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July 28, 2015

Hey buddy! Things in July usually get crazy don’t they. Sweeps sweeps. Blog sweeps. Everyone is outdoors and bloggers, websites, want you indoors on the internet so we jam it with “more” or “other” content. Do you know what rich content is? Do you know that I know what it is? Do you think that I think that this is rich content? Did you know that I can do thinky stuff too?

Well anyway, after school we hit the pool. It has been bloody hot in Toronto bro. I was having hot flashes.

I speak all over the place online about my comings and goings and don’t actually formally address it here first. I feel like this should be my corkboard from now on. I am not trying to make blogs happen, just mine. But anyway I spoke at Humber yesterday about my time working at an ad agency to much rapt attention because that’s all the kids want to know is how to get hired at an agency.

Then I took their final exam along with them (internet marketing class) and there was a lot I didn’t know (forgot) so I googled as much as I could (cheated) before I grew tired of it, answered some from knowledge/memory and then just gave up completely because it was fifteen pages and I wanted to cruise buzzfeed instead. Why does school make you so hungry btw?

Sticking chip in now to get more pics from class.

Leah did my hair years ago! It only dawned on her as my sassiness came out and she was brought back to me in her chair saying god knows what.

Don’t ever photograph me while I am speaking. It will just not work out, sorry.

I use my entire body when I teach so ya.

Instead of prattling on and on I tried quizzing them periodically throughout my talk. One question I posed was regarding how to sell a product as healthy when it might not particularly “be” that healthy, what verbage do you use to instill a feeling of…vitality, refreshment (that one is huge). Anyway if you ever want a consultant, speaker, editor, wordsmith, help with emails let me know I’m actually qualified.

I am easy for the dinosaurs to digest the information I offer by using outdated technological props. Like a pen, for instance.

And by God if you ever have doubts on a formal document send it to me to proofread/rewrite before hitting send elsewhere. My rate varies from reasonable to exorbitant.

Good times guys.

As mentioned previously, I was feat. in Digital Journal yesterday. Will talk about that later. Back soon with another blog post! I went shopping yesterday too so a fun post is en route xoxo.

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July 26, 2015

Hey! Hay is for horses. Lets go!

The last two weeks, maybe three, have been a hectic fun blur I can totally relate to that cat’s facial expression right meow. Barn cats are great, so low hassle they pretty much raise themselves and the local wildlife take care of (eating) the rest. So many kittens on this farm.

Baby turkeys. By November they’ll be a nice size. Nice knowin’ ya more like. Oh man I am on a roll today look out.

That little kitty I could fit in my hand so teeny weeny. We died.

This is the watercraft we SHOULD have taken out. Massive. Like the friggin’ Hudson Bay Company boat. But no, too much drama to portage it over to the other house then water? Which was actually a swamp reservoir. God what a shitshow.

That’s the water we went in. My ass is sopping wet and dirty here. We had to crashland on this woman’s property who was not keen and I had to take off my wet shirt, her nerdy little girls in-tow all dressed like amish recluses. The girls were asking me a million questions and commenting on my toe polish that they loved it was cute but the mom was not feeling it. I was like oh don’t worry this was totally not my idea or a good one. We had to walk the dingy off the property then donated it to a family Rob knows but forgot to give them the paddles. All in all two adults in a dingy is NOT a good time. It was hilarious though, looking back. Some unfriendly locals in that town. This other gruff woman in a pick-up truck blocked us off at a crossroad and got in Rob’s face about what we were doing there WTF lady do you own the town??

Rob is crazy like me. Crazier probably so everywhere we go it’s a spectacle. Sometimes I just walk on ahead to avoid embarrassment. Creative types, I tell ya! Our cameras were in that jar plus smokes. At least a pile of beers and vodka micky was out on display while that pilgrim woman was giving us the gears ahahha.

All the guys at the bonfire our last night said I was a good time (no not like that) and I’m invited back for sure. I am kind of like a guy anyway in that I have a horrible mouth on me and can keep up with their quick-talk. I was hazed quite a bit. I can be gullible and fall for dumb shit often. But once I catch on boy, get ready for the roasting. One guy was like so… is your house being fumigated why are you here with Rob? I always seem to perplex people.

Although we were up north we sure did a lot. Not much relax. Maybe a little. I pretty much laid in bed all day yesterday deservedly so. My arms went numb from holding up my phone for two hours I could not nap no matter how hard I tried.

