset and we were dipping and on our side going through bumps. The lady beside me got out her prayer beads and I was like I don’t think that’s gonna help but you’re adorable for trying. Then I filled out her customs form, which you know about already. But anyway here I am now writing this.

And part of my last meal in Texas. I lost my appetite at the country club then I was like, I am having a steak when I land and it’s going to be glorious, cozy, everything for every feeling that there is! I had the Tenderloin tamales instead.

Which by all accounts were amazing. But I still haven’t nabbed my steak hankering so there’s a 100% chance that I will be eating a steak sometime this week.

BTW me Friday. Right after I hit publish this hair will be going Little Mermaid Ariel red.

Damara came over yesterday. I didn’t want to go to Toronto. Yeah, exactly, you get your ass out here instead dammit! We had a great dinner and lazy Saturday indulgences. I peeked at the bday gift she brought me too… wow.

I practiced singing the one song I am most obsessed with right now quite a bit this weekend. I want to make people cry (in a good way) when I sing. Damara listened on and said it was good. Work bestie heard my recording of it and was also floored so, I am excited to embark on my next new thing which is being a jazz singer bahahah. I wrote that on a plantation postcard I bought from the airport (I bought a whole pack) for Damara. What are you supposed to write on postcards, no matter what it all sounds pretentious. Hi, this is the weather, I ate that, we are going there and, see you soon etc. People should write the most insane things possible on postcards. I know I do.

This is from the scrapbook I made in Maine when I lived there for three months. I am thinking more and more that my story, or my book, is far richer than even I can possibly imagine and it shouldn’t be some shoe-horn buzzwordy try-hard social media snapshot of what I think people want to hear but should actually be of what people want to hear. I’m not going to over think it (yes I am) I’m just going to do it.

I promise I will never pose like this again. Promise not guaranteed.

I love lunch time because it’s a manner in which one can express themselves and then you instagram it and for days you get to consider your decision and then everyone weighs in on it like it’s a thing and I am sorry but, everyone eats.

We need trees like these.

I was re-booked on a flight to Chicago because my Dallas connection was delayed and I would not have made the Nola one. I was paged for a half hour then given attitude by the flight attendant. It’s pretty much guaranteed that I get attitude when I travel. You learn a lot about all sorts of people when moving about.

And well, that’s that.

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March 22, 2014

She was the best. But oh, there is more.

Also pt. II of my journies coming upppp.

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March 20, 2014

NOLAdventure blog post begin. Hang tight and pay mild attention because this is going to be out of order. Double entendre intentional. Join me now in 96 hours of LaLaLand. New Orleans is pretty much the best place ever btw…

The people of this great place just so happen to take it upon themselves to beautify the city. It’s very pleasing, and a very New York City crazy eccentric thing to get behind. I fucking love it the more and more I go there.

It lit a fire in me.

How to pose with Vegas signs. A hamburger one at that: push in brunch gut.

New Orleans brunch, capital this place, was like if PeeWee Herman barfed on hipsters and that is an ultimate compliment. It was so good. I think our waitress hated me because I said too many Canadian things like, “is this heavy?” about some dish. But I bought a painting to solidify a friendship that doesn’t matter and to enjoy at my workstation because it was quickly dawning on me I was going to miss this place. This is a morning margarita that in part inspired this entire thought process, however they named it so I am blameless. The upstairs was a completely fun and different looking scene too.

Here there it is. Oh I had grits.

I’m kind of a thrid times the charm person. I did Thunder Bay 3 times. This was my third time again in Nola and, the first time we stayed at a hotel across the water here. It’s just awesome the more you learn about a place and see it get better as you get better. I went to Aruba twice. Who even goes once? Fuck while I’m at it I did Holland twice too…

This reminded me of the high line a bit. I love public space recycled into come and hang but leave places to visit. Right? Who doesn’t?

Here’s another dumb glamour pose.

I dunno… mud flap girl one is pretty awesome too.

I bought this.

*unrelated* a shirt I didn’t have a chance to wear.

I drank tequila this night and sweated it out in my sleep and had no hangover, it was peculiar.

