dollar store thrills

Hi all. Welcome to another edition of girls toys vs boys toys.

Okay this one is unisex because there’s a boy featured too however, it was hanging up in the girl section AND she doesn’t even get to hold the pan. Typical men taking over our game.

Oh sweet, sewing machines, dirt busters, and irons. How lucky the girls are to get to play make-believe maids and housewives. Why wasn’t this box placed in the boy section? Mystery, that. Digging the girl colours too, good job.

Girls LOVE their Unicorns man we crazy for the unicorn that’s for sure but thanks for driving the point home and chucking this box into our section.

Yup, more kitchen-related junk.

and mermaids. Quite the broad spectrum of options for girls. You cook, you clean, or you fantasize about being a mermaid.

I loved stuffed animal cats and puppies don’t get me wrong but I guess it’s supposed to prepare us for motherhood and having furbabies.

When you grow up you’re going to be a woman of leisure. It’s tea parties and wine o’clock for days, you are a true princess.

Don’t forget your ratchet hairpiece!

How did you know my personal nickname?

You guessed it. Time for the boys toys if that wasn’t blatantly clear yet. It’s a bit true though I look at those robots and my eyes glaze over. BORING. Not for me.

Obvi playing cops is for boys only because girls are too busy ironing uniforms for them.

I’ve actually bought two of those dart guns and I am a girl, so.. I also like how violent the boy section is. Jesus relax.

Nice knife. I’m sure all sorts of healthy imagination-play will spurn from it.

This looks safe.

Ooh cool brass knuckles, teach them young. If you miss on your first swing you can stab them with the Commando knife in your other hand.

These I wanted but I was “not allowed”.

This one looks like it would hurt way more and also is the set that inspired this post (as well as the box of irons and sewing machines).

Gotta love it. Built to last. Thanks for your sexist toys time, friends.

I wrote a post like this from Toys R Us that went viral in 2007, it’s pretty offensive and I am too lazy to edit it so I have decided not to link it. How I wrote 14 years ago was very shock-value and immature anyway, gotta switch gears now ttyl!

Update: here is a picture of sardines in a can that I have never seen sold this way before unless I have been living under a rock