Berry picking was a disaster too we didn’t find much but I got to see this beautiful wheat field my new best friend. Everyone made fun of us for going berry picking but it was an excuse to get away from the family and see the sights.

At least my hair matches the field.

Got some hive spying action in. I didn’t do any bee work. No one likes to do it cos you get stung. I was too hung to get stung. I’d have a full blown meltdown.

Heaven on earth. Legit.

Do you recognize this? Can you figure out where we were/are.

I love this beach.

Wished I had tanning bronzer lotion. Love that shit. Seagulls pecked at us as we slept on the beach. The bag too. Ballsy.

Rob hates this thing, thinks it’s garbage. Seeing me take a picture of it made him appreciate it more and he felt more proud about it. People can’t see the forest for the trees when they’ve seen something their whole life.


Honey everywhere. Forgot to bring my wax home. Do you want some wax? You can use it to clean your house apparently. I can steal some and then sell you some lol.

Arighty then I’ll leave you now with this wheat video. There’s a lot more to share soon have a great Sunday!

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July 23, 2015

Hello fellers. Here be the rest of my PEI uploads. I wanted to post some new stuff but I left my camera cord at home for some dumb reason.

Two back-to-back trips and a backlog of work to catch up on has made my head spin where to begin.

The night before PEI. I was super worried about getting fat. I imbibed. I got fat. But now I’m all svelte like it never even happened so no harm no foul.

My flight look. I didn’t want to look too party. I feel like it was an Alicia Silverstone Aerosmith video homage.

Honestly the time just flew by. I was worried I’d feel trapped there too long but it was the perfect amount of time all and all.

Moncton. Didn’t happen if you didn’t take a pic.

Confederation bridge. It just goes and goes and goes. It’s an island afterall.

This is the first Prime Minister of Canada Sir John A Macdonald. Americans have a guy like him too, first name Ronald ooh roasted.

After dinner gearing up for a night on the town.

This was funny. We were sloshed. Had a wicked dance party at fishbones. Go there if you go to Charlottetown. We stayed at the fanciest hotel too obvi.

Love period people. Confederation festival.

It was overcast the day prior. We were hung as hell/sleep-deprived can you tell?

Spectac greasy burgs. Gravy was hangover necessary.

Great little sanctuary. I got zero writing done. The slow wifi turned me into an animal. Divine intervention.

Singer in this band obviously gravitated right toward me.

A stewardess snappd at me on the flight home so she was my secret enemy the entire time. I iced her out hard. We had upgraded seats basically first class and she was still a f___ing c__t! Oh well. Then at the end we were friends when I let her take my garbage.

We ate like kings. Trevor is a foodie snot like me. He’s WORSE.

I love scallops.

He had surf ‘n turf.

I had the tenderloin.

Where’s Raymbo interlude.

One last Scooter burger baby!

Travel fashion homeward bound. A security scanner gent really loved my shirt.

Was home three hours then off again to the country.

Totally gotta jet though now. Check me tonight at Sfizio pizza bar for a ladies mixer. xoxo

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July 20, 2015

Happy Monday! Nothing like a rainy Monday. At least this is a day of travel.

Just a little breathless post to say hello and goodbye to PEI. The time just flew on by. Sadness. I’ll tell ya one thing I surely won’t miss and that’s the wifi! Holy bloody slow. I didn’t work on my book at all nor did I edit this interview that’s waiting on my go for press. You think you’re gonna do these things on vay-kay, but ya’s ain’t.

Yesterday I paraded around in this little number (til I got changed into real clothes at dinner) and had a completely fine time. It wasn’t a sunny day so we were like to hell with the beach and obsessively played monopoly deal. Very addictive that game.

The day prior I made a bit more effort, so.

As much crap as I can fit in this post still won’t even scratch the surface on amount of images captured blabbity blah.

Liquor store parking lot action.

Did exercises around the house in this between card games. I have gained some lobster weight. Great. Fat makes my face look healthier and younger anyway I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. No I won’t I’ll hate it.

Okay I am being rushed now gotta pack and go.



Oh hi.

Pinch me.

I love this dress. The back is adorb too.

Caught up on my sleep out here too. Feel refreshed. Gotta go meow!