Rumoured house of the rising sun. One of. A whore house. #party.

I had this on a tshirt as a cool teenager, from Sauble Beach.

The singer of this band made rice and beans for the night. The drummer of the band provided this car for me to lie on. Gratitude looks something like this. Like my John Lennon boots?

Now I’m going to listen to Ray Charles for like, twenty minutes. I’m also recording a folky cover of a Sam Cooke track. Work bestie and I are finally recording something. I want it complete by the time I turn 31. On the 31st. How strange right. Look what happens when you don’t blog for a long time you start sounding like the Robber Bride. Notice how feminists are always asking questions out loud? Sidenote: am perpetually churning out stand-up material and I am halfway through reading the comedy bible. Just saying. Have been told I am like Lenny Bruce.

Raymboat reporting live from the gorgeous front porch of the clothing optional country club. Lets just say I should have showed up an hour earlier, had a plane to catch.


And their street sign names are something out of west side story. Just beautiful.

And oyster shell mulch.

Thank you so much Leslie <3.

If I hurry it on up with this post I can have energy left over to dye my hair. Ariel red (almost).

You go by so many amazing houses.

And shit like that.

So many enhanced beautifully adorned everythings.

It was the Emerald city for 4 days. Couldn’t have been better planned.

This parade was great.

The W.

I got beaded. An Italian stallion kissed me on the cheek. They were walking lotharios, casa novas in tuxes. There were chariots and dramatic Italian music blasting, swaying, dancing, such a magical time.

And many moments afoot.

Pageant brides?

Wall to wall people. Eyeroll at Bourbon street but the second you leave it you miss it like hell.


We later discovered you could ride this and he’d pull you around and the dog parked crazy PA robot voiced by that guy in green. Best place on earth I say.

He is in the process of giving me the peace sign because he knows what’s up.

I had the burlesque stress of course.

And gator tails. A woman tripped over a fainting couch because the crowd parted for me when I walked from the bathroom and her drink sploshed all over her. I picked her up. It was a scene. On Bourbon street no doubt. It’s just people on people.

Too many things to say. Make hay while the sun shines. Drink vodka when the “bf” is away. Somebody asked and the answer is, he’s visiting soon.

It’s like if Full House went Jazz blues singer. Moreover, Dave Coulier and I are still twitter besties.

More new friends and that tree is pretending to be a pineapple. Busted.

Pizza Delicious was delicious.

The orig of that instagrammed version. See how instagram makes things, things?

Leslie spotted this in the most curious of places.

I’m bummed I didn’t take pics of the show we saw at Chicki Wah Wah. More on that later. I’m going to make this super post a two-parter. Probably edit out a lot of things. I wish you a happy Thursday. I got tings ta do! Happy Spring.

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March 13, 2014

Hey winter, amiright!? I’m getting outta dodge tomorrow. My bf will be here in a couple weeks and is right now traveling around some hot climate places and I was all WTF and booked a ticket to Nawlins. Last I went was December 2010. I’ve dug out some pics to ogle to inspire myself to pack and cheer up. Winter blahs. I am not pumped about having to grab connecting flights both ways, but whatevs. These beds are intensely sumptuous. I am a fan of sleeping. Everyone’s been like, oh is it Mardi Gras? I don’t know and I don’t care that’s not my scene. I’ll be there for St. Pat’s though so… hahaha.

Lets see how many more Canadian guilt feelings can I throw in here? My ear has been making me all out of sorts too for too long so, “I need this”. Except for all the bad plane news of late and my connecting flight anxiety, I know I’m actually hella stoked.

2010 Raymi lol. I bought actual summery clothes to avoid goths at the beach again, don’t worry. This will be my third time visiting Weswee in Nola.

Dreamy. Love it.

Startin’ to get pumped.

It was all Xmas’d out too. Can you see me, or does my blond head match the light too much? I killed a karaoke madonna performance on Bourbon street too btw.

Lots to discover.

It was a bit chilly at night. Loads warmer than here though.

Bummed about the weight I am going to gain from eating in advance.

Very good vibe town.

You got to bring your kids here.

Or your big ones.

