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August 28, 2015

This is my next business card. I love it. Thanks so much Mike Parker for letting me into your awesome box series. You guys should check out the rest here: the box. It was funny when we posed together for a pic, Mike SQUEEZED the hell out of the box with me in it like I was his. The assistant laughed and said wow you look happy. Mike was like I AM!

I felt like a piece of merchandise? But not in a degraded kind of way. There was so much subtext floating around the studio. Anyway you gotta have fun with it. I especially like the one where I look like Arnold crash landing on earth from wherever dimension terminators come from, the future? Yes. That. Geeks who read my blog must be like oh my god raymi ughhhh.

Raymi fetus. Newborn.

Lol. Could not resist.

Alrighty gotta scoot. Have a good one everybody and be safe!

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August 27, 2015

This video is awesome. See if you can see the part where I start to secretly cry a little lol.

Yesterday I put my jeans on and got to grasscutting with Ecocut lawns and it was a very good workout – my arms are pretty ripped today for it. For more info about Ecocut you can read a very detailed account over on Raymi Toronto.

Check ya later!

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August 26, 2015

Before my shoot yesterday. Plain faced.

Balcony needs a bit of a makeover.

Smell ya later!

LOL. As we all know I got in a box today with the parker and I have never felt so small and so zen before in my life. The braids came to me in an almost dream last night and I hoped to rememeber in the morning that I wanted to do that to my hair and how perfect was that? Thanks Mike!

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August 25, 2015


Can’t wait to see these. The photog’s are way better than my camera’s.

More later!

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August 24, 2015

I’ve been pretty busy this summer you may have noticed. Part of that is due to upping my Social Media PR girl/consult game and its been very eye-opening, learned, and rewarding. I absolutely love every new person I’ve met this summer, worked with, for, partied and/or networked with. As much as I chide myself as a loner, I am a total people person. I feed off people’s energies, creativity and their wisdoms. It only leaves me thirsty for more.

Move Up Realty are some of these such peoples. Two crazy Russians, Slava the broker and Jay the realtor. We got together to enjoy espresso and talk houses for sale in Toronto. Jay kay I don’t know anything about that. We discussed social media and blogging. Looks like they listened to me too cos they wrote a blog about our meeting! I am impressed. Check it out:

Raymi the Minx Visits Move Up Realty To Consult on Social Media Strategies Targeting Gen X Homebuyers

I am used to holding signs. We all remember my tenure as a ring girl. WHICH will be happening again soon in October. Excited.

Slava brought out their collection of magazine covers posed on. Blew me away. I love that stuff. They sure are savvy. You can see them better on Raymi Toronto.

Lane Studios is also located in the same unit. More on that later. I’m going for a photoshoot there this week, super excited. I’m getting naked in a box.

Okay who does a better handshake, Jay or…

Slava. Lol.

We all went for food. Pure jokes and were so full afterward. Just wait til I yelp it then we’ll know what went down my mind is a black hole I can’t remember anything unless I am googling it which I sure as hell am not doing right now as I have NO TIME!

Cute socks Rob.

Here’s video of the whole experience meow! Gotta scoot ttyl RLW.

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August 20, 2015

Happy Thursday! Been a busy and good week. Here’s some treasures from yesterday.

We went to Addison’s to poke around with our new friends Toronto Interior Designers LHDT. I could not resist blowing this long horn on our way out. Watch the clip here.

Louise and Jenn are talented women and a great team. We meshed very well together and I look forward to working with them in the coming months (and dare I say, years).

We had a lot of fun. Did I mention that yet already?

I look like sasquatch. No shame.

James Addison put me right in the slammer when we arrived after calling ahead and begging them to stay open. When 3 hot ladies showed up he didn’t stop cheekily Scotsman flirting with us until we left. Best time.

He was expecting for another gal to get in there after me haha.

This installation is being worked on, he said.

We look like an indie folk band. Bluegrass?

Throw away the key bro I got all the nudie mags I need.

We were all sweltering in there it was almost like a test to see how long we could last and it was worth it because there was just so much to discover. I love antiquing. We will definitely head back again. Mr. Addison keeps bees too so naturally he and Rob bonded over that. FATE

Paula is super nice! We will be featuring more of this experience on my new website very very soon. Sorry to cut it off I just don’t want crickets and tumbleweeds to blow through RTM is all.

Now here I am a week ago Wednesday the night I met Louise. Don’t get me started on how behind I am in blogging just do NOT.

Here I am scampering away from Louise all shy and she’s looking at the picture I just took of her, oh that fateful photo.


She was disappearing into this painting and I needed to get a picture of it and as it turns out she’s just as driven and high-energy as yours truly. Meant to be.

Spied this old world structure on our way to a meeting yesterday morning.

Some of what we shared with clients yesterday. Delicious.

Thanks for dropping in and understanding! See you around xo RLW. Lurk my ello if you get desperate.

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August 18, 2015

Here is an excerpt from a book I started working on years ago. I have ten thousand words written and I have not read them also in years. Something will be used and/or come of it someday soon but in the meantime I am lighting a proverbial fire under my ass and sharing this content with you meow while I work on other things.

How to be famous on the Internet.

Intro/Writer’s voice.

I will tell you how I did it and through that perhaps you can glean your own infamy course of action. Essentially, all the bells, whistles, and gimmicks of being an internet celebrity are merely simplistic no-brainer hallmarks of a successful businessperson. Talk a good game, be one step ahead, be smooth, motivational speaking type shit. This book is a novel under the guise of a guide. I am using talking points from my how to be famous on the internet lectures, of which I have given many, as my chapter titles. Not only will you learn how to be famous on the internet, you will also learn how to write. First you learn how to write, then you learn how to harness your writing skill for online domination. If you’re here not to learn anything other than how I do, just taking a seat along for the ride, that’s fine too.

