Omg you guys! How are you?

Just kidding I don’t care! This moment is about me thank you, okay? and for those in the back without senses of humour, you may kindly stop reading meow. You. Are not cute. Because if you were, so would your personalities be.

Anywho. You may remember me from my last blog post in which I detail a phenomenally bullshit date I had the privilege of attending. Hi it’s me!

I had forgotten that I was happy again. That is alarmingly the only impetus that guides my passion to write. If I am not happy enough. Centered. It will just not come but it’ll surely spill out in other useless stupid fucking ways because I am tenacious and there’s no off button.

In elementary school I was a social butterfly as much as I was shy. There were lots of us like that I gladly stand on the shoulders of other giants like I, but anyway we all loved each other goofed around talked to one another so fucking much the teacher would eventually always snap and move us to the other side of the room at another kid’s desk then I’d just end up talking to all those new people over there haha. Up and down the hallways of our Catholic school you’d see multiple desks outside classroom doors with a solo kid sitting at it. The chatty kid. The dunce. How shameful! Is that even allowed anymore? And of course being ADD and “needing” to be excused for the bathroom you’d go and high-five all your little asshole outcast friends sitting in time-out along the way ahhhhhhhhhh the good ol days. My brother let a cat in our hippie highschool one day and as I was sitting in law class I see this farm cat just walkin’ on by down the hall I died lol.

The chattiness has never left me in fact its probably gotten worse over time but it comes in handy at work. The trick is knowing when to shut up. Each person I encounter is a new opportunity to practice my material on. Yesterday a woman asked me to leave work early and go riding with her. That was pretty adorable. I made a thread on twitter about it which inspired this blog post actually.

This is the part where sadly I break the news I’m turning 40 at the end of the month (ew disgusting) and we know that I don’t identify as an old person but happily I will be accepting gifts and donations in the charity that is me. Thank you in advance. God I hope these jokes are landing. I wrote the majority of this post last night and I’m running out of steam now plus got things to do so bye for now xo.