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July 18, 2015

Hello everyone!

Kinda put together a Punky Beach Brewster look yesterday with maybe a bit of Michelle Tanner. Have to wash my hair today it’s at that point eek.

Stay fit, limber and agile. You’ll regret it if you don’t. My body is sore from doing TWO cartwheels so there you go.

Welcome to my adventures on Prince Edward Island. Yes I am getting lobster fat. When in Rome bro. BTW it’s pretty gorgeous everywhere you look here. I die. I could do a dedicated church blog post, alone.

This beach took my breath away yesterday. Got pretty giddy. We didn’t bring anything to eat or drink we just nosed around, threw rocks, took pics. Wished had been there all day and today it’s overcast but warm so I dunno where the sun went that’s pretty lame.

We’ve had a pretty jokey time, neither of us want to kill the other yet so that’s great to report. There was a moment on our way here from Charlottetown though but we got through. Success!

Update: he dumped my coffee I saved for today so I want to kill him now.

I overpacked. Shocker.

Realising we have no signal here which is kinda great actually. I took an extra shirt with me to rub in the red clay to tie-dye it but we didn’t get around to that we were too happy doing nothing instead.

A great point in vacationing is capturing the experience and getting portraits of oneself in a new setting with great scenery. No one finds mirror selfies as exciting no matter how many we take.

Trevor’s mom should be very house proud. Lots of whimsical decor pieces on fleek.

These shares aren’t in chronological order because I’m going backward through flickr. The wifi is very slow here so we will see how much I can get through before I “snap”.

My view at dinner. Better pics on my camera I’ll share when I get home.

Settled on this casual look for supper. I was thinking ball gown and was swiftly steered clear of that notion. We were playing a loud and funny game of name a kitchn utensil/cooking implement-something and every time we’d laugh this old guy would stare at us from the corner of his eye like all startled but too shy to give in and I’d smile at him. I wish the world could be as unhinged as we were last night it’s just good to relax and enjoy the moment. I find sometimes I’m so stressed I can’t enjoy the enjoyable things I do and be at peace and I hate that. Unlock the zen master within if you can that’s all I’m saying.

Put some zen hours in yesterday before the beach while Trevor slept. Reminded me of my times in Thunder Bay. I’ve probably said, “one time in Thunder Bay” A million times now. “Oh, this reminds me…of a story about Thunder Bay.” hahaa.

It’s time to add more blond to my hair and exercise to my regime I can’t just rely on mbating and sex to tone this temple can you diggit. Speaking of I lied to trev that a farmer and I had a roll in the hay from the grass that got in my hair from this tan sesh and he kinda believed it haha asshole yeah right! I did make eye contact with a hot tractor boy the day we got here though…

Mighty lobster feast! omg a sale at leon’s *squeals*.

Mmm. I also smell bacon IRL right now. I am eating nothing but salads and veg after this trip.

A military plane overhead us while we had road burgers and spoke to the chattiest newf ever he was so nice!

Just be quiet now.

Charlottetown is a fun little place too. I approve.

Trevor thought he was tired. Oh, is that what you thought buddy? I don’t think so.

Charlottetown hasn’t been the same since.

The flight was pretty decent too. No complaints really at all if you can believe it.

I will miss this place!

I did some exercises on this log until we got in a fight about how abs are made in the kitchen. Uh explain 6-packs then I don’t think so.

To be continued! Have a great weekend.

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July 17, 2015

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July 13, 2015

Last Thursday I was feeling very mint. Mint laser hair removal clinic to be precise and had the opportunity of stepping in to this world of laser hair removal. Something I wished to have done to my bikini area during those awkward teenage years where everyone is looking out down there for a lookeroonie.

I’m a french lady (part) so what can I say, we gets a bit hairy ma petit cheries mais oui.

But what’s all this laser hair removal stuff about exactly and will it hurt?

It doesn’t hurt. It prickles. My hair was a bit longish because I didn’t do exactly as I was told I thought more hair would help them grab it but long story short make sure you shave the night before, not the morning before that’s too much time to let it grow back. I have 7 more treatments to get it right no matter ain’t nuthin’ but a thing.

This is after I had it done and feeling cool as a cucumber.

We all saw a video of my first treatment last week which engendered a great discussion on my Facebook too. Keep the treated areas free from tanning and shaving for a week, in which the lasered hair will fall off. As we speak the beginnings of that are happening to your hero fyi.