Chapter One.

Writer’s Soul.

You might have heard of this thing called a writer’s voice. It predates the internet. I have a few writing books I’ve been gifted along the way. If one writes then one receives books on how to be better at writing which they never read because we’re all born good writers if we really love it then we do not need to learn how to do it any better than we already do. It has taken me thirteen years to get through one of these books, actually, I stll haven’t finished reading it but still, the point is they discuss writer’s voice and “finding it”. As a teen that shit was elusive to me, I didn’t get it at all. I mean, I got it but it was very intimidating to me. The voice I had wasn’t compelling enough, apparently. I was comparing my voice to ficton writer’s (It is impossible for me to write fiction by the way) voices and becoming beyond frustrated by it so I thought well, enough of that guess I’m going to Law School I am never going to make any fucking money being a writer because I suck at it, I have no voice, this is pointless.

Many years later I fell into my voice, through blogging. Write a blue streak and don’t consider it very much at all that’s what you need to do. I was trying too hard to make a voice appear which got me nothing but writer’s block and drunk. Your writer’s voice is what you really think. It’s that humourous internal dialogue inside of you. Release that guy and while I’m at it, fuck this writer’s voice shit more like writer’s soul. Sometimes when I am writing so honestly it’s like I am puking up myself upon you and those are the best pieces of writing. Here, take my skeleton and my lunch, how’d that taste?

I cannot teach you how to feel the way I do when I know I’m on a writing roll, you just know it when you feel it.

My writer’s soul is damaged and arrogant. Stubborn, smug. Grandiose. It can do no wrong so I can write anything I want without fear or thinking twice about it. Of course I can say that, that’s what I say. Duh! Write yourself into a pigeon-hole and you can get away with anything. Lucky for me I am infamous of many stupid things so when I do or say something….

to be continued.

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August 16, 2015

Hey compadre, havin’ a hell of a summer over here. So many experiences and new friends I don’t know where to begin and I am sick of breathlessly saying that here but not as much as you are sick of reading it so lets just get through this.

Went paddleboarding again last week. Brought Casie along and we had a great time.

It was challenging fighting the waves around the lighthouse/bend over to Scarborough bluffs beach that water was very choppy but we got through. Rob fell in with the camera in his back pocket and now it’s toast we have to get a new one. I didn’t bail in once not bragging really cos there was a time or two I fell ON to my board and not in the water and was lucky. Casie ate it pretty good at one time. I think laughing all day was equally as good a workout as paddleboarding is for your core.

That’s Paul, me, and Bark the cat. First I thought the cat’s name was Mark, which would have been pretty great. Paul is the paddleboard addict messiah. I wanna get out as many more times before summer’s through.

I’m decent enough standing up but prefer it on my knees (minds out of the gutters now) you can go faster that way. On the way back from the beach fighting the current I figured out how to time my wave-descent with the motion of the ocean lake ontario and felt pretty pleased with myself.

Video of the first time we went paddleboarding in case you missed it only because I am too time-constricted to blog the pics and this video has ‘em all. Just fast forward to me in the marina.

After paddleboarding, I cleaned up my act a little and headed over to Sam’s (my book agent) to discuss said book and meet some of his other writers too. Vicki Hogarth was there. She’s a very famous (ex-addict, now sober) writer who recently shaved her head because of hair extensions gone wrong her article about it is published in Flare magazine.

Vicki is an impressive bundle of energy and it was Sam’s dream to have us meet and as we shared our respective war stories throughout the evening he’d be like, SEE!? SEE! You guys together I KNEW IT etc.

To finish the sexy book I’ve been working on will take too long we think and we also think that I am hilarious so it will be a lot easier and natural to make a funny book so the direction has been changed to being funny AF in literature and you have social media to blame. Only because I am so immersed in it again it just makes sense to fine-tune it, make a talk, be a talker who knows. I got through 40 pages of Bossypants (Tina Fey) yesterday despite a car alarm outside testing my rage.

Sam’s place is a writer’s playground.

Then on Friday your busy little buddy went to the Rogers Cup to see Serena Williams and she won but now I see that she has been disqualified so wtf is up with that?

I captured her famous victory wave.

Lounge lizard. Glad I went with the pink dress. I’m going shopping today I need some new duds. Bet there’s end of summer sales everywhere.

Wednesday we had a meeting up on high in a fancy tall building.

I took a lot of great shots. It is my plan/wish to do a dedicated Toronto architecture various skyline photos blog post soon with pictures from my camera. Way better quality. You’ll see. You’ll ALL see. Yes you will.

Everyone helped me select my nails and toe polish. It confused me a bit more to pool the crowd though it was fun to gab with ya about it.

Farmer’s market bounty. Isn’t food beautiful. Footage (pics) of my trip to the market will be on my new site once we launch it.

A struggleplate I posted as a joke but got a lot of love I was like wtf you guys are gross. People surprise me everyday, you just never know what the people want and turns out it’s garbage plate art.

This reminds me must put air in my tires. Finally brought a bike to the city to use.

And that would be my sweet bod. I better stop snacking on bacon I’m due for a boat cruise today.

The sun came out a day after a horrid weather colder snap in Toronto and all was well again.

Gonna wrap this non-post up so I can get my errands done and take advantage of REAL LIFE.

Check ya later.

Last Friday we had a meeting hang with these guys too. I don’t even know why I begin talking about these things I have no time to finish. Like I said, busy summer. Til next time.

(for all media inquries just email fyi).

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