Oh you bet your ass I posed with everything here.

See you soon Top hat rat.

And the Esplanade.

They have gold and blue everything cos that’s their football team’s colours so shit looks real gangster awesome.

Research StoryLand. It was an internet meme I knew about and read about back in my pre-vice mag messageboard days so going to it for me personally was a trip. It survived hurricane Katrina.

Stay weird dudes/ettes! xo rlw

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March 11, 2014

I decided to ask my good ol internet BFF Merkley some questions about these wild portraits I started noticing on his Facebook. Then he answered them. So here they are now.

Hi Merkley, what the hell is going on?

Life is going on, and on, and on and on.. but eventually it will stop, for every living creature and there is nothing anybody can do about it. I suppose that is a good thing ultimately because it means nothing matters so may as well eat as many nachos as you want. Also, jupiter is going on too, but don’t go there, it’s not for humans.

What’s the meaning behind this concept?

I assume you mean the dress up party pictures. For me there wasn’t much behind it besides being allowed to make as big a mess as I wanted in someone else’s house without the obligation of cleaning up. I like that concept. The guy who created the series, which was apparently inspired by some other popular series, had some spiritual nonsense behind it but luckily I didn’t know about any of that part or I probably wouldn’t have shown up or at least I wouldn’t have had as much fun. Ignorance really can be bliss sometimes.

Is it like a funny idea you came up with while high with friends then was like, lets actually do it?

I wasn’t high, but it would have been fun while on mushrooms or something. Hell, it would have been nice if someone had thought to bring a little booze along. What a dumb day to leave the flask at home. Do I sound like I’m complaining? Well, that’s just because that’s how I normally sound on the internet because you can’t see my pretty little face making tiny movements that indicate what a swell guy I am and I forget to use emoticons. This would be a perfect place for an emoticon but I’m not gonna put one because now it’s too expected and not fun. I wreck a lot of fun things by talking about them too much.

Did you know I plan to reference one of our jokes in my next stand-up act?

I do now. I bet you’ll win an Oscar for it. Oh, wait, they don’t give Oscars for comedy. They don’t even have a category for comedy which is proof that the world makes no sense and there is no point to even trying to help it. I’m not trying to be clever here, I really am just trying to drive the point home that if you want to enjoy some nachos, you better do it now because time is running out and that would be a crying shame to pass on delicious things when they don’t even give Oscars to comedies.

ok that’s the end of the questions. did you know i have been making country songs every day? it’s fun.

oh wait. I just scrolled up. yes I told you.

Thanks Merkley bye!!!!!!!

CHECK OUT (SOMETIMES NSFW) MERKLEY! He makes legendary portraits!


Message from the artist of this series!

Hey, Just wanted to say thanks for sharing some of the project on this blog. There are hundreds more of these images. Hope you stay tuned. Thank you.

Concerning the spiritual aspects of the project: Yeah, this is mostly getting weird fun n messy with art. It is fun for me to act like I am 6 and imagine these guys as my own personal warriors and make them seem stoic and freaky. Like I am playing with action figures way cooler than Star Wars ones. It’s fun to just make up a story for kicks and present it. It’s why art is fun for me. Because I can do that. I guess that is a touch spiritual if that is what you mean. saahhhhrEE.

Oh and I experienced direct contact with some of these being in their ‘actual’ form while on DMT. Yes I know I was on DMT. I get it that they were not really there. So what! They were there and it was great. You can’t tell me otherwise. Try to. Is that spiritual? Maybe. But it was one of the strangest experience I may have ever had in my life. And then this project happened. Ok, maybe this project is spiritual. fuck!

Sorry about the no-booze part of the project. I use alcohol for other things like music.

I also I agree with Terence McKenna when he talks about how talking about psychedelics to someone who hasn’t really done it is like talking to an 8 year old boy about sex. The website and book should be coming out today. Here is a sneak peek of the website with a lot more imagery:

And I think this link should work for the book:


IN SUMMATION, this concept was actually technically conceived while high. Therefore, my hypothesis (HIGH-pot-hesis ahah HIGH POT HESIS!) is sound.

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