They brought her in specially for me. We bonded instantly.

All the places you can have lasered on your body.

Great facility and it doesn’t take long at all. 15 minutes, about.

I wasn’t scared either or psyched myself out and am looking forward to the next go at it.

Requisite out front location shots.

I love the cut of this dress. I was going to wear a green one to match Mint’s colour scheme but it was too big on me.

It was definitely a fun time.

Located snugly in fun and flirty Liberty Village there is lots to do after your visit to Mint.

This store in particular drew us in like moths to a flame.

Til next time Amigos.


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July 7, 2015

Hello blog reader-inos how’s your Tuesday!?

Lets try one of these no hidden agenda good ol fashion blog posts hey? Great, swell. Lets.

I saw terminator Genysis (Genisys? who cares) on Friday and ***SPOILER ALERT***!!

I bawled my eyes out secretly. I thought my date (just this new guy I hang out with meow nbd) was crying at this one part but actually his nose was just shiny and it wasn’t tears I thought I was seeing run down his nose and then Arnold says, “TAKE CARE OF MY SARAH!” and then my face was a goddamn river, super crying. The reason it was so powerful is because Arnie is a robot and the jury’s out on whether he has the capacity to feel or to love and what not but then he goes and says something like that and there you go, hashtag feelings. Then he dies and you are like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO but then he comes back and you are like YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Told you there were spoilers here sorry whatever you spend money then you own it in a sense and then you can do what you want with that information.

Crushed a burger afterward and had to that popcorn was not enough I hadn’t eaten all day either. You can actually eat fast food (I do not reccommend that you do nor endorse it at all in any shape or form) whenever you like as long as you restrict to the point of mental retardation. This woman on facebook was like what’s up with all the burgers Raymi? (plus the crying at terminator) I forgot I had a quarter pounder the day before too oops! When you’re a stressed out maniac your metabolism gets all efficient. I did have a salad on the weekend so, that is good. Then we had a mini-fight about how “no I am not emo” then she got her period and apologized for projecting on to me haha. My daily life is comprised of having no less than 200 stupid conversations with people. It’s a living.

My hair is still growing and getting longer thanks for asking you should see the shower wall when I’m done washing it oh god. Blowdrying it in the summer gives me anxiety attacks from the heat it creates cloaking my back it’s the worst. I look forward to it being down to my waist. It’s my dream to have a nude portrait in a field with super long hair like a forest nymph.

Meeting with a new lit agent this week I’m excited and apprehensive? Mostly pumped. “It’s happening” in that I have ultimate green light to write super dirty erotica and I am kinda freaking out a little. I keep picturing getting a ginormous advance then going on a fuck holiday in Denmark or whatever. Joking joking yo! I have all these stories and experiences in me. If not now when, right?

Anyway I will keep you abreast (or a dick) of all that shit as much as I can. I am going to PEI for 5 days in 8 days so I’ll get some work done or maybe get my friend to ghostwrite a chapter for me LOL. I also can’t believe I am going to PEI! Anyone who lives there who reads my blog meet me in Charlottetown my first night. Let me know. I have never been to PEI before. I’m going to run on the coast, swim in the ocean, take great pics, drink a lot of red wine, eat lobster, blog about it, watch a lot of movies, try not to kill my friend. Pretty much almost exactly what my life is like in Ontario. Hook me up if you’re around. ;)

Follow me on instagram btw if you’re on it thank you.

Went to the beach on Sunday. Port Dover Takeover whagwan.

We had a good time we only wish more of our friends were there. It was a last minute thing and if I knew we were going to Port Dover I would have protested more it’s hard to get me far from home. Thought we were just going to local Burly beach but all in all I am super glad we hit up the Dover. AJ took off on us as we were eating poutine before leaving town which was exciting lol.

We didn’t have a boombox or speakers so we just sang all day to each other like, any song we knew from memory it got pretty ridiculous and awesome. Wrote some rap lyrics to add a verse to Al and Andrew’s rap song about gravy and french fries. Typical Sunday.

See the guy making a bicep? Last known photo of him before he disappeared for an hour while we ate fries LOL.

And as we rolled into Port Dover.

Lana Banana ding dong.

Okily dokily other things to do now thanks for dropping